Rhythmic Gymnastics and Best Buddies Parties

Hey blog world! Last night I had 2 Halloween parties to go to! One with my rhythmic gymnastics team and one with Best Buddies (a program that recently started here in NL that pairs students at MUN (Memorial University of Newfoundland) with kids with special needs and we hang out). I was Eponine from “Les Misérables” at the parties Eponine. No one knew who I was! I had to explain it to everyone at both parties! Some people though when I explained it to them knew who Eponine was. First up was the Rhythmic Gymnastics party. We got a brand new member to our team! She’s an adorable little girl with down syndrome. She was the cutest thing! I asked her parents if I could keep her LOL! We were each given a rope and the instructor put a bucket in the middle of the floor. We each had to try and throw our rope into the bucket. I balled my rope up into a snowball and threw it. I got it on the first try! After everyone had a turn we got to get some snacks. We each got a goodie bag full of treats and also there were timbits and cheezies for us to eat. The instructor was playing some Halloween music so after eating my snack I got up and danced. After dancing for a while the party was over. Me and my friend M.A got a ride with my friend H.M and her Mom to MUN for the Best Buddies party. Along the way H.M put her iPod on in the car and played music for us. The first song she put on was “Ob-La Di Ob-La Da” by the Beatles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRtAO-nffz0. I love this song! I was thrilled that she played it for me! It took us a while to find the place but eventually we arrived at MUN and got to the party. I was nervous that I wouldn’t know anyone but I was really happy because I found 3 people I knew! One of the councellors from Camp Hazelwood was there (she dressed as a witch), a girl who I knew from Special Olympics (she was also a witch) and a boy who works at the Autism centre who I see all the time (he was a knight). There was a lot to do at the party. I first sat down and decorated a pumpkin. They had a whole bunch of pumpkins there and sharpie markers to draw on them with. I picked out a pumpkin and gave it glasses. This is what he looks like Best Buddies and Rhythmic Gymnastics party 007. I named him Arthur. After decorating Arthur I decided to decorate a chocolate chip cookie. There were lots of things to decorate it with. I put red licorice, chocolate frosting, smarties and pink sprinkles on mine Best Buddies and Rhythmic Gymnastics party 006. It tasted yummy! Then I went over to a little game that was set up in the corner. I had to take a (toy) spider and throw it into a hole. It was hard! I tried several times and it didn’t go in! I eventually gave up and moved over to a body part guessing game. It was a sensory game. I had to reach behind a curtain and put my hand in bowls of “zombie brains”, “guts” and other stuff and figure out what it really was. There was toilet paper (I forget what that was), grapes (eyes), pumpkin seeds (teeth), spaghetti (zombie brains) and jello (guts). The jello was the yuckiest one. It felt so weird! After wiping off my hand I made a mask. I took a really cool purple one and decorated it. This is what it looks like Best Buddies and Rhythmic Gymnastics party 008. I thought it looked really cool! Then I took some pictures with some of the new friends I made Best Buddies and Rhythmic Gymnastics party 009, Best Buddies and Rhythmic Gymnastics party 011 Best Buddies and Rhythmic Gymnastics party 010. I thought the props we could use in the photos were really cool! Then I couldn’t figure out what to do next so I decided to make another pumpkin. Here she is Best Buddies and Rhythmic Gymnastics party 012. Her name is Kelly-Ann. I can’t remember what I did after making her. What I do remember is that later on we got to play some games. We had a mummy wrap where we were split up into teams and we picked someone to wrap and we had to use toilet paper to wrap them up like a mummy. Our toilet paper kept ripping! We got a good bit of our person wrapped up but unfortunately we didn’t win the game. Oh well! Then we played pass the parcel. I got to unwrap it once but I didn’t win the prize. Finally we played freeze dance. I made it far but again didn’t win. At least I had fun playing these games! Finally awards were handed out. I won the best mask award! I was so happy! Right before I went home the coordinator of Best Buddies introduced me to my buddy. I talked to her for a while and we found out that we liked a lot of the same things! I thought that the two of us were a match made in heaven! I can’t wait to start hanging out with her! I already have an idea for what to do for our first outing! Have you been to any Halloween parties this year? Tell me about them in the comments!

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