Christmas 2013

Hey blog world! Merry Christmas! I’ve had a great Christmas day so far. Christmas Eve was great as well. I got to spend it at Spirit of Newfoundland! Janet Cull (the lady I job shadowed) invited me to come back again and help her out. It was a very quiet, slow day. The only things that happened were we got were a few people buying gift cards and an occasional phone call. Also I got to make a sign on Microsoft Office saying that Spirit closes at 1:00 and opens again on the 27th. Even though we weren’t that busy and not too much happened I enjoyed myself. Later on after I had my supper Mom and my Niece and I got to do some Christmas baking. We made cookies and santa hats (2 bite brownies with whipped cream and strawberries.) To finish off our Christmas Eve we all sat down together on the couch like we do every year and watched “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” on NTV. The movie was on late and right in the middle my Niece and I got tired so we went to bed. I shared a room with my Niece since my Grandpa spent Christmas Eve with us. We had a bunk bed and I got the bottom. It was ok but I’m glad I haven’t got to sleep in it again tonight! This morning when I woke up I was very happy! The tree was full of gifts! The thing I was most excited to see was the guitar case stood up in the corner of the living room! I had asked Santa for an accoustic guitar and I was so happy to receive it! After eating breakfast we got to open our gifts. I started off by opening my stocking. I got lots of fruit and chocolate and some small presents (a crossword puzzle book, collector coin etc.) After going through my stocking the very first thing I did was open the guitar case. I just had to get a look at the guitar I had gotten. I had hoped for a purple one (because purple is my favorite color) but it was a dark red kinda mahogany ish color. I still thought it looked cool. I didn’t notice til earlier but in the bottom compartment of my guitar case were some guitar picks! There was a purple one!! That made me happy! Another thing that made me happy was the George Jones CD my parents bought me. I love George Jones. He’s written some absolutely beautiful songs. He’s one of my favorite singers! I was very upset when he passed. I’m glad that I have that CD now to keep his memory alive. When Mom took a picture of me with it I told her that I just had to hold it close to my heart because that’s how much it meant to me. I got some great movies from Santa Claus this year. He brought me “Horrible Bosses”, “Dodgeball” and “Phantom of the Opera” Those are such great movies and I can’t wait to watch them! I also got “Rod: The Autobiography”. Rod Stewart is also one of my favorite singers and I’ve been wanting to read his autobiography since it came out. I’m so glad that Santa brought it to me! I’m very happy with all the gifts I received and I enjoyed watching my family open their gifts. I was glad that everyone liked the gifts that I bought them. We’ll be having Christmas dinner soon. I can smell it right now and it’s amazing! I can’t wait to eat it! Merry Christmas blog world! God bless us, everyone!



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