It’s My Party

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post (found here is “It’s My Party”.

You’re throwing a party — for you! Tell us all about the food, drink, events, and party favours you’ll have for your event of a lifetime. Use any theme you like — it’s *your* party!

Seeing as I’m a HUGE musical theatre geek I would throw a broadway theme party! I’d have the guests come dressed as their favorite character from a musical (I’d go as Madame Thénardier from Les Mis Madame T). For the events at this party we’d have a dance! I can see myself headbanging to “Rent” already LOL! Also there would be a costume contest. For food for the meal I’d serve pasta (probably spaghetti) with vegetarian meatballs (It’s a “Rent” thing. Collins orders “pasta with meatless balls” at the Life Café after Maureen’s show.) For desert just for fun I’d bake a pie and put little fake body parts inside (it’s a reference to “Sweeney Todd”. After he murdered his victims Miss Lovett would bake them into pies!) Also pink and green “Wicked” cupcakes and a cake with playbills on it! As for drinks pink lemonade! It fits with “Wicked” and also “Legally Blonde”. For party favors I’d give out lootbags. In girls lootbags I’d put a costume jewelry locket (“Annie”), pink pixie stick (“Wicked”), bottle of hairspray (“Hairspray”) and a pack of rainbow berry airheads xtremes Airheads (“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” (like Joseph’s dreamcoat this candy has lots of bright colors)). For boys they’d also get a pack of rainbow berry airheads xtremes, a green pixie stick (“Wicked”) and a revolution pin revolution pin (“Les Misérables”)

If you could throw a party what would the theme be, what would you do and what would you serve? Tell me in the comments! Until next time keep defying gravity and remember you’re never fully dressed without a smile!



St John’s Walk Of Fame

Hey blog world! I came across an old news article from NTV from back in February about the council rejecting the idea for a walk of fame by the Convention Centre It’s too bad the idea got rejected. I thought it would be pretty cool! If we could get a walk of fame here are some of the people that I think deserve a star.

Kaetlyn Osmond Kaetlyn: She’s from Marystown. She represented Canada figure skating in Sochi. She won a silver medal. She did incredible in the olypmics and made us all very proud of her!

Dr. Charles Alderson Janeway: He’s a pediatrician. Also he helped to establish the Janeway Children’s hospital (which is why it’s named after him.) It’s the only children’s hospital in the province and it does amazing things! Miracles happen there daily.

Peter Halley Peter Halley: Peter is the artistic director of Spirit of Newfoundland productions. A dinner theatre company downtown on cathedral street ( Also he writes and performs in the majority of their shows. He’s one of the brightest shining stars in our province!

Shelley Neville Shelley: Another bright musical star. She is also a member of Spirit of Newfoundland. She’s a great actress and a beautiful singer! She does a lot of opera. With her stunning voice I’m certain that if she tried she could break glass!

Geoff Stirling Geoff Stirling: Geoff unfortunately passed away last year. He did a lot for our entertainment industry. He founded NTV, the radio station OZ-FM and The Herald magazine. He is also a member of the Order of Newfoundland.

Joey Smallwood Joey Smallwood: He was our province’s first premier. Also he brought the baby boom to Newfoundland. He’s an author as well (weirdly my 8 year old Niece owns a few of his books.) Also I don’t know if he wrote this or just performed it but here’s a video of him performing “Like Ya Would” on the “Sons Of Erin” TV show

Elaine Dobbin: She’s the founder of the Elaine Dobbin centre for Autism. Myself being autistic I greatly benefit from the centre. There are lots of great programs at the Elaine Dobbin centre like social thinking (which I go to each Saturday) and music therapy. Also there are summer camps during the summer for individuals with autism. I’m glad us autistic people have a place to go where we can meet others like ourselves and have fun!

Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers Buddy Wasisname: These three are a band. They play traditional Newfoundland folk music and also they play a lot of comedic songs too! My favorite is “Chainsaw Earl” (by the way “Chainsaw Earl” is also a book. Look for it at Pipers! (or wherever else Newfoundland books are sold.)) Probably their most famous serious tune is “Saltwater Joys” It was written by Wayne Chaulk the guitarist in the band.

