Hey blog world! Unfortunately tonight my Youth group lost another leader. This was Phil’s last night with us. He’ll soon be going to Bible college in Edmonton. In this blog post I’ll share some of my favorite memories of Phil.

  • Every night Phil would lead us in games. I called this “Fun With Phil”!
  • Robert started the Gordon Bamfield thing (see “Robert” for more info on that) but Phil played into it as well. As I said it did annoy me but now with both Phil and Robert gone I won’t have anyone to jokingly tease me about it! I’m going to miss that.
  • For last years Youth Halloween party Phil was Fred from Scooby Doo. He tried to dye his hair yellow for his costume but it came out green LOL!
  • He introduced me to “Duck Dynasty” Jack (see what I did there?)
  • On Robert’s last night Phil joined in with Robert when he sang “How Do You Like Me Now” They both made fools of themselves and I died a little inside.
  • We were playing a Minute To Win It game that involved feathers. I had to keep two feathers in the air for a whole minute. Phil asked me what were my favorite colors and I said “Pink and Purple!” He said “Ok. You’ll get orange and red” and gave me an orange feather and a red one. Not cool!

I’m really going to miss you Phil! Good luck in Bible college and wherever else your life may lead you! #ChristianSideHug (It’s a thing me and Phil came up with tonight. Tweet it and see if we can trend it!!!)



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