Hey blog world! Today I finished reading an excellent book. It’s called “Rules” and it’s by Cynthia Lord Rules. My friend E.J.M read this book and reviewed it on her blog (www.ejmsmiles.wordpress.com). I read her review and when I found out it was a book about Autism it made me really want to read this book. I found it one day at the Salvation Army thrift store and bought it. I couldn’t put the book down! I read 2 or more chapters each day! It’s such a funny and also at times a very sweet story. It’s about a 12 year old girl named Catherine whose younger brother David has Autism. David loves rules so Catherine creates a notebook full of them for him to follow such as

  • No toys in the fish tank
  • It’s fine to hug Mom but not the clerk at the video store
  • Keep your pants on in public

Also Catherine meets a non verbal boy named Jason who communicates using a communication book full of cards with words and pictures. I think they’re friendship is really sweet. My favorite part of the book was when Catherine and Jason are at the clinic and Jason uses his cards to tell Catherine Speech. Lady. Stinks a big one! LOL! I absolutely loved this book and I would highly reccommend it. Especially to those who have Autism or have Autistic friends or family members.


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