Brad Gushue Brad Gushue: Brad is an olympic curler from Mount Pearl. He and his team won gold in the 2006 winter olympics. Because of this we now have “Team Gushue Highway”.

Snook Snooks Christmas: Snook is a comedian and also a singer. He’s release 2 Christmas parody albums and an album of parodies of kids songs. Also you can see him on the NTV news every Thursday with “Stuff about Stuff”.

Karl Wells Karl Wells: He used to be the weatherman on CBC’s “Here and Now”. He has since retired from that and is now the food critic for the telegram and also one of the hosts of “One Chef, One Critic” on Rogers TV.

Gordon Pinsent Gordon Pinsent: Gordon is an actor. He’s from Grand Falls. A lot of you older readers may recognise his face. He was Hap Shaugnassey on “The Red Green Show” (which was my favorite role he has played!) Younger readers may not know his face but I’m sure they know his voice Babar! He voiced King Babar!

If Newfoundland were to get a walk of fame who do you think should get a star? Tell me in the comments!

Gotta Get Another Scoop

Hey blog world! Last night I saw Spirit of Newfoundland’s production of “ABBA: Gotta Get The Scoop”. This was my 2nd time seeing this show. I’d seen this show before with my parents 3 years ago when they first did it. That was the night I met Peter Halley Peter Halley!!! I can still remember every vivid detail of that night! Even what I was wearing LOL! It was one of the best of my life. Peter told the audience that there was an ABBA song that the girls sang that was from the perspective of two men. He asked the audience if they knew what it was. I was fairly new to dinner theatre (this was my 3rd time seeing a Spirit show) so I didn’t quite know the propper etiquette. I assumed you were supposed to raise your hand to answer the question so I did. Peter was astounded by my politeness! He said that he felt like he was back in his classroom!

Flash forward back to now a while ago I was on Spirit’s website and noticed that they had this show on their calendar again. I just had to go back and see it a 2nd time! I was so excited and happy when I got there! Especially because I helped with this show! I retyped the script for Peter. He gave me an audio recording and I listened to it and typed out what was said. Due to listening to the audio recording so many times I have it memorized LOL! I couldn’t wait to see this show again! This time instead of going with both my parents my Mom went with me and one of my best friends Laura came too. This was her 2nd time seeing a Spirit show. She was just as excited as I was to be there! I also ran into a friend of mine while there. Erin Winsor. She played Mary Poppins in Theatre St John’s production of “Mary Poppins” and Eponine in Atlantic Light Theatre’s “Les Misérables”. It was nice to get to see her.

The appetizer was a salad. I’m not sure exactly what it was called. All I know is that it had some kind of nut, spinach, strawberries and a raspberry vinaigrette. The vinaigrette was ok but not something I’d eat again. All the rest of the salad (accept the nuts) was good! I went into the hallway for a moment after eating and talked to Keith Power (one of the cast members of the show.) He had a birthday Good Friday but celebrated last night. I decided to make him a card. A few months ago he played the orange bad idea bear in Best Kind Productions “Avenue Q” so I decided to put the bad idea bears in his card and make a keychain with their picture on it using shrinky dinks. He loved it! I was glad that he did. He even said he’d show it to his co-star Adena Cahill (she was the pink bad idea bear!) That made me feel awesome!

Later it was main course time. We had the choice of either salmon or chicken. Everyone at my table ordered the chicken. It was covered in some sort of mustard sauce. Honey dijon I think but I’m not entirely sure. Whatever it was it was good! I really enjoyed the chicken. It came with broccoli, turnip, carrott and potatoes. The turnip wasn’t that great but I enjoyed all the rest of the vegetables. After eating Laura and I popped into the Screech room to talk to Kathie Hicks (the CEO of Spirit). As I turned to go in I nearly walked into Shelley Neville! I didn’t even realize it was her until she said hi LOL! It was nice to get to see her before the show. We went into the Screech room and I introduced Laura to Kathie and I spoke with her and got a hug! That was great. As we turned to enter the bar to leave (the bar and Screech room are connected. We figured we’d walk out through the bar to return to our table) we saw Peter! I was hoping to get to see him before the show! I was glad I got to! Me and Laura talked to him a while. I even got to hug him! I was on cloud 9! I love Peter’s hugs! After speaking with Peter we headed back to our table. It was almost showtime!

