Big Brother Canada Season 2

Hey blog world! Last night Big Brother Canada wrapped up another season. Unfortunately Facebook spoiled the ending for me this morning!!! I had recorded last nights finale since I was tired and decided to go to bed and the first thing I saw this morning on Facebook was the outcome of the finale! I hated that! At least I was happy with who won. Jon Pardy from Clarenville won! He is a Newfie like me so that made me happy! I was rooting for him all season. It has been yet another great season in the Big Brother house. This season was very dramatic and had a lot of twists (courtesy of Twistos twistos.) I was on the edge of my seat every episode!

The houseguests this season each had some very interesting personalities. Out of all of them my favorite was Jon. He is a Newfie so that was awesome, he was really funny and he played the game really well. He made big moves (like putting up Arlie) and only once (two weeks ago I think) was put up for eviction! Heather was my 2nd favorite. She reminds me of Kristen Chenoweth Kristen. She looked kinda like her! She made it really far into the game. Final 4! She was very strategic. She laid low for the majority of the game but when she needed to she was very strong. I cannot remember the name of the challenge but she really excelled in the one with all the rope!

This seasons houseguests I did not like were Paul, Ika, Sabrina and slightly (like 20%) Annick. Annick was weird! Some kind of voodoo master. She creeped me out and I was glad to see her be the first evicted houseguests. Ika caused a lot of drama in the house. I found her to be a big B I Trans Canada Highway. She was very mean. Especially towards Heather! Also she shredded all the letters that the HOH (Head Of Household) winners received from home! Not cool! Paul was a drama dragon. Who can forget his massive fight with Andrew! After he made all those comments the whole house was against him! I was very surprised he did not get evicted after that. Sabrina was a drama dragon as well. I got annoyed by her incessant crying! Every episode Sabrina cried over something! I could not stand her and was surprised she had made it as far as she did (she got to final 2 with Jon.)

There were some really memorable moments this season. I thought it was really cute when Kyle and Adel prayed together. It was a very sweet moment. Also I loved when a few weeks ago Jon had to wear a baby outfit LOL! Big Brother had given all the houseguests a robot baby doll that they had to care for and he was the worst parent out of all the houseguests (I thought for sure that would have been Neda) and he had to dress like a baby LOL! He looked good! I also loved it when Kenny came out to the entire house! He had planned to keep it in to help his game but after several weeks he let it out. At first he only told Sarah one of his best friends in the game. Then not too long after when all the houseguests were gathered by the hot tub Kenny said (and this is an exact quote) “F**k it I’m gay!” The looks on the houseguests faces were priceless! I was glad they all accepted him for that.One thing that I’d like to try and forget was each time Arlie streaked around the house! It was probably much worse for the houseguests because they saw everything up close and personal but I was greatly disturbed by Arlie’s escapades!

The competitions were fun to watch too! I liked Big Brother Bottle Service. It was fun watching Paul scoot around on his butt LOL! The twistos POV (¨Power of Veto) comp with the wind machine was fun to watch too! I also liked the outfits in the lacrosse competition.

Big Brother threw a lot of twists and surprises at the houseguests this season. The most dramatic being Allison coming into the house late. There was a secret war room in the house where three potential final houseguests stayed for a week and Canada voted upon who they wanted to be the final houseguest. I for one really wanted Scott to go into the house. I thought he was fun! He looked really good in drag! He would have brought a lot of sass into the house and it would have been interesting to see how far he would have made it. Allison was Canadas choice for the final houseguest. She was the third Newfie in the house (Jon is from Clarenville, Kenny is from I think Gander and Allison is from St. John’s.) Allison couldn’t tell the other houseguests about the war room. She had to make up an excuse as to why she entered the house two weeks late. Big Brother threatened to evict her instantly if she let anything slip. I thought Allison played a good game. She was a big target for the others though since she was late coming in and they were suspicious. I can’t remember how far she made it but I know she made it far.

A very emotional surprise from Big Brother was the sacrificial two minutes with loved ones. I say sacrificial because Jon, Heather, Adel and Neda had to give up something in order to be able to see their loved one for two minutes. Heather gave up access to the HOH room, Jon was in solitary confinement for 24 hours, Adel gave up sleep for one night, I can’t remember what it was Sabrina gave up and Neda gave up access to her personal belongings for 24 hours. The reunions though short were very emotional. They made me smile!

I really liked how Canada got some big and important power this season. Several weeks ago Canada got to be HOH! We made a very big move and put up Sabrina and Andrew. Andrew was a big player and a threat to the other houseguests. He’s the one who wound up getting evicted that week. I hoped it would be Sabrina! Also Canada was the final member of the jury. The last 7 (I think) evicted houseguests move into the jury house and they get the final say on who wins the season. This season Canada held a jury spot. We nominated Jon for the winner! The majority of jurors did. Only one of them (Rachelle) nominated Sabrina for the winner! I was very happy that Jon got the majority of votes and won the season! Somewhat amazingly Jon is my Best Buddies roommates Brother. Only in Newfoundland can you have a connection like that LOL!

This was a great season of Big Brother Canada and I’m very excited to see what goes down in Season 3! What was your favorite moment from this season? Tell me in the comments!


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