Brad Paisley live

Hey blog world! Last night I got to see Brad Paisley live in concert! I didn’t think I’d get to but was thrilled when Mom told me she got tickets. The day they went on sale I told her to buy me some and she tried but they sold out extremely fast. I was pretty dissappointed. I tried entering contests on VOCM (a radio station) to win tickets as well. I sang a bit of “Mud On The Tires” on the radio and even ranted about why I deserved tickets. Both times I didn’t win the tickets. I was really unhappy because I absolutely loved Brad Paisley and have been wanting him to come here for years and now he’s here and my chances at seeing him were shot! Amazingly as we were heading out the door yesterday to get me to school Mom said she bought tickets! I jumped and screamed and was beyond excited! She said that they opened up a few extra seats and she called in and bought 2 tickets! Brad always wears a cowboy hat so I decided to wear one to the show. It took Dad a while but he finally found one of his hats that fit me! I think I looked pretty good in it. Mom wore one too. Our seats were in the hockey box. That’s where the players sit during the hockey game as they wait for their turn to go on. They were pretty good seats. I could see the stage really well! When the lights dimmed and the concert started I was so excited! He opened with “Southern Comfort Zone” I know all the words so I sang along with him. What I thought was really cool was that he had a computer generated choir on the screen in the background singing with him. That was neat! Brad now aparently has his own brand of tires LOL! During “Mud On The Tires” Bradyear (a parody of Goodyear) tires kept appearing on the screen. Also during “Mud On The Tires” I noticed Mom singing along. I turned to her in surprise because I was both surprised and proud that she learned the words and said “Wow! You’ve learned it!” It was pretty cool to see Mom singing along. I didn’t think he’d do it because last night was a Friday but he sang “American Saturday Night” I really like that song so it was a pleasant surprise hearing him sing it. I thought it was hillarious when he sang “Celebrity” The reason why is he goat remixed it LOL! Every time the goat would come on and make noise I laughed hysterically! I also laughed at Big Head Brad. Big Head Brad is this huge headed Brad Paisley mascot. It looks just like Brad but with a much bigger head. He’s much naughtier than the real one too. In the video that was on the screen as Brad sang “Celebrity” Big Head Brad was smoking, drinking too much and passing out, peeing in public, flashing people and lots more naughty naughty things! It was kinda funny to watch though. Big Head Brad even came out onstage and danced a bit and shook hands with the front row people! All night long I’d been anxiously awaiting Brad to play my FAVORITE song that he sings called “Online” and when he finally did it I was thrilled! It was too bad he didn’t do the whole song. He was in the middle of the crowd on another stage with just himself and a fiddle player and some other band members of his as well. He did a few of his songs on that stage but didn’t finish them. It was kinda like a medley almost. Another song he did during this medley was “I’m Still A Guy” I really like that song too! My favorite line is “You see a priceless French painting, I see a drunk naked girl.” I can’t sing that line without laughing! I absolutely cracked up when he got to that part last night! A few times during the show I nearly cried. During “This Is Country Music” he had pictures of classic country singers up on the screen. Many of which are now deceased. I was able to name almost each and every single one. As I saw their pictures and said their names I almost cried a little. I really almost lost it when at the end George Jones’s picture came up with the words “We miss you George. You were Country music” (I think that’s what they were. I may have paraphrased a bit.) Also I did let out a few tears during “When I Get Where I’m Going” That was a tribute to Buck Owens, Andy Griffith and George Jones. I have those 3 men on an extremely high pedestal. I honour, respect and love them unconditionally! Seeing their pictures and hearing that beautiful song being sung made me so emotional and I cried a bit because I miss them all so much! Andy was also featured in “Waitin’ On A Woman” That was a duet Brad did with Andy and so during a few of Andy’s parts the music video played and Andy said them! I loved hearing Andy at the show! Another person I loved hearing at the show was Carrie Underwood. In the car on the way there I told my Mom “I doubt it’ll happen but I think it would be so cool if Carrie Underwood came out and sang “Remind Me” with Brad.” Knowing that Carrie is a busy woman I didn’t get my hopes up and wasn’t expecting her to be there but she was! when she came out onstage the first 2 words out of my mouth were “Holy c**p!” I screamed and was so excited to get what I asked for and see her there singing “Remind Me” with Brad! Another big and exciting moment for me that night was touching Brad Paisley’s hand!!! As Brad was walking back onstage from the little one set up in the middle of the arena he was shaking hands with people. I had my hand out. For some reason (I don’t remember why) I went for his shoulder but he touched my hand instead! That was awesome! Charlie Daniels made an appearance tonight as well. Well he wasn’t really there. He was on the video screen though. He has a speaking part in one of Brad’s newest songs called “Karate” and as fire blazed in the background when it was Charlie’s turn he appeared on the video screen and did his speaking part! It was really cool to see him! The last song that he sang was “Water” Mom had brought a bottle of water for me that night in case I got thirsty and I went pretty crazy with it during the song. I waved it around, held it up in the air etc. It was fun! He then walked off the stage. Everyone was cheering and yelling and hoping he’d come back. I was too. I was chanting “BRAD, BRAD, BRAD, BRAD, “ALCOHOL”, “ALCOHOL!””. After a few minutes of chanting he came back out! He did “Welcome To The Future” I got up and danced to that one. It’s such an awesome song! Then he did “Alcohol”! I was so happy! I had a great time singing along with that. Especialy my favorite part “I’ll bet you a drink or 2 that I can make you put that lampshade on your head.” I was fist bumping as I sang along with that part. He then walked offstage and the concert ended. I was disappointed he didn’t do “The World” and “He Didn’t Have To Be” but at least I got to hear all my other favorites! Some of the people that worked for Brad were throwing out guitar picks and I caught one! I was thrilled when I managed to catch it! I’m definitely going to put that somewhere special. Mom and I stopped by the merchandise table on our way out and I bought a t shirt and a keychain to add to my collection. Then we went home. As long as I live, whatever I do, as great as it is you know what’s a bummer? I ain’t ever gonna beat that night with Brad (In case you didn’t get it I just made a “Beat This Summer” reference.) I had such an amazing night and hope Brad will someday return to Newfoundland so I can see him in concert again! Were you there last night? Are you going tonight? Did you enjoy the show? Tell me in the comments!


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