We were seated right next to the lighting booth where all the strobe lights and such were controled. They were pretty good seats. We could see the stage well from where we were sitting. When the lights dimmed I got so excited! I couldn’t wait for the show to start! The cast of this show was different from the last time I saw it 3 years ago. Back then it was Peter Halley, Shelley Neville, Darrin Martin and Sabrina Roberts. This time Peter and Shelley were still in it but in place of Darrin and Sabrina were Keith Power and Janet Cull. When the band began to play a little medley of ABBA songs I went crazy dancing! Laura did too! It was fun! After that medley the first act began. Since I have the show memorized I was (silently) talking along with some of the lines! I even danced along to “Money Money Money” I loved the first scene of the show! It was really funny! It felt so amazing to watch them performing the script I retyped. In this scene 4 journalists are not doing very well with their newspaper. Their jobs are pretty much on the line so they have to shape up. They decide to write about ABBA to increase their readership. In the beginning of the scene they talked about the articles they’d written for the paper. I thought they were funny!

“Leo Puddister gets his eyebrows whippersnipped”

“Lady Gaga goes Gaga for Danny Williams”

A week ago I gave Peter a mini heart attack when I accidentaly got mixed up and made him think that the show was last Saturday. He returned the favor tonight by accidentaly giving me a heart attack! Shelley’s character was always saying I love this, I love that etc. Peter got fed up with it and yelled “SHUT UP!” And stomped his foot. I have sensory issues with my ears and sudden loud noises startle me. When Peter yelled and stomped I got a fright and jumped! It took me a few minutes to calm myself down from my little heart attack he’d just given me. They made a few slight adjustments to the script to I guess keep up with the times. Janet’s character wrote about the death of Whitney Houston but in the original show that character wrote about Liz Taylor being married for the 10th time. I thought it was funny how Janet would bawl every time Peter said “Whitney Houston” LOL! Speaking of Janet this was my first time seeing her act. I was very impressed by her acting skills. Keith is a great actor as well. They both did marvellous jobs in their roles. Peter and Shelley were of course marvellous too. As I said they were in the original cast of the show and once again they did amazing (as usual!) I loved it when they sang “Waterloo” Peter pointed at me during this song!!! That made me feel amazing! I also loved hearing them sing “Mama Mia” Laura and I danced and sang along! It was fun! Later the reporters came back a 2nd time and talked about the scoops they’d gotten on ABBA (a scoop is news.) I thought it was funny when Shelley said the only time she ran was when someone was running behind her with a cleaver LOL! After this 2nd scene they sang “Take A Chance On Me” It sounded great!

Later in the first act of the show Peter and Keith did a tribute to the men of ABBA (Benny and Bjorn). They told us how Bjorn was once in a group called the “Hootenany singers” and they were a folk cover band. One of the songs they covered was “This Little Light Of Mine” I couldn’t resist putting up my hand in praise during this song! When they were talking about Benny and his cover band (whose name I’ve forgotten) Keith did a bit of 2 Jerry Lee Lewis songs “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” and “Great Balls Of Fire” I loved dancing and shaking to those songs! Then Shelley and Janet did a tribute to the girls of ABBA (Anni-Frid and Agnetta). They sang some very pretty songs. Janet sang “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” from “Jesus Christ Superstar” Anni-Frid had a stint as Mary Magdalene in that musical. When Janet sang I thought it was beautiful! They also did “The Sound Of Silence” (that’s one of the songs Anni-Frid’s cover band did) I liked it. It sounded very pretty.

After the first act was done it was time for desert. Screech cake. Spirit of Newfoundland makes absolutely delicious Screech cake! I hadn’t had it since last Christmas so I was happy to get to enjoy a piece of it again. As was Laura. She devoured hers quite quickly! She absoultely loves it! I spoke with the cast briefly in the hallway after eating my cake. It was nice to get to talk to them again before the 2nd act.

