Job Shadowing at Spirit of Newfoundland

Hey blog world! Today was awesome! For career class at school we have to job shadow with someone. I got to take today off of school and job shadow at the Masonic Temple Masonic Temple.  It’s where Spirit of Newfoundland spirit is located! About a week or so ago I went on their website ( and sent them an e mail asking if I could job shadow there and I got a response back from Janet Cull (one of the employees there who does reservations and also is an actress) saying yes I could! I was on cloud 9! I was so giddy and excited and happy! I was even more excited when I woke up this morning. I couldn’t wait to get there! When me and Mom got there the doors weren’t open. We waited a few minutes and eventually the accountant who works there unlocked the doors for us and let us in. Janet (who I was job shadowing today) wasn’t there yet so Mom and I took a seat in the bar (that’s where Janet works) and we waited. I had never met Janet before so when she arrived I was very glad to meet her. I thought she was nice. Once Mom left we got to work. I sat and watched as she read and sent e mails, updated the calendar, created a PSA (not the usual kind of PSA that warns against something i.e Instead the PSA she was making was to let the public know about Spirit of Newfoundland’s upcoming shows) and a campaigner (an online advertisment for the shows) and took reservations over the phone. A few times she had memos for me to bring to people downstairs. That was my daily bit of exercise LOL! Also I got to use the computer to help Janet find a document that needed to be e mailed. It was difficult but I found it! After about an hour or so of work we were both kinda hungry so we took a yogurt break. After our snack we got back to working. Janet let me take a few phone calls! I was a bit nervous since it was my first time but I think I did a good job. I answered peoples questions and gave them information and such. The phone rang off the hook today! I can’t remember exactly how many calls I took but I know it was a few. I think maybe 3 or something like that. I also got to interview Janet. Part of the job shadow project was to interview the person we were shadowing. We sat down at a table in the screech room and did the interview. It was very interesting. I learned a lot about her and her job. Now I have to translate all her answers into French. That’s gonna take a while! Janet let me have a few little breaks during our workday during which I took some pictures to put in an album and include with my report. Here are some of the ones I took Katie and Dominique picture 002 (this is the Screech room where you can come before the dinner theatre shows and have some drinks and learn about the history of Newfoundland Screech), Katie and Dominique picture 006 (this is a picture of characters from Spirit of Newfoundland’s various shows throughout the years), Katie and Dominique picture 004 (the kitchen), Katie and Dominique picture 001 (the bar (where I spent my day)). When lunchtime rolled around Janet let me take another break and eat my lunch. A little while after that Peter Halley Peter Halley( the artistic director of Spirit of Newfoundland) showed up!!! I was so happy! I was really excited too! Janet had to calm me down before I went and said hello. He didn’t know that I was coming so he was very surprised to see me. He asked me why I was there and I told him about the job shadowing project and he thought it was a marvellous idea. I kinda wish I waited to eat lunch because he had his there. I would have loved to eat with him! Oh well! At least I got to hug him! I got to see Kathie Hicks Kathie again today too. She’s the CEO of Spirit of Newfoundland. We got to know eachother through Spirit’s facebook page and we met face to face for the first time at the Beatles show. She’s nice. I was glad to see her again. I got to meet a few new people today as well. I met Paul the general manager, I can’t remember her name but I met one of the ladies who worked in the bar and I also met the Chef. Darrell Tulk. His food is amazing! He’s also really nice. He shares my love of the Rolling Stones! I really liked that about him. I was really glad to meet all these new people. I had no idea that it took so many people to make Spirit of Newfoundland run smoothely! Before he left I showed Peter the article about me in the newspaper. He really liked it and I’m glad he did. Then me, him, Janet and one of the girls who helps set up for the shows got a few pictures together for my album. It was nice of them all to get pictures with me. A few hours later it was unfortunately time to go home. I was sad to leave because I had such a great day and learned so much! Before I left I asked for Janet’s autograph and she happily gave it to me! Whenever I look at it I will definately remember all the fun I had today and all the things I learned from her. I’m hoping to get a summer job at Spirit of Newfoundland this summer so I can put my new skills to good use! I hope I’ll get the job! If you had the chance to job shadow someone who would you choose and why? Tell me in the comments!


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