Kitchen Safety Film

Hey blog world! Today I got to make yet another movie (please read “Making Movies” parts 1 and 2 if you want to know more about the other 2 that I’ve made.) This time it was a kitchen safety movie for nutrition class. It was difficult but it was a lot of fun! My puppet named Megan Megan got to be in it with me! I had a very firetrucking hard time getting past the first line in the film LOL! Megan had the first line and it was “OMG! The “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” marathon starts in 5 minutes and Mom says I can’t watch TV until I’ve put all the dishes in the sink to be washed. I better hurry.” I lost count of how many takes it took to get it right! Eventually when I did get it right I was really proud of myself. In the first scene I was demonstrating knife safety. Megan was in a hurry to watch Honey Boo Boo so she frantically put the dishes in the sink and had the knife blade facing up. I came by to wash the dishes and didn’t notice the knife blade and when I put my hand in the sink I cut it on the knife. I used ketchup to simulate the blood. Then after that scene I used this super awesome clip from “Wayne’s World” to Segway into the next scene. Next we filmed a scene about hand washing. Since Megan can’t get wet when it came to the part where she was washing her hands I got the camera guy (my friend K.S) to zoom in on my hands. I hope that people won’t notice that it’s me washing my hands and not Megan. Also just for fun I played the Jeopardy think music as I washed up LOL! The next scene was definitely my favorite because I got to make a mess! It was about slips and falls. Megan was making something up in a big bowl and she accidentally knocked it over. I had fun with that part! Then my talking Peanut doll Talking Peanut came along and slipped on the water. I bent down and asked if he was ok and to add some humor to the scene I played “Tell Laura I Love Her” in the background as the camera got a close up on Peanut LOL! Next was cross contamination. Megan was making a stir fry and was about to use the same cutting board she used to cut up raw meat to cut up veggies. I had a bit of difficulty with that one but eventually I figured everything out and resolved all my issues. Then I did a scene about first aid kits in the kitchen where Megan cut herself and I explained the importance of first aid kits in the kitchen. The final scene was about oven mitts. Megan tried taking a pot roast out of the oven bare handed and nearly burned herself because it was so hot so I gave her a pair of oven mitts and she successfully removed the pot roast without getting burned. Megan has tiny hands so it was kinda hard to get the oven mitts to stay on. At least they stayed for a while! It took me all day to do (and there’s still a lot of editing to be done tomorrow) but I had fun making this movie! Have you ever had to make a movie for school? What was it about? Tell me in the comments!


A Bend In Time

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post is called “A Bend In Time”. It asks When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation. My little Autistic Cousin once said “Did you ever notice the night before something exciting happens feels like the longest night of your life?” She’s absolutely right! I feel that too! The night before something really big and exciting feels like forever! Trips, shows, Christmas morning etc! The night before things like these feels like a firetrucking eternity! I can’t wait to get up and experience these things but it feels like I’m asleep forever! Do you feel like that blog world? When your anxiously awaiting something does time speed up or slow down? Tell me in the comments!

