Summer 2013 Memories

Hey blog world! Unfortunately today is the last day of summer. School starts tomorrow! Summer just flew by. I honestly can’t believe how fast it seems to have gone! I had an amazing summer though and will have quite a lot of stories to tell all my friends in the special needs classroom (where I eat my recess and lunch every day) when I get back! Here’s a few memories of my summer!

  • Opening and closing summer with Spirit of Newfoundland: This summer I got to see 2 Spirit of Newfoundland shows! One during the first week of summer and another during the last week. Seeing their shows was a great way to kick off and end my summer. I saw “Go Duet Yourself”Go Duet Yourself and “The Beatles: Back In The N.F.L.D” Beatles Poster. They were such great shows!
  • Kissing Peter Halley’s cheek: I will never forget that! After “The Beatles: Back In The N.F.L.D” Peter let me kiss him on the cheek! That made my night!
  • Volunteering at VBS: This summer me and my friend E.J.M got to volunteer at my Church’s Vacation Bible School. We helped out with the crafts. The children all adored me! I got dozens of hugs and compliments!
  • Singing and speaking in a southern accent: At Camp Newfoundland to Broadway this year I got to be in a scene from the musical “Oaklahoma”. I had to sing and speak in a southern accent. It was fun!
  • Karaoke at Autism camp: I went to a camp for kids with Autism and we did a lot of karaoke! I think my best performance was when I did “The First Cut Is The Deepest” by Rod Stewart.
  • Making crafts: I was very artsy this summer. I made a lot of crafts! Here are a few things I made Les Mis Pin (a “Les Miserables” shrinky dink which I plan on turning into a pin and wearing when I see the show in Febuary), Autism Camp stuff 001 (Nimrod the penguin, Martha the one eared monkey (which looks more like a bear) and a caterpillar).
  • Camping: I got to go camping this summer in New Harbour in a cabin. It’s a beautiful place and I had a great time!
  • Balance Beams: At Autism camp me and a friend of mine made obstacle courses using balance beams. They weren’t easy! My feet hit the ground a few times. It was hard for me to walk the entire course without stepping off.
  • Circus camp: I got to go to circus camp this summer! I used devil sticks, learned to juggle, made a (failed) attempt at plate spinning, clowned and even tried stilt walking! I learned so much and had a great time! Especially at the end of the week show!
  • Seeing KISS for about a minute and a half: I attempted going to a KISS concert. It didn’t go well. I left after the first song because of how loud it was. At least I got to see the band for about a minute and a half or so. Also I was so happy I was able to make that stranger outside happy when I gave him my ticket!
  • Winning a gold medal: My Special Olympics team won a gold medal this summer at the summer games in St John’s! I was so proud of us all that day!
  • Being treated to supper: Last week I went out to supper with some friends. My friend C.T and I combined our bills and even though I offered to pay for my half he payed for my meal for me! That was so nice of him!
  • Singing like Elvis on the radio: CBC radio 1 had a radio contest where you had to leave a message on their answering machine and in your best Elvis impression sing a bit of one of his songs. I sang “The Wonder Of You”. They picked the best person out of all the ones that called in and it was me! That was awesome!
  • Getting Shannon Tweed’s autograph: Mom told Shannon Tweed what happened at the KISS concert via facebook and she also asked if she could send me an autograph. It came in the mail a few weeks later. I was so excited when I saw a package from Shannon Tweed in the mailbox! I was even more excited when I opened it up and saw what it was! She and her Daughter Sophie both signed pictures and mailed them to me!
  • Seeing lots of movies: This summer I got to go to the theatres a lot! I saw “Turbo” with my Mom, my Niece and her friend, “Grown Ups 2” with my friend L.B, “Planes” with L.B and E.J.M and “Smurfs 2” with E.J.M.
  • Getting a free Spirit of Newfoundland CD: Peter Halley gave me a free copy of “Even Seagulls Dream” when I went to see Spirit of Newfoundlands beatles tribute. I absolutely love that CD and listen to it all the time! “Old Brown’s Daughter”, “Even Seagulls Dream” and “Spirit of Newfoundland” are my favorite songs on it.
  • Drinking too much pop at Youth group: 2 weeks ago (I think) the funniest thing happened at Youth. We were celebrating my friend J.P’s last night with us since he was going away to school so we had cake, pizza and pop. I lost track of how many glasses of coke I had! I had so much that I had a massive laughing attack and everyone else joined in with me! I laughed so much I cried and my stomach hurt. Also I missed my mouth while trying to eat cake and for the 2nd time I tried getting into Pastor J’s car LOL!
  • Being on the radio and in the paper: I got to be in the Shoreline newspaper and on VOCM and CBC Radio 1 about the KISS concert. It felt great to share my good news story with the province.

What’s your favorite thing you did this summer? Tell me in the comments!


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