The 2nd act was lots of fun! When he came out on stage Peter punched the air and kicked as Boomer Stamp banged on the drums. He asked if anyone wanted to try it and I did. It was awesome! I felt great after it! I actually had a little high from doing it! I felt great about myself and I felt happy! I think I’m going to do that in front of the mirror every day now LOL! I highly reccommend doing this. Go ahead right now. I’ll wait! Here’s a drum sound effect Back? Great! My favorite part of the 2nd act was definately the misheard song lyrics part! I didn’t quite understand Shelley’s misheard lyric from “Thank You For The Music” but I loved the misheard lyrics Peter sang from “Mama Mia” (“Diarrhea”) and “Chiquitita” (“Take your teeth out tell me what’s wrong. You can have your corn tomorrow.) I don’t think I’ll ever sing the right words again LOL! I also loved the parody of “Fernando” that Shelley sang. It doubled as a cautionary tale as well. She meets up in Gambo (that’s a place in Newfoundland) with someone she met on the internet and he invites her to his house and he puts something in her beer and I’m not sure what happened next but she wound up with a son! I thought it was a really funny parody. Boomer Stamp wrote it. He writes a lot of parodies for Spirit of Newfoundland. He’s great at it!

The third and final scene with the journalists was funny. Peter was all excited because Mr. Herder (their boss) loved the articles about ABBA and the readership went through the roof and as a reward they were going to Hawaii but everyone else was crying because Bjorn and Agnetta divorced LOL! After their scene they sang “The Winner Takes It All”. I was astounded! It sounded incredible! Shelley sang it wonderfully and the rest of the cast backed her up very well. To end the show they did “Dancing Queen” That’s one of my favorite ABBA songs and Laura and I had an absolute blast dancing and singing along to it! After that as they always do they sang “Spirit of Newfoundland”. It’s a beautiful song and I love hearing it at the end of each show. When it was done Keith and Peter gave shout outs to people in the audience. I was hoping Peter would mention my name! I waited and waited for it and he didn’t say anything. It seemed like he wasn’t going to. Just as they were about to sing the ode to Newfoundland he acknowledged me! He told the audience how I retyped the script for the show and that I was going to work there during the summer! I don’t know who she was but some woman at a table in the back shouted “WAY TO GO LEAH!” I think. I may have paraphrased.

After the show I stuck around for a while. I wanted to get pictures with the cast. Also I had something for Peter to sign. I go to school with a girl with downs syndrome and she LOVES Peter! She always asks about him and his horses and whenever his name gets mentioned her eyes will bug out, her jaw will drop, she’ll jump up and down, flail her arms and squeal! Also she thinks he’s cute! She turns 19 this month and since she has an absolute adoration for Peter I thought I’d get her a copy of Spirit of Newfoundland’s CD “Even Seagulls Dream” as a birthday gift and get him to sign it for her. Peter was very sweet (as usual) and said that the CD would be his gift to her. Knowing it’s from him I bet she’s going to love it even more! I can already see her face! I’m excited to give it to her! After he signed her CD we got a picture together 2014 Spirit ABBA 017. Then I talked to Janet for a bit and got a picture with her too 2014 Spirit ABBA 018. Then I got one with Keith 2014 Spirit ABBA 019 and one with Shelley 2014 Spirit ABBA 021. After getting these pictures I talked with Peter a bit more. He showed me pictures and videos of his Newfoundland ponies Max and Jessie and his new puppy Lucy. They were adorable! I told him how I loved to ride horses and how several years ago I had an accident. I was nervous to get back on but I did! After talking with him it was time to go. I gave him another hug and said goodbye. Dad drove us to the Masonic Temple and was supposed to pick us up after the show. He wasn’t there yet so we went back inside and waited a while. Mom and I talked to Janet about her son and I told her about my Niece. I don’t know how long we were talking to Janet but Dad still wasn’t there by the time our conversation was done! It took him a while but eventually he did get there and we went home. Thank you for the music Peter, Keith, Janet and Shelley. I had an incredible time at the show. It was even better the 2nd time around! Have you seen “ABBA: Gotta Get The Scoop”? What did you think of the show? Tell me in the comments!