Brad Paisley live

Hey blog world! Last night I got to see Brad Paisley live in concert! I didn’t think I’d get to but was thrilled when Mom told me she got tickets. The day they went on sale I told her to buy me some and she tried but they sold out extremely fast. I was pretty dissappointed. I tried entering contests on VOCM (a radio station) to win tickets as well. I sang a bit of “Mud On The Tires” on the radio and even ranted about why I deserved tickets. Both times I didn’t win the tickets. I was really unhappy because I absolutely loved Brad Paisley and have been wanting him to come here for years and now he’s here and my chances at seeing him were shot! Amazingly as we were heading out the door yesterday to get me to school Mom said she bought tickets! I jumped and screamed and was beyond excited! She said that they opened up a few extra seats and she called in and bought 2 tickets! Brad always wears a cowboy hat so I decided to wear one to the show. It took Dad a while but he finally found one of his hats that fit me! I think I looked pretty good in it. Mom wore one too. Our seats were in the hockey box. That’s where the players sit during the hockey game as they wait for their turn to go on. They were pretty good seats. I could see the stage really well! When the lights dimmed and the concert started I was so excited! He opened with “Southern Comfort Zone” I know all the words so I sang along with him. What I thought was really cool was that he had a computer generated choir on the screen in the background singing with him. That was neat! Brad now aparently has his own brand of tires LOL! During “Mud On The Tires” Bradyear (a parody of Goodyear) tires kept appearing on the screen. Also during “Mud On The Tires” I noticed Mom singing along. I turned to her in surprise because I was both surprised and proud that she learned the words and said “Wow! You’ve learned it!” It was pretty cool to see Mom singing along. I didn’t think he’d do it because last night was a Friday but he sang “American Saturday Night” I really like that song so it was a pleasant surprise hearing him sing it. I thought it was hillarious when he sang “Celebrity” The reason why is he goat remixed it LOL! Every time the goat would come on and make noise I laughed hysterically! I also laughed at Big Head Brad. Big Head Brad is this huge headed Brad Paisley mascot. It looks just like Brad but with a much bigger head. He’s much naughtier than the real one too. In the video that was on the screen as Brad sang “Celebrity” Big Head Brad was smoking, drinking too much and passing out, peeing in public, flashing people and lots more naughty naughty things! It was kinda funny to watch though. Big Head Brad even came out onstage and danced a bit and shook hands with the front row people! All night long I’d been anxiously awaiting Brad to play my FAVORITE song that he sings called “Online” and when he finally did it I was thrilled! It was too bad he didn’t do the whole song. He was in the middle of the crowd on another stage with just himself and a fiddle player and some other band members of his as well. He did a few of his songs on that stage but didn’t finish them. It was kinda like a medley almost. Another song he did during this medley was “I’m Still A Guy” I really like that song too! My favorite line is “You see a priceless French painting, I see a drunk naked girl.” I can’t sing that line without laughing! I absolutely cracked up when he got to that part last night! A few times during the show I nearly cried. During “This Is Country Music” he had pictures of classic country singers up on the screen. Many of which are now deceased. I was able to name almost each and every single one. As I saw their pictures and said their names I almost cried a little. I really almost lost it when at the end George Jones’s picture came up with the words “We miss you George. You were Country music” (I think that’s what they were. I may have paraphrased a bit.) Also I did let out a few tears during “When I Get Where I’m Going” That was a tribute to Buck Owens, Andy Griffith and George Jones. I have those 3 men on an extremely high pedestal. I honour, respect and love them unconditionally! Seeing their pictures and hearing that beautiful song being sung made me so emotional and I cried a bit because I miss them all so much! Andy was also featured in “Waitin’ On A Woman” That was a duet Brad did with Andy and so during a few of Andy’s parts the music video played and Andy said them! I loved hearing Andy at the show! Another person I loved hearing at the show was Carrie Underwood. In the car on the way there I told my Mom “I doubt it’ll happen but I think it would be so cool if Carrie Underwood came out and sang “Remind Me” with Brad.” Knowing that Carrie is a busy woman I didn’t get my hopes up and wasn’t expecting her to be there but she was! when she came out onstage the first 2 words out of my mouth were “Holy c**p!” I screamed and was so excited to get what I asked for and see her there singing “Remind Me” with Brad! Another big and exciting moment for me that night was touching Brad Paisley’s hand!!! As Brad was walking back onstage from the little one set up in the middle of the arena he was shaking hands with people. I had my hand out. For some reason (I don’t remember why) I went for his shoulder but he touched my hand instead! That was awesome! Charlie Daniels made an appearance tonight as well. Well he wasn’t really there. He was on the video screen though. He has a speaking part in one of Brad’s newest songs called “Karate” and as fire blazed in the background when it was Charlie’s turn he appeared on the video screen and did his speaking part! It was really cool to see him! The last song that he sang was “Water” Mom had brought a bottle of water for me that night in case I got thirsty and I went pretty crazy with it during the song. I waved it around, held it up in the air etc. It was fun! He then walked off the stage. Everyone was cheering and yelling and hoping he’d come back. I was too. I was chanting “BRAD, BRAD, BRAD, BRAD, “ALCOHOL”, “ALCOHOL!””. After a few minutes of chanting he came back out! He did “Welcome To The Future” I got up and danced to that one. It’s such an awesome song! Then he did “Alcohol”! I was so happy! I had a great time singing along with that. Especialy my favorite part “I’ll bet you a drink or 2 that I can make you put that lampshade on your head.” I was fist bumping as I sang along with that part. He then walked offstage and the concert ended. I was disappointed he didn’t do “The World” and “He Didn’t Have To Be” but at least I got to hear all my other favorites! Some of the people that worked for Brad were throwing out guitar picks and I caught one! I was thrilled when I managed to catch it! I’m definitely going to put that somewhere special. Mom and I stopped by the merchandise table on our way out and I bought a t shirt and a keychain to add to my collection. Then we went home. As long as I live, whatever I do, as great as it is you know what’s a bummer? I ain’t ever gonna beat that night with Brad (In case you didn’t get it I just made a “Beat This Summer” reference.) I had such an amazing night and hope Brad will someday return to Newfoundland so I can see him in concert again! Were you there last night? Are you going tonight? Did you enjoy the show? Tell me in the comments!

