“Scrubs” Season 3

Hey blog world! Yesterday I finished the 3rd season of “Scrubs” Scrubs Season 3. I really enjoyed it! Turk and Carla got married (in an unusual way), J.D goes out with Jordan’s sister Dani, dumps her, lands Elliot then realizes he doesn’t want her and a new attending surgeon Dr. Miller arrives at Sacred Heart. Unfortunately for Turk she doesn’t like him. This season had some great guest stars! Michael J Fox guest starred for 2 episodes as Dr. Kevin Casey a visiting Doctor who has OCD and George Takei played a priest. I had two favorite episodes from this season. One of them was “My Porcelain God”. Two words epiphany toilet! My other favorite was “My Butterfly”. I liked how this was a cause and effect episode. A butterfly influenced everything that happened at Sacred Heart that day. At first it landed on a very pretty woman. J.D and Turk look at it and Carla thinks they’re looking at the woman, gets mad and everything goes downhill from there. Then we rewind and see what happens when the butterfly instead lands on an ugly dude. Again J.D and Turk look at the butterfly, Carla laughs at them thinking they’re looking at the ugly person and everything works out! Some of my favorite moments from this season were when Dr. Cox ticked off the Janitor and he locked him in a morgue drawer for 2 hours, when Turk gave the “When Harry Met Sally” speech http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vHB0huQ-BU as his wedding vows thanks to Carla’s brother (Turk and Carla were writing their own vows and Turk couldn’t think of anything so Carla’s brother Carlos wrote his vows for him and Turk didn’t realize it was the “When Harry Met Sally” speech.) And I thought it was funny when J.D asked Laverne what she’d give him if he got a jellybean into her cleavage and she said a concussion LOL! I loved this season’s finale. It was Turk and Carla’s wedding. Unfortunately for poor Turk he goes to the church with the priest who looks like Sulu (George Takei’s character) instead of the church where he and Carla were supposed to get married and he misses his own wedding!  Also there was something wrong with the shrimp at the wedding and it made the band sick so Ted and the worthless peons had to fill in for them. Also Dr. Kelso got a little too excited over the open bar and had way too much to drink! It was funny watching J.D and the Janitor have to carry him. Despite all the stuff that went wrong Carla wasn’t mad at Turk and they made the best of the wedding. Also one of Turks patients happened to be a priest so they got married by him in his hospital room. An unusual way to get married but I thought it was kinda cute! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen at Sacred Heart next season! What was your favorite episode of season 3? Tell me in the comments!


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