Irish Rovers Live

Hey blog world! Ever since I was little I liked listening to a band from Ireland called The Irish Rovers. I heard that they were coming to Newfoundland and that this tour was their very last so I told Mom I wanted to go and she forgot. Thankfully Dad wanted to go and he bought 2 tickets in case someone wanted to go with him. Someone did. That someone as you can guess was me! I just got back from the show and it was great! We were in row M. It was a little far back but I had a great view of the stage! I could see everything really well. They began with a song I didn’t know. They sang several others I didn’t know as well. When it came to “Patsy Fagan” I slightly know that one so I sang along with what I knew. I also sang along with “Led Me On”. Everyone sang along with that one because we were all asked to! George Millar (the lead singer in the band) said it was time for a sing along and he taught us the words to the chorus and we all sang along. That was fun! Before I knew it the first act had ended. I found it went by really fast. I went outside and had a snack then came back in and took my seat and awaited them to come back out. In the 2nd act they played more songs I knew so that was good. They played “Black Velvet Band” which I love so much I have it on my iPod so I was glad to hear that one. They also played “I’ll Tell Me Ma” which I also really like. Tied for first place on my list of favorite Irish Rovers songs is “The Unicorn” and I was hoping that they’d play it and they did! I was thrilled to hear it! I love the chorus. Singing about “Green aligators and long neck geese, some humpty back camels and some chimpanzees” is fun! It’s such a cute song and I loved getting to hear it sung live! We got to have another sing along in the second act. This time it was “The Gypsy Rover” I knew all the words to that one because I did it in voice lessons when I was small so I sang along with the whole thing. I kinda lost it by the chorus though because George called us the choir and I laughed a lot at that! I was laughing so much I found it hard to get through the chorus (he made the choir remark just before so that’s why I was laughing throughout the chorus.) Tied with “The Unicorn” for my favorite Irish Rovers song is “Wasn’t That A Party” It’s such a funny song. My favorite line is “Someone took a grapefruit, wore it like a hat.” LOL! They sang that as their final song. I went crazy during it! I danced in my seat and sang along with every word! I thought it was a great way to end the show! After we all clapped and cheered and such they came back and played an encore. “The Drunken Sailor” They split us up into 2 halves and gave us each a part to sing. The right side of the audience got “Way hey” and my side got “Up she rises” and we had to throw our fists in the air as we sang. I liked doing that! When the show was over I wanted to stick around and meet them (they said they’d come out into the lobby and sign whatever we wanted even our chequebooks LOL!) Unfortunately Dad said we had to go. Oh well! At least I got to enjoy seeing them in concert. Were you there tonight? Did you enjoy the show? Tell me in the comments!


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