The Excitement Never Ends

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post was called “The excitement never ends”. I have to write about the last time I got excited. That was last Tuesday. The reason why is because that was the day I saw “The Beatles: Back In The N.F.L.D” with my Mom, my Aunt and her friend. It was a Spirit of Newfoundland dinner theatre. That morning when I woke up I was so giddy and excited and couldn’t wait to get there. The excitement continued to build throughout the day and when we finally arrived at the Masonic Temple I just burst with even more excitement! I absolutely love Spirit of Newfoundland! It’s located in a beautiful building, the people at Spirit of Newfoundland are all beautiful inside and out (Peter Halley Peter Halley especially), the food is amazing and the performances are awesome! If I could I would go see one of their shows every night! Spirit of Newfoundland excites me and makes me so happy!  If you’ve never been to a Spirit of Newfoundland show seriously stop what your doing and go to and book tickets to one of their shows. It will be one of the most memorable nights out you’ve ever had! When was the last time you were really excited? Tell me in the comments!


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