Hey blog world! Yesterday at school we had disabilities awareness day. Students had the opportunity to sign up to wear a blindfold, pair of noise cancelling headphones or be in a wheelchair for a period to experience what it’s like at school for a person with a disability. I did the wheelchair last year (read the post “Wheelchair” for more info on that) so this year I thought I’d try wearing the blindfold. For safety reasons everyone who wore a blindfold had to have a friend to help them to class so no one would get hurt. I found a friend to help me to class then went to the main lobby and put on my blindfold. I instantly got nervous. My friend took me by the arm and lead me through the hallway. I was nervous the whole time even with my friend holding on to me! I was nervous I’d walk into something or someone. I took small cautious steps the whole time and put all my trust into my friend and listened to whatever she told me. I was happy when I made it to French on time and with no problems along the way. It was much easier in the classroom. The teacher was very inclusive when she saw that I was blind for a period. We did a listening activity. The teacher played a recording for us on a CD and we had to listen to it and then answer questions. Since I couldn’t see the sheet with the questions on it the teacher read them to me and I gave my answers and she wrote them down. I found it kind of easy. My sense of hearing was hightened slightly since I couldn’t see anything so that helped. Then we played a game. The teacher gave us signs that had two sides. One side said “Passé Composé” and the other said “Imparfait” (those are two verb conjugations in French.) She then wrote a sentance on the board and we had to turn our sign to whatever side we think the sentance was written in. I couldn’t tell what side was what since I couldn’t see so she stuck a piece of velcro to the Passé Composé side of my sign so I’d know where it was. Also she read the sentance out to me since I couldn’t see what was on the board. I can’t remember how well I did but I know I did well playing that game. I was very happy that she was inclusive and found ways for me to participate in the things we did during class that day. She let me leave a few minutes early so I wouldn’t have to deal with a big crowd in the hallway. She got one of my friends to help me get down the stairs and back to the lobby to return my blindfold. Again going back out into the hallway I was nervous. Especially since we were going down the stairs this time instead of up! I was a little afraid I may miss a step and fall down the stairs! Thankfully that didn’t happen. My friend helped me to find the railing and he lead me down the stairs one by one, counting as I went down each step. When we were finally down the 3 flights of stairs I was glad they were finally over! My friend lead me back to the main lobby and I took off my blindfold. It was like a whole new experience being able to see again! It felt a bit weird after being blindfolded for over an hour. I was glad to have my sight back but I was also glad to have had that experience. It was very… eye opening. In all seriousness I learned a lot from this and am glad I got to do it. If you had the chance to experience what it’s like to be blind, deaf or physically impaired what would you chose and why? Tell me in the comments!


Hey blog world! On the daily post website ( they’ve started doing a weekly writing challenge. I thought this weeks challenge would be fun to try! I have to write a story using only 50 words. challenge accepted.

When I was 3 I watched an episode of “Blues Clues” where they sang a song about the planets. Because of my autism I have a really good memory. After only hearing it once I memorized it! I blew Dad’s mind when I sang the song to him after work.

Try this on your blog! Write a story using only 50 words!

50 Things I Love

Hey blog world! I got the idea for this blog post from the Day Zero Project ( What I was really supposed to do was write a list of 101 things I love but I thought that 101 things would be too long of a blog post so I’ve cut it in half (ish) and made a list of 50 things. Here they are!

1: Spirit of Newfoundland: It’s my happy place! The minute I walk through the doors of the beautiful and historic Masonic Temple I instantly become happy! For a few hours I can laugh and smile and forget about all my problems. Their CD works wonders for making me happy too. “Even Seagulls Dream” always makes me smile (and also on nights when I can’t sleep it’s the perfect lullaby.)

2: Tea: I can’t function most mornings without a cup of Tetley orange pekoe tea Tetley!

