My Birthday Party 2013

Hey blog world! Last night I had my 16th Birthday party! I had a dance again this year. It was lots of fun! Also thankfully it was accident free. My friend’s knee managed to stay in place this time thank goodness. I had a great turnout this year. A lot of my friends came. Unfortunately one of them didn’t stay long. I invited one of my new friends from rhythmic gymnastics and she has downs syndrome. She and her Mom dropped in for a minute to give me my gift but she was too shy and nervous to stay so they left. That was too bad. My friend Heather from bowling who did the music last year agreed to do the music again this year! That was so nice of her. She played lots of great music! The first dance of the night was “Call Me Maybe” It was fun dancing to that! She also played my 2 favorite Beatles songs “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” and “Ob La Di Ob La Da” I sang along to both of those! Also later in the night I got quite the surprise when she played “Alone” by Heart I sent Heather an e mail with all the songs I wanted played and completely forgot I asked for that one! It was a pleasant surprise hearing it because it’s such a great song. I enjoyed slow dancing to it. After the first hour or so of dancing our pizza came! It was from my favorite pizza place. Domino’s pizza! It tasted awesome! Then it was time for cake. I’m a HUGE “Les Misérables” fan (it’s one of my favorite musicals) and I found a picture of a really cool “Les Misérables” Birthday cake online one day and loved it so much I decided to try and make that my Birthday cake this year. This is how it turned out My Birthday Party 2013 001. I thought it looked pretty good for my first time baking my Birthday cake. It’s Enjolras standing inside the barricade holding the revolution flag. It’s a red velvet cake! My favorite kind of cake! As we were eating I got Heather to play some songs from “Les Misérables”. I loved singing along with “One Day More” as I ate my cake. Next she played “I Dreamed A Dream” Me and my friend were done our cake so we got up and slow danced to it together. I really enjoyed that. Then I asked Heather to play one more “Les Misérables” song since everyone was done so we could all dance to it. I asked for my favorite “Les Misérables” song “Master Of The House” I had a lot of fun dancing and singing and laughing during this song! Later in the night I got to open my gifts. I got lots of really nice cards and gifts. I loved all of them. I also got to draw for a bunch of prizes. Small prizes first and then 2 big door prizes (gift cards to McDonalds.) I loved doing that. It made me feel great seeing my friends happy faces when I drew their names out of the bag and called them up to the front to get their prizes. Another thing that made me feel great was having my Grandpa show up. I was hoping he would! The two of us had never danced together and since tonight I was having a dance party I invited my Grandpa to come so we could finally have our dance. I asked Heather to play “Walk Through This World With Me” by George Jones That was my favorite slow dance of the night. I thought it was very sweet that I got the chance to slow dance with my Grandpa. I also got to have my very first slow dance with my Niece. We slow danced to “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack I could tell she was enjoying herself by the smile on her face. I was enjoying myself as well. I thought we looked cute dancing together! I got to do some line dancing too. “Achy Breaky Heart” was played so I line danced to it. It was fun! I got yet another surprise a few songs later when “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” by Pink got played. I forgot about that one too LOL! I liked dancing to it though. After a few more songs the party was unfortunately over. I was pooped from all the dancing but had a great time! I’m glad that everyone else did as well. Do you like going to dances? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments!

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