YTV’s 25th

Hey blog world! 25 years ago today YTV first aired. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I feel old LOL! I remember watching it in my parents bed in the mornings before school when I was 5. They no longer do this but when I was little they’d always start off their day by broadcasting “Oh Canada” It annoyed me a little. Also I remember a lot of their logos. Ones with really weird monsters. Like these YTV logo( from 1994 ( that’s before I was born but they still used it during 1997 which was the year I was born), YTV snot monster (from 2001) and this YTV fur (from 2003). I miss those old monsters. I want them back! They used to have some great old shows on back in the day too. Shows like “Judy and David’s Boombox”, “Uh Oh” and “Flying Rhino Jr High” They also aired a lot of Concerned Children’s Advertisers PSA’s. They still do but not as often. Back in the day they aired ones like “Smart As You” (a TV set with a face talked to you about himself and how you can change the chanel if you don’t like what you see etc and also told you to go outside every once in a while) and of course the ad that crushed my dreams “House Hippo”. They also unfortunately aired those freaky little blue monsters (you know who I’m talking about I’m sure). They scared the heck out of me as a child and still do to this day! I’m so glad that PSA’s off the air! One of the things I miss most about YTV is Sugar Sugar. She used to host The Zone with Carlos. Now she’s gone and it’s just him. I wonder what she’s up to now? Have a happy 25th anniversary and I hope there will be many more to come! What did you like most about the old YTV? Do you like the current one? Tell me in the comments!


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