Mother’s Day at Spirit

Hey blog world! Happy Mother’s Day! As my Mother’s Day gift for my Mom I took her out to brunch at Spirit of Newfoundland today. We both really enjoyed ourselves. When we got there there was no parking anywhere near the Masonic so I went inside while Mom drove around to find a parking space. I felt awkward just standing around waiting for her. I was glad when the doors to the dining room finally opened and I got to sit down at my table. I had a great view of the stage from where I sat. Shortly after the doors opened it was time for the meal to start. It was a nice buffet brunch with all kinds of yummy food! I really enjoyed everything I tried. The croissants were really nice. Very flaky and fresh. I liked the potatoes too. They tasted great! The muscles were great as well but they were very slimy! Other than that I enjoyed them. As I was standing in line to get my food I saw Peter Halley Peter Halley! He’s Spirit’s artistic director and he was providing entertainment for us as we ate our brunch. I got to give him a hug! I love Peter’s hugs! Also he congratulated me on the medal that I won at a Special Olympics bowling tournament yesterday (I wore it to brunch) and when I told him that the special needs teacher at school had given me an award he said I was a good girl! That made me smile.

A short while after eating the show started. Sheila Williams Sheila Williams and Peter came onstage and sang for us. Sheila played the guitar and Peter played piano. I’d seen Peter play piano on TV before but I’ve never seen him play piano live until today. I thought he was a beautiful pianist. This was also the first time I’d seen Sheila playing guitar. I thought she did a great job. They started the show with “A Mother’s Love Is A Blessing” Sheila sang this song beautifully! It brought me to tears. Next they sang “Let It Be” by the Beatles I loved it! It sounded very pretty. It also sounded very pretty when Peter sang “What A Wonderful World” I was also very pleased to hear him sing  “Old Brown’s Daughter” It’s my favorite song on Spirit’s “Even Seagulls Dream album and Peter does such a wonderful job of singing it. I was very happy he sang it for us today!

Definitely the highlight of the show for me was when I got to sing with Peter Halley! It was a dream come true!!! Peter and Sheila told the audience that if they had any requests to let them know and they’d try and sing them. When my Nan passed away in November I sang “Think Of Me” from “Phantom of the Opera” at her funeral. I asked Peter and Sheila if they could sing it. They didn’t think they could hit the high notes. I offered to come up and sing if Peter could play it.  He said yes! I had so much fun up there singing with him! Peter forgot the words once but I helped him along. Unfortunately I also forgot the words. I was in the last verse of the song and forgot how it ended! Peter chimed in with a piano interlude and we just finished the song as best we could. Other than that I think we both did excellent!

Near the end of the show we got roses! The staff at Spirit gave them to all the women in the audience. I thought it was very sweet of them to do that. I got a very pretty white rose and Mom got a red one. When the show was finally over I got to get a picture with Peter and Sheila and talk to them one last time before I left. I was glad I got to do that. After saying my goodbyes to them I went into the screech room to say a quick hello to Kathie Hicks (the CEO of Spirit) before I left. We talked for a while and I showed her my medal. She took a picture of me with it! After that I said goodbye and Mom and I left.

I had an unforgettable time at brunch today. I will definitely cherish the memories that I made today forever! What did you do for your Mom today? Tell me in the comments!

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