Hey blog world! Last week was unfortunately the last week of youth group for my friend Robert. He was one of our youth leaders. He’s moving away and will no longer be at youth with us. That sucks! I thought I’d use this blog post to share some of my favorite memories of him

  • 089 This was his Halloween costume at the Halloween party we had this year. It was cool!
  • I’m a fan of Gord Bamford Gord Bamford. Robert would always call him “Gordon Bamfield” as a joke. It got on my nerves but I must admit I’m going to miss that now that he’s gone.
  • Once when we were talking about the “Smart As You” PSA from the Concerned Children’s Advertisers (a media literacy PSA that used a talking TV set to show kids that they’re smarter than the TV) and I told him that it had a TV that talked to you. He said “When the TV starts talking to you directly that’s when you should go to bed!” LOL!
  • Last week he made a fool of himself singing Toby Keith’s “How Do You Like Me Now” (what he knew of it anyways.)
  • A running gag at youth group was “Robert will have your prize for you next week.” When you heard that you knew you weren’t getting anything.
  • During this years YC me, Robert and a few others went to the village mall for lunch. I had Subway. I had a left over cookie and asked one of the other leaders where I should put it. Robert said it could go in his belly. I found room in my purse and put the cookie in there. I then asked where my extra napkins should go. Robert thinking we were still talking about the cookies said “I told you they could go in my belly!” LOL!
  • Last summer we had a bonfire at Topsail beach. Robert and one of the other youth group members were throwing marshmallows and trying to catch them in their mouths. I laughed so hard I cried a little and my stomach hurt!

I’m really going to miss you Robert. Hopefully the next chapter of your life brings you happiness and peace!



“Scrubs” Season 3

Hey blog world! Yesterday I finished the 3rd season of “Scrubs” Scrubs Season 3. I really enjoyed it! Turk and Carla got married (in an unusual way), J.D goes out with Jordan’s sister Dani, dumps her, lands Elliot then realizes he doesn’t want her and a new attending surgeon Dr. Miller arrives at Sacred Heart. Unfortunately for Turk she doesn’t like him. This season had some great guest stars! Michael J Fox guest starred for 2 episodes as Dr. Kevin Casey a visiting Doctor who has OCD and George Takei played a priest. I had two favorite episodes from this season. One of them was “My Porcelain God”. Two words epiphany toilet! My other favorite was “My Butterfly”. I liked how this was a cause and effect episode. A butterfly influenced everything that happened at Sacred Heart that day. At first it landed on a very pretty woman. J.D and Turk look at it and Carla thinks they’re looking at the woman, gets mad and everything goes downhill from there. Then we rewind and see what happens when the butterfly instead lands on an ugly dude. Again J.D and Turk look at the butterfly, Carla laughs at them thinking they’re looking at the ugly person and everything works out! Some of my favorite moments from this season were when Dr. Cox ticked off the Janitor and he locked him in a morgue drawer for 2 hours, when Turk gave the “When Harry Met Sally” speech as his wedding vows thanks to Carla’s brother (Turk and Carla were writing their own vows and Turk couldn’t think of anything so Carla’s brother Carlos wrote his vows for him and Turk didn’t realize it was the “When Harry Met Sally” speech.) And I thought it was funny when J.D asked Laverne what she’d give him if he got a jellybean into her cleavage and she said a concussion LOL! I loved this season’s finale. It was Turk and Carla’s wedding. Unfortunately for poor Turk he goes to the church with the priest who looks like Sulu (George Takei’s character) instead of the church where he and Carla were supposed to get married and he misses his own wedding!  Also there was something wrong with the shrimp at the wedding and it made the band sick so Ted and the worthless peons had to fill in for them. Also Dr. Kelso got a little too excited over the open bar and had way too much to drink! It was funny watching J.D and the Janitor have to carry him. Despite all the stuff that went wrong Carla wasn’t mad at Turk and they made the best of the wedding. Also one of Turks patients happened to be a priest so they got married by him in his hospital room. An unusual way to get married but I thought it was kinda cute! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen at Sacred Heart next season! What was your favorite episode of season 3? Tell me in the comments!

Top 6 Favorite Movie Heroes

Hey blog world! In French class we are doing a unit on movies. An assignment the teacher gave us was to list our top 6 favorite movie heroes. I found it pretty hard! I managed to get it done though! I thought I’d share my list with you.

#6 Bethany Hamilton (“Soul Surfer”) Bethany Hamilton: I watched “Soul Surfer” with my Youth group several weeks ago. I thought Bethany’s story was really inspiring! She lost her arm in a shark attack and yet continues to surf! Talk about determination!

