Time After Time

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post is “Time After Time”

Traditions: we’ve all got ‘em. They might be family dinners on special occasions, or having a particular kind of cake on your birthday (Jeanne Cake, natch), or popcorn at the movies, or meeting your friend for a 5k run in the park, rain or shine, every Sunday morning. What are your favorite traditions, large and small? What is it about your traditions that keep them going strong for you?

My favorite tradition is sunday dinner every week with my family. Every Sunday my Dad cooks traditional Newfoundland Sunday dinner. Traditional Newfoundland Sunday dinner is roast beef, carotts, cabbage, salt meat, turnips, mashed potato and gravy. On occasion Mom will make blueberry duff. Also sometimes we have chicken and dressing instead of roast beef. My Grandpa comes over every week to eat with us. I love sitting around the table with everyone, enjoying the delicious meal and talking about our week. I also love desert. My Mom makes lemon merringue pie (which I don’t eat because I don’t like it) and Dad and I make cinnamon buns. They taste so good when they’re just out of the oven! Also it’s a great way to bond with Dad. What traditions do you have in your family? Tell me in the comments!

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