Asbie Dictionary

Hey blog world! I have quite the extensive vocabulary. I thought today I’d share some of my definitions of words.

Perfection: Peter HalleyPeter Halley. Note the absolutely beautiful hair, the bright smile, the cheeks that make me want to pinch them, eyes that I find are easy to get lost in. Also he has the singing voice of an angel, is an amazing pianist, is hillarious, gives amazing hugs, my list could go on and on! Peter is practically perfect in every way!

Firetruck: A usefull replacement for the expletive f**k. I use it quite a bit.

Fudge nugget: An exclamation. One would exclaim this when something goes wrong (I also tend to say fudge nugget a lot when I die in a video game.)

Niece: An adorable but savage creature. When no one is looking she will behave but will wreak terror and havoc when no one is around.

Weird: A word I often use to describe myself.

Autism: The best thing that’s ever happened to me!

Math: Torture. It’s difficult, boring and not fun! If it were a color it would be black.

Musical: An amazing performance full of music, emotion,magic and dance! Also one of the best things on the planet.

Dog: An adorable, fluffy animal. They’re playful and will make you smile! Mother Natures greatest domestic animal.

Make your own dictionary on your blog! Take whatever words you want and write your own definition for them. Have fun!


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