Hey blog world! Yesterday at school we had disabilities awareness day. Students had the opportunity to sign up to wear a blindfold, pair of noise cancelling headphones or be in a wheelchair for a period to experience what it’s like at school for a person with a disability. I did the wheelchair last year (read the post “Wheelchair” for more info on that) so this year I thought I’d try wearing the blindfold. For safety reasons everyone who wore a blindfold had to have a friend to help them to class so no one would get hurt. I found a friend to help me to class then went to the main lobby and put on my blindfold. I instantly got nervous. My friend took me by the arm and lead me through the hallway. I was nervous the whole time even with my friend holding on to me! I was nervous I’d walk into something or someone. I took small cautious steps the whole time and put all my trust into my friend and listened to whatever she told me. I was happy when I made it to French on time and with no problems along the way. It was much easier in the classroom. The teacher was very inclusive when she saw that I was blind for a period. We did a listening activity. The teacher played a recording for us on a CD and we had to listen to it and then answer questions. Since I couldn’t see the sheet with the questions on it the teacher read them to me and I gave my answers and she wrote them down. I found it kind of easy. My sense of hearing was hightened slightly since I couldn’t see anything so that helped. Then we played a game. The teacher gave us signs that had two sides. One side said “Passé Composé” and the other said “Imparfait” (those are two verb conjugations in French.) She then wrote a sentance on the board and we had to turn our sign to whatever side we think the sentance was written in. I couldn’t tell what side was what since I couldn’t see so she stuck a piece of velcro to the Passé Composé side of my sign so I’d know where it was. Also she read the sentance out to me since I couldn’t see what was on the board. I can’t remember how well I did but I know I did well playing that game. I was very happy that she was inclusive and found ways for me to participate in the things we did during class that day. She let me leave a few minutes early so I wouldn’t have to deal with a big crowd in the hallway. She got one of my friends to help me get down the stairs and back to the lobby to return my blindfold. Again going back out into the hallway I was nervous. Especially since we were going down the stairs this time instead of up! I was a little afraid I may miss a step and fall down the stairs! Thankfully that didn’t happen. My friend helped me to find the railing and he lead me down the stairs one by one, counting as I went down each step. When we were finally down the 3 flights of stairs I was glad they were finally over! My friend lead me back to the main lobby and I took off my blindfold. It was like a whole new experience being able to see again! It felt a bit weird after being blindfolded for over an hour. I was glad to have my sight back but I was also glad to have had that experience. It was very… eye opening. In all seriousness I learned a lot from this and am glad I got to do it. If you had the chance to experience what it’s like to be blind, deaf or physically impaired what would you chose and why? Tell me in the comments!


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