Youth Halloween party 2013

Hey blog world! I just got back home from a Halloween party. It was with my Youth group. Just like at the rest of my parties I dressed as Eponine. When I got inside I found Waldo LOL! That’s what one of the leaders was dressed as 089. I thought it was a really cool costume. There were lots of other really cool costumes as well. The custodian must have missed a spot while he was cleaning last night because there was a dust bunny there 092. Also Uncle Si (and his tea glass) was at the party as well 093. Scooby Doo and Fred even made an appearance 091. Unfortunately when he tried to dye his hair yellow it went wrong and his hair turned green LOL! To begin we got split up into groups of 5. I was with Alice (from Alice in Wonderland), Wonder Woman, an Angry Bird and a Baby. The first activity we did was worms and dirt. We had to put our faces in a bowl of chocolate pudding 086 and find and eat a gummi worm. It was fun but it was messy! I had the pudding all over my face! On my chin, my cheeks and even on my nose!  After I cleaned up we moved on to bowling. Instead of bowling balls we used gourds 087. Instead of pins we used empty 2 litre soda bottles088. I didn’t get a strike or a spare but at least I tried! Next was a donut eating game. 2 people had to lie on the floor while their partners dangled donuts attached to a string in front of their faces and they had to eat the donut off the string. The first one to finish won. More donut went in my eyes than my mouth LOL! I unfortunately didn’t win the contest. Oh well! It took quite the while to get all the crumbs out of my eyes! Next we did a game called suck it up. We had to close our eyes and use straws to suck up a paper bat and transport it to a paper plate. It was a race. Whoever got the most bats on their plate when time ran out was the winner. It was hard! I don’t know how many I got but it mustn’t have been many (or maybe none) because I noticed the girls quickly put a few pity bats on my plate to make me think I got a few. It was nice of them but I was alright with the fact that I didn’t get many (or none at all) on my plate. The final game we played was pretty disgusting. We had to close our eyes and put our hands in a bowl of this weird, wet, white substance and find (fake) body parts. 2 ears, 2 fingers and 2 eyes. I took 39 point something seconds. One of the girls in my group did it in 38 point something. I was one second off! I was so close! After washing the weird white stuff off my hands I got some food to eat. There was a MASSIVE andy bar full of all sorts of yummy treats085. Candy corn, gummi things, sour keys, peach rings. Yum! There were also cookies and cupcakes and plenty of other things. I got my food and sat down and began enjoying my treats. Then the leader who was dressed as Fred said that the haunted house would be starting soon. I wanted to go in but remembering how scared I got in it last year I was nervous to. I decided to be brave and go in. Right before I went inside I prayed. Praying helps me when I’m scared or nervous. After praying it was time to go in. The door shut and it was pitch black. I was starting to get scared already and we hadn’t even started! There was fog and strobe lights and stuff. It started off as kinda cool. Uncle Si blew his duck call at us LOL! After a bit I began to get scared. Especially when my friend (who was dressed as Jase from “Duck Dynasty”) jumped out and scared me! I screamed and jumped. At one point I don’t know what caused it but my vision got distorted. Things looked really weird. Another really weird thing was that the leader who was dressed up as a dust bunny ditched the bunny ears and mask for a weird mask and made strange sounds as she moved around me and put a baby doll in my face. That was fricking creepy! When I came out of the haunted house I was still coming down from the shock that my friend gave me when he scared me. I got some more food to eat and sat down with some girls who I had never met before. I thought it would be nice to sit with them and make new friends. We talked about music and movies and celebrities and such. One of them brought up wanting to go into the haunted house. I wasn’t sure about going back in but the girl next to me was like “YOLO!” Also there were 3 of them and to go in the haunted house they needed a group of 4 soI decided to be brave once again, embrace the YOLO and go back in with these girls. The leader dressed as Waldo followed behind me in case I got too scared and needed him. Me and the other girls all held onto each other and went inside. It wasn’t as scary the 2nd time. When I got out of the haunted house again I took some pictures with my friends and then it was time to go home. I had so much fun tonight! Have you been to any Halloween parties this year? Tell me in the comments!


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