3: Musical Theatre: I LOVE musicals! I’ve seen so many of them! They make me happy! My favorite musicals I’ve seen live are “Avenue Q” at the LSPU hall (Best Kind Productions), “Annie” at the Arts and Culture Centre (Peter MacDonald Productions), “Les Misérables” at the Arts and Culture Centre (Atlantic Light Theatre) and “Mary Poppins” at the Arts and Culture Centre (Theatre St. John’s)

4: “Scrubs”: I’m no superman (theme song reference but I absolutely love “Scrubs”! I got into it about a year or so ago when I saw it for the first time on ABC Spark. It’s such a funny show and I own the first 3 seasons on DVD (and plan on owning all the rest.) The Janitor is my favorite character! It was hillarious when he pretended to be dumb and eat soup with a fork

5: Accoustic guitar: I got an accoustic guitar for Christmas that I’ve named Layla. I love it! It’s so much fun to play.

6: Cranberry juice: It’s my favorite kind of juice!

7: God: God is my savior! He’s helped me through a lot of tough times in my life. I’m so glad to have him in my life. He’s always there when I need him and he listens to my prayers.

8: Jason Bateman movies: Jason Bateman Jason Bateman is my favorite actor! I’ve yet to see a movie with him in it I didn’t like! All the movies he’s been in are awesome! My favorite is “Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” He played Henry the accountant (or Mutant as Mr. Magorium called him.) Jason will soon be making his directorial debut with “Bad Words” and I’m really excited to go see it when it comes out!

9: Popping bubbles: It makes me feel peaceful and relaxed.

10: People with special needs: I spend a lot of my time with people with special needs. They’re my favorite people! They’re such amazing, kind, funny individuals that have ginormous hearts. Being around people with special needs makes me very very happy. When I’m finished High School I want to become a special education teacher.

11: Classic country music: I know it’s way before my time but I love classic country music! I listen to it all the time. I have not once missed the Cabin Party on VOCM! My favorite classic country artists are George Jones, Jim Reeves, Roger Miller and Loretta Lynn. My favorite classic country song is “He Stopped Loving Her Today” by George Jones

12: The color purple (not the musical/movie/ book “The Color Purple”. The actual color): Purple is my favorite color! I have purple slippers, pj’s, clothes, I’m writing this blog post on my purple laptop, I’ve even got purple bedsheets! Purple basically rules my world! It’s a fun color and it makes me happy!

13: My job: I have my dream job working for Peter Halley at Spirit of Newfoundland! I couldn’t ask for a better job! My boss is amazing and I love the work I’m doing.

14: Special Olympics: I’ve been with Special O for 5 years now. I love it! It’s a lot of fun and a great way to exercise and meet new people. I’ve made lots of new friends! Also there’s lots of opportunities to win medals. I’ve won lots of gold ones. Even though I’m proud of them I don’t mind if I don’t win. The way I see it is no matter what happens I still come away with a prize. Being there at the competition with my friends!

15: “Choccywoccydoodah”: It’s my new favorite word! Also it’s a very entertaining show on Out TV. Check it out (no pun intended) if you get that station!

16: Cooking: I love being in the kitchen! I do  a lot of cooking for my family. It’s fun to do and I love getting to eat what I make! It makes me proud when the food that I cook tastes good and everyone eating it likes it. My favorite thing to cook is definitely any dish with pasta (I love Italian food!)

17: The smell of Subway Subway:  I love the way this restaurant smells!

18: My friends: I’m happy to have great friends who I can hang out and be completely random with!

19: Biographies and biopics: I like to read autobiographies and watch biopics (biographical movies). I find it really interesting to learn about people’s lives. My favorite autobiography that I’ve read is “Here’s The Deal Don’t Touch Me” by Howie Mandel and my favorite biopic is “Temple Grandin”

20: Homemade bread: Homemade bread is way way better than the store bought stuff! I remember when I was little I’d call my Nanny’s homemade bread the “good bread” and would always ask for it instead of store bread. I haven’t had it in a long long time but My Mom tried baking it for the first time a week or so ago and I fell in love all over again!

21: Life: Life is awesome! I wake up smiling every morning. I’m a total optimist and just love everything about my life and the people in it!

22: Jigsaw puzzles: I do jigsaws all the time. I find them relaxing and also challenging. It’s a great way to keep my mind sharp.

23: Singing: I love to sing. I don’t go a day without singing!

