Hey blog world! At the beginning of the week I noticed this poster put up across from the special needs classroom at school. It was a small poster that said “MADD Canada presents “Smashed””. MADD for those of you who don’t know stands for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. On the bottom of the poster was the date of this presentation. It was the 4th (which is today). I got nervous and dreaded today all week! For those of you who don’t remember when I was in Thailand 2 days before my Sisters wedding one of the bridesmaids got struck by a drunk driver and was killed. She was only 34. She was young, pretty and had her whole life ahead of her. The unfortunate death of Swe Yen (that was her name) really makes this issue hit home for me. I knew that having a personal experience such as this would make the assembly even harder for me to watch. I was thinking about her so much throughout the day. I continuously looked up at the sky and thought of her. Speaking of Swe Yen I joined my school’s SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) group in her memory. I just know that she’s smiling down on me for what I’ve done for her. This morning the people in SADD had to come set up for the assembly. My and my friend A.C helped move the benches and set up chairs. It took a while and it was hard work but we did it! We then went to our classes. I was talking with my friend about the assembly which we would be going to shortly and I said “I honestly would be surprised if I didn’t cry during this assembly”. The memory of Swe Yen I knew would make me cry as we watched this presentation. When it was time to go down to the gym I sat with my friend S.B. At first I sat up one row in front of her but then decided it would be best to sit next to her. She said that she too was kinda scared and that I could hold her hand if I needed to. I was very thankful for that. She also told me that she may cry and I said “if we cry we cry together”. I then sat next to her. I felt a little better knowing I had someone who understood and who could comfort me and would hold my hand. The representative from MADD told us that the video was graphic and very emotional and that if at any time we felt scared, overwhelmed or anything like that the guidance councellor was in the nutrition lab and we could quietly get up and go and talk to her. The minute the movie started I held onto S.B’s hand. The movie began by showing a PSA from Kia I’d seen it on TV before and thought it was pretty cool. I enjoyed seeing it again. Then they started rolling all the sponsors of the video. In my head I was like “Please don’t let the sponsors stop. I wish that they just rolled the sponsors the whole time.” Unfortunately the sponsor roll eventually stopped. Then the MADD rep’s words were reinstated by a viewer advisory. It said “This video is graphic and emotionally charged. It may be hard to watch. Viewer discretion is advised.” The “It may be hard to watch” bit made me even more nervous! The video began innocently enough. 2 girls getting ready for a school dance. Picking out outfits and taking pictures of themselves. One of them (Natalie I think is what her name was) gets a text from this boy she likes named Johnny and gets all excited. A few minutes into the movie we see that Johnny has snuck alcohol in his jacket. He drinks and then drives. In my head I was thinking “Holy (bleep)! Already?” And then closed my eyes expecting to hear a loud crash of some sort. Somehow I managed to be wrong and him and his friend made it to the dance. Natalie and her other friends Kellie and Pete also arrive and then when they meet up with Johnny he says he’s going to a party at a friends house instead of the dance. Kellie doesn’t want her to but Natalie goes. Even though they don’t want to Kellie and Pete go too. Johnny gets Natalie to drink and eventually she has too much. She throws up (I had to close my eyes at that part because it was gross) and her judgement gets impaired. When Johnny who clearly has had too much decides to drive with his friend to get some pot Natalie wants to go with them. They let her. Pete does all he can to stop them from leaving He honks the horn to get attention, tries to steal away Johnny’s keys and even offers to call a cab. Johnny doesn’t listen and drives away. Kellie comes running outside and when she finds out what happened she calls 911. Then we see Johnny, Natalie and Johnny’s friend in the car. Johnny is swerving in all directions and going very fast. I all of a sudden knew what was going to happen. I clenched S.B’s hand even harder, closed my eyes and then CRASH! After hearing that I didn’t want to look at the screen. I couldn’t take any more of the movie. I asked to leave. The minute I stood up I began shaking! I shakingly walked out of the gym and into the nutrition lab and sat down. I cried so the guidance councellor handed me some tissues. I was glad to be there with her instead of in the gym continuing to watch the movie. A while later I saw S.B come into the room with her big blue eyes full of tears. She’s one of my best friends so seeing her cry almost made me want to cry! The guidance councellor calmed us both down by getting us to talk about fun stuff like Thailand and how I rode an elephant there and how I recently finished reading “Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates” and met the author of the book (Sean Cullen). I found talking about other things helped a little bit. Little by little more students came in in tears. It helped knowing I wasn’t the only one who cried. After the movie the MADD rep came into the room and told us that if we felt like we were ready the movie was over and she was going to give a speech and honour a former student of the school who was killed by a drunk driver. Me and S.B felt like we were ready so we both headed back into the gym. When the MADD rep was done speaking and the assembly ended we were free to go to recess. I was still a little shaky and distraught. Thinking of Swe Yen and of the movie. This was definately the hardest assembly I’ve been to. I talked to S.B later in the day and she said the same. I was glad to go to the special needs classroom for my recess. I really needed to see all their big bright smiling faces and get a hug from them. Getting my hugs and seeing their smiles cheered me up a lot. Have you ever had a presentation from MADD at your school? Did it impact you? Tell me in the comments!


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