Love Up Above

Hey blog world! This is the 3rd day Patches has been in our home. This morning me and my Niece went looking everywhere for him and had no firetrucking clue where he was! We couldn’t see him anywhere! We looked in the kitchen and Mom laughed at us hysterically unable to believe we couldn’t see him. She said he was there in the kitchen and to look hard but we couldn’t see him. Eventually after looking up high enough we found the little mischief maker up on the ceiling fan Elf On The Shelf 002!!! He had brought some friends too. There were 3 Barbie dolls up there with him! Also if you look close enough at the picture you’ll notice that he’s being pretty romantic with one of those Barbie’s because he’s kissing her hand! I think it’s sweet that he likes her. I think they would make a very cute couple.



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