24: Quotes: I love inspirational quotes. When I’m sad or need some inspiration I just look to the quote wall in my room and it helps! My favorite quote is “For the wretched of the earth there is a flame that never dies. Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise!” It’s from the Epilogue of “Les Miserables”

25: Stand up comedy: I’m a big fan of stand up comedy. I watch it on TV all the time and every year I go to the St. John’s Comedy Festival. My favorite comics are Stuart Francis (he tells hilarious one liners), Nikki Payne (I met her twice and she’s awesome!) And Greg Morton (I love his star wars impressions

26: Dogs: I’m a dog person. I think they’re adorable! I love petting them and playing with them.

27: Bike riding: It’s one of my favorite ways to exercise. I always look forward to days when it’s nice out and I get to take my bike for a ride. Mom and I always go together. It’s fun to ride with her. It’s some nice bonding time for the two of us.

28: Dancing: It’s fun to let loose on the dance floor and move however the music makes me feel like moving.

29: Dresses: I think dresses are pretty and that I look great in them! I always wear a dress when I go out somewhere fancy.

30: Natural beauty: I rarely wear makeup. I’ll sometimes put on some lipstick but other than that I don’t wear makeup. I love my natural beauty! I don’t need makeup to feel or look pretty.

31: Coloring: My Neice and I do this together often. In my opinion you’re never too old to color a picture.

32: Travelling: I love to go new places and see and do new things. It’s fun to experience all kinds of amazing new things that I’d never be able to here at home.

33: Collecting money for the Janeway: The Janeway is the Children’s hospital in Newfoundland. I’ve been there so many times because of my Autism and ACC (Agenesis of the Corpus Collosum). They’ve helped me so much so every year I return the favor and collect money to give away on their telethon. It’s really rewarding to do this. One day I hope to be able to raise $1000 or more for them. They definitely deserve it!

34: Playing cards with my family: Some nights my parents, niece, and I (and sometimes my Grandpa) will sit together at the kitchen table and play cards. Usually queens, bang or pass the ace. I love spending this family time together.

35: Game shows: They’re fun to watch! I play along with the shows while I watch them and feel smart when I get answers right!

36: Getting mail: It doesn’t happen often so when I get a package or letter I feel happy.

37: One liners: I don’t know what it is about them but I really like one liners (a one liner is a joke that’s delivered in only one line.) My favorite one is “I was standing in the park today wondering why does a Frisbee appear larger the closer it gets? And then it hit me!” LOL!

38: Happy endings: When a movie, book or anything else ends happily I’m happy too.

39: Sleep: At the end of a long day it’s nice to get cozy under the covers and drift off to dream land.

40: Autographs: I think it’s cool to get people’s autographs. It gives you a special memory of that person. I collect autographs. Looking at them brings a flood of memories. Each one has a story. I’ve got autographs from my friends and family and even some famous people! Alice Cooper, Elton John and Shannon Tweed just to name a few.

41: Hugs: I love giving and receiving hugs!

42: Blogging: I love being a blogger and sharing my thoughts and opinions with you all!

43: Improv: I love doing and watching improv. It’s silly, random and lots of fun!

44: Rod Stewart: His music puts a smile on my face. His fast songs are all so happy, fun and upbeat and his slow ones are really pretty. My favorite Rod Stewart song is “Young Turks”

45: Cloud gazing: I find it very relaxing to look up at the clouds. It’s also lots of fun to look for shapes in them. Sometimes I find really funny ones!

46: 3D movies: Movies are so much cooler in 3D!

47: Christmas morning: I always have difficulty sleeping on Christmas Eve. I get to excited to wake up on Christmas day and open my gifts. My excitement levels go even higher when it is time to wake up! I love the family time we spend together under the tree watching each other open presents.

48: Homemade cards: I love to make and receive homemade cards. It really shows you care when you make someone a homemade card. I remember getting a homemade Red Green card for my 14th birthday. I loved it so much I wanted to frame it!

49: Rainbows: It makes me smile seeing a rainbow after the rain. They’re beautiful! I hope we can find their connection someday

50: Campfires: I love sitting around a campfire with my family and roasting marshmallows and singing songs (the “Campfire Song Song” is a family favorite to sing at campfires.)

What do you love? Tell me in the comments!