Top 6 Favorite Movie Heroes

Hey blog world! In French class we are doing a unit on movies. An assignment the teacher gave us was to list our top 6 favorite movie heroes. I found it pretty hard! I managed to get it done though! I thought I’d share my list with you.

#6 Bethany Hamilton (“Soul Surfer”) Bethany Hamilton: I watched “Soul Surfer” with my Youth group several weeks ago. I thought Bethany’s story was really inspiring! She lost her arm in a shark attack and yet continues to surf! Talk about determination!

#5 Princess Merida (“Brave”) Merida: She’s the first kick butt Disney princess! One that doesn’t require a handsome prince on a horse to rescue her! She even shoots for her own hand in marriage! That’s firetrucking awesome!

#4 Charlotte (“Charlotte’s Web”) Charlotte: I hate spiders but Charlotte is an exception. Charlotte is a very kind spider. She saves Wilbur from the slaughterhouse by writing words about him in her web. How sweet!

#3 Mary Poppins (“Mary Poppins”) Mary Poppins: Practically perfect Mary Poppins uses her magic to save the relationship between the Banks children and their Father. He was once a cold hearted banker with no time to spend with his Children but that all changed after Mary showed up! No matter how old I get I will forever love Mary and her magic! The coolest thing she’s done was when she snapped her fingers and the toys cleaned themselves up!

#2 Horton the Elephant (“Horton Hears A Who”) Horton: Horton is an amazing elephant! One day he heard the town of Whoville on a spec of dust on a flower and though no one believed him and tried to get in his way he continued on his journey to save them. One of my all time favorite quotes (that I wrote on a sticky note and put on my wall) comes from Horton. “A persons a person no matter how small.”

#1 Jean Valjean (“Les Misérables”) Jean Valjean: Jean got 18 (in my opinion totally undeserved) years as a slave for stealing a loaf of bread. Then breaks his parole. He’s my favorite movie hero because he does what’s right and doesn’t listen to Javert. He steals the loaf of bread to save his sisters son, he adopts Cosette and saves Marius’s life. I was sad to see him pass on at the end of the film.

Who are your top 6 favorite movie heroes? Tell me in the comments!


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