#5 Princess Merida (“Brave”) Merida: She’s the first kick butt Disney princess! One that doesn’t require a handsome prince on a horse to rescue her! She even shoots for her own hand in marriage! That’s firetrucking awesome!

#4 Charlotte (“Charlotte’s Web”) Charlotte: I hate spiders but Charlotte is an exception. Charlotte is a very kind spider. She saves Wilbur from the slaughterhouse by writing words about him in her web. How sweet!

#3 Mary Poppins (“Mary Poppins”) Mary Poppins: Practically perfect Mary Poppins uses her magic to save the relationship between the Banks children and their Father. He was once a cold hearted banker with no time to spend with his Children but that all changed after Mary showed up! No matter how old I get I will forever love Mary and her magic! The coolest thing she’s done was when she snapped her fingers and the toys cleaned themselves up!

#2 Horton the Elephant (“Horton Hears A Who”) Horton: Horton is an amazing elephant! One day he heard the town of Whoville on a spec of dust on a flower and though no one believed him and tried to get in his way he continued on his journey to save them. One of my all time favorite quotes (that I wrote on a sticky note and put on my wall) comes from Horton. “A persons a person no matter how small.”

#1 Jean Valjean (“Les Misérables”) Jean Valjean: Jean got 18 (in my opinion totally undeserved) years as a slave for stealing a loaf of bread. Then breaks his parole. He’s my favorite movie hero because he does what’s right and doesn’t listen to Javert. He steals the loaf of bread to save his sisters son, he adopts Cosette and saves Marius’s life. I was sad to see him pass on at the end of the film.

Who are your top 6 favorite movie heroes? Tell me in the comments!

We Built This City

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post is “We Built This City” What do you love most about the city / town / place that you live in? What do you like the least about it? If you were mayor, what would be the most important problem you’d tackle? How would you tackle it? I live in Newfoundland and love it here! One of the things I love most is all the opportunities for the performing arts that we have here. We have beautiful venues for the arts such as the arts and culture centre, LSPU hall and Masonic Temple, musical theatre summer camps (i.e “Newfoundland to Broadway” and “Camp Hollywood” just to name a few) so NL’s youth can get a chance to experience it, productions of broadway calibre (my favorite musicals I’ve seen on stage here in NL were “Mary Poppins”, “Annie”, “Les Miserables” (all at the ACC) and “Avenue Q” (at the LSPU hall), incredible local performers of all ages like 12 year old dynamo Nicholas Keough and adult dynamo’s Peter Halley Peter Halley and Shelley Neville Shelley. Newfoundland is such an amazing place to experience musical theatre! If you have not yet seen one of our productions go see one! I’m also very happy with all the different programs and such we have for people with challenging needs. Myself being part of that community I’m glad there are so many things for us here in NL. Rainbow riders (therapeutic horseback riding), special olympics, the attendant pass (a pass for people with special needs (accepted in places like cineplex, the aquarena and the arts and culture centre) that allows the attendant of a person with special needs to accompany the person with special needs into events free of charge), easter seals, occupational therapy and my list could go on and on. I’m glad the province has all these things for us! Something I don’t like however about NL is all our firetrucking pot holes!!! I don’t drive yet but they still get on my nerves. I hate going on bumpy car rides caused by all our pot holes! I wish they could get filled in! If I were mayor I would start by doing that. Also I would implement new menu options for schools. What we have now is grease, fat and unhealthiness like nuggets, taters and pizza. I’d get rid of the unhealthy menu items such as those and put in healthier options for our students. What do you like and not like about where you live? Also if you were mayor what would you change about where you live? Tell me in the comments!

Time After Time

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post is “Time After Time”

Traditions: we’ve all got ‘em. They might be family dinners on special occasions, or having a particular kind of cake on your birthday (Jeanne Cake, natch), or popcorn at the movies, or meeting your friend for a 5k run in the park, rain or shine, every Sunday morning. What are your favorite traditions, large and small? What is it about your traditions that keep them going strong for you?

My favorite tradition is sunday dinner every week with my family. Every Sunday my Dad cooks traditional Newfoundland Sunday dinner. Traditional Newfoundland Sunday dinner is roast beef, carotts, cabbage, salt meat, turnips, mashed potato and gravy. On occasion Mom will make blueberry duff. Also sometimes we have chicken and dressing instead of roast beef. My Grandpa comes over every week to eat with us. I love sitting around the table with everyone, enjoying the delicious meal and talking about our week. I also love desert. My Mom makes lemon merringue pie (which I don’t eat because I don’t like it) and Dad and I make cinnamon buns. They taste so good when they’re just out of the oven! Also it’s a great way to bond with Dad. What traditions do you have in your family? Tell me in the comments!