Power Of Being A Girl

Hey blog world! I went to a conference today. It was an all girl conference held at CONA (College Of The North Atlantic) and it was called “The Power Of Being A Girl”. I didn’t even know I’d be going to this conference until about a week or so ago. I saw it on the calendar and was like “Mom what’s this?” Then she explained that she signed me up for a conference and was going to keep it a surprise until the next day. That’s why she hadn’t told me. I read about it online and it sounded like fun. Today when I arrived I was nervous that I wouldn’t know anyone there. Thankfully there were people that I’d recognised. 2 people who I went to Newfoundland To Broadway with during the summer, 2 girls I know from school and one of the leaders at the conference was a substitute teacher at my Jr High school. She substituted mainly in french and geography. She’s a really nice and really funny person so I was glad to see her there. There were loads of other girls there that I didn’t know so I was glad to have some familiar faces with me. The first thing we did was split up into our color groups (we were each given colored name tags. Some girls had red, some had yellow and the rest had green). I was in the yellow group. We went into this room down the hall and played some ice breaker games. We started off with a game similar to headbanz. The leader stuck a piece of paper on our backs and on each piece of paper was the name of a famous woman. There were fictional characters and real ones. We had to walk around and ask people questions and try and guess who we were. I had a very hard one. I was Queen Elizabeth II. It took me a long time to guess that. Next we played a game where someone was it and they had to find a place to stand. Everyone else closed their eyes and had to find the it person. They would do so by calling out “Cheese”. If they touch someone and they say “Cheese” and the person they touch says “Cheese” back they’re not the it person and so they have to keep looking. If they touch someone and there’s no response that’s the it person and they can open their eyes since they found her. I was the it person. It was funny hearing all the girls calling out “Cheese”! It was my idea to say that word. The leader asked for a random word and the first thing that came to my mind was “Cheese”. She liked that so we went with it. After playing that game the leader who used to substitute at my Jr High came in and we started our first workshop. It was called “Body Love”. We started by doing stretches. Then we played a game of “Body Love Ball”. We were thrown a soccer ball and if our right thumb landed on a number we’d answer the question that corresponded with that number. If our right thumb landed on a black square we had to do some sort of a movement and the rest of the group had to copy it. When it was my turn I can’t remember what number I got but the question I had to answer was “How can you tell when your body is sick?” I said “My nose runs and my stomach hurts.” After playing that game we looked at pictures from magazines and talked about how they’re not real. They’re just photoshopped. We also talked about body image and loving our bodies from the inside out. I learned a lot from that workshop. Next was a workshop that I was worried about. It was on self defense. I was afraid that either I’d accidentaly hurt someone or someone would accidentaly hurt me! Thankfully neither happened. We learned a lot of useful skills in this workshop. We learned the hammer fist which we can use to break someone’s collarbone, neck or knee if ever in an emergency situation, we learned the eagle claw which involves puncturing someones eye so I will not use that because I don’t want my fingers inside someone’s eyeball, we learned how to free ourselves if we’re being choked and how to block someone’s attack. I hope I never have to use any of these skills. To be totally honest if I were ever in a situation where I had to I’d be frightened out of my wits! I don’t know if I’d be able to use my self defense moves because I’d be so scared! Then it was time for lunch. We were having sandwitches. Unfortunately all sandwitches had some sort of condiment on them. Either mayonaise or mustard. I don’t like either. Seeing as I had no choice I decided to go with a roast beef sandwitch with mayonaise since I figured I wouldn’t taste it as much as I would the mustard. I also took a few slices of pickle and some pieces of cheese and a brownie for desert. I sat with my friend from Newfoundland To Broadway and 2 other girls. We talked and laughed while we ate. It was nice getting to talk with my friend and also those girls I didn’t know very well. It gave me a chance to get to know them a bit more. Then an author came and spoke to us. Her name was Caighlan Smith and she wrote “Hallow Hour” when she was 14 and now that she’s 18 she has the book published. She read us the first chapter of her book and answered questions. Then she drew for a few copies of the book. I didn’t win one. Then we had our next workshop. It was called “Loves Me Loves Me Not, The Romatisization Of Violence in The Media.” We looked at lyrics from “Love The Way You Lie”, “Blurred Lines” and some other song which I’ve forgotten LOL! We talked about how they were violent and innapropriate and talked about why we thought they use these types of lyrics in songs. We also watched a clip from “Twilight” and one from “Harry Potter”. In the “Twilight” clip we discussed what happened between Edward and Bella in the scene and why it was violent and how it was romantisized. After the “Harry Potter” clip from I think the first part of “Harry Potter Deathly Hallows” we discussed how the relationship between Ron and Hermoine was a healthy one. I really enjoyed this workshop as well. Then we played another ice breaker game. It was called “At A Glance”. We looked at the person next to us and we tried to introduce them to the rest of the group without asking questions. I said the name of the person next to me and that she was 13 years old and I forget how many siblings I said she had and said that she liked to read. Then the person next to me properly introduced herself. She said that she wasn’t 13 years old. She was 16. I forget what she said about the siblings but at least I got the reading part right! When the girl to my left described me she had everything almost right! She correctly guessed my age and that I liked to act but she said that I had 2 brothers. That was the only part she got wrong. I have no brothers. Just 2 sisters. Once that game was done we had a panel of women come in and talk to us. There was Sheilagh O’Leary who ran for mayor (I think she won but I can’t remember), a lawyer, an entrepreneur with  her own beauty product company, the self defense workshop leader  and a retired police officer. The self defense workshop leader was also a welder so that’s what she talked to us about. I enjoyed listening to Sheilagh talk about what it’s like being a female in politics because I have some really good ideas and was thinking about maybe someday running for mayor or maybe even premier! When they were all done speaking one of the leaders drew for some door prizes. Newfoundland Chocolate Company had donated a box of chocolates as a door prize and I really wanted to win it but I didn’t. I didn’t win any of the prizes that were drawn. Oh well! At least on the way out I got a “Swag Bag” with lots of cool goodies inside! I really enjoyed myself at this conference and learned a lot! If they do it again next year I’ll definately be back! Have you ever been to a conference like this? Did you like it? Tell me in the comments!


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