Job Shadowing at Spirit of Newfoundland

Hey blog world! Today was awesome! For career class at school we have to job shadow with someone. I got to take today off of school and job shadow at the Masonic Temple Masonic Temple.  It’s where Spirit of Newfoundland spirit is located! About a week or so ago I went on their website ( and sent them an e mail asking if I could job shadow there and I got a response back from Janet Cull (one of the employees there who does reservations and also is an actress) saying yes I could! I was on cloud 9! I was so giddy and excited and happy! I was even more excited when I woke up this morning. I couldn’t wait to get there! When me and Mom got there the doors weren’t open. We waited a few minutes and eventually the accountant who works there unlocked the doors for us and let us in. Janet (who I was job shadowing today) wasn’t there yet so Mom and I took a seat in the bar (that’s where Janet works) and we waited. I had never met Janet before so when she arrived I was very glad to meet her. I thought she was nice. Once Mom left we got to work. I sat and watched as she read and sent e mails, updated the calendar, created a PSA (not the usual kind of PSA that warns against something i.e Instead the PSA she was making was to let the public know about Spirit of Newfoundland’s upcoming shows) and a campaigner (an online advertisment for the shows) and took reservations over the phone. A few times she had memos for me to bring to people downstairs. That was my daily bit of exercise LOL! Also I got to use the computer to help Janet find a document that needed to be e mailed. It was difficult but I found it! After about an hour or so of work we were both kinda hungry so we took a yogurt break. After our snack we got back to working. Janet let me take a few phone calls! I was a bit nervous since it was my first time but I think I did a good job. I answered peoples questions and gave them information and such. The phone rang off the hook today! I can’t remember exactly how many calls I took but I know it was a few. I think maybe 3 or something like that. I also got to interview Janet. Part of the job shadow project was to interview the person we were shadowing. We sat down at a table in the screech room and did the interview. It was very interesting. I learned a lot about her and her job. Now I have to translate all her answers into French. That’s gonna take a while! Janet let me have a few little breaks during our workday during which I took some pictures to put in an album and include with my report. Here are some of the ones I took Katie and Dominique picture 002 (this is the Screech room where you can come before the dinner theatre shows and have some drinks and learn about the history of Newfoundland Screech), Katie and Dominique picture 006 (this is a picture of characters from Spirit of Newfoundland’s various shows throughout the years), Katie and Dominique picture 004 (the kitchen), Katie and Dominique picture 001 (the bar (where I spent my day)). When lunchtime rolled around Janet let me take another break and eat my lunch. A little while after that Peter Halley Peter Halley( the artistic director of Spirit of Newfoundland) showed up!!! I was so happy! I was really excited too! Janet had to calm me down before I went and said hello. He didn’t know that I was coming so he was very surprised to see me. He asked me why I was there and I told him about the job shadowing project and he thought it was a marvellous idea. I kinda wish I waited to eat lunch because he had his there. I would have loved to eat with him! Oh well! At least I got to hug him! I got to see Kathie Hicks Kathie again today too. She’s the CEO of Spirit of Newfoundland. We got to know eachother through Spirit’s facebook page and we met face to face for the first time at the Beatles show. She’s nice. I was glad to see her again. I got to meet a few new people today as well. I met Paul the general manager, I can’t remember her name but I met one of the ladies who worked in the bar and I also met the Chef. Darrell Tulk. His food is amazing! He’s also really nice. He shares my love of the Rolling Stones! I really liked that about him. I was really glad to meet all these new people. I had no idea that it took so many people to make Spirit of Newfoundland run smoothely! Before he left I showed Peter the article about me in the newspaper. He really liked it and I’m glad he did. Then me, him, Janet and one of the girls who helps set up for the shows got a few pictures together for my album. It was nice of them all to get pictures with me. A few hours later it was unfortunately time to go home. I was sad to leave because I had such a great day and learned so much! Before I left I asked for Janet’s autograph and she happily gave it to me! Whenever I look at it I will definately remember all the fun I had today and all the things I learned from her. I’m hoping to get a summer job at Spirit of Newfoundland this summer so I can put my new skills to good use! I hope I’ll get the job! If you had the chance to job shadow someone who would you choose and why? Tell me in the comments!


Hey blog world. Today marks the 12th anniversary of the September 11th attack on the World Trade Centre. I was 3 years old when this happened. Since I was so young I probably didn’t fully understand what happened but now that I’m older and I do understand it really saddens me. I was actually in New York and visited the World Trade Centre. It was mind blowing for me to be there and see all the damage that had been done. I didn’t have many words when I saw it. Alan Jackson wrote a tribute to September 11th titled “Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)” and it’s a beautiful song that I listen to every year on this day. I am even trying to learn it on piano. I heard Alan sing this song live when I saw him a few years ago and it sounded even more beautiful. I’d also like to share with you this video from the Skit Guys All I can think of to say to end this blog post is lest we forget all the people that passed on on that horrible day and also all the heroes who saved the lives of millions of people. God Bless blog world!


The Excitement Never Ends

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post was called “The excitement never ends”. I have to write about the last time I got excited. That was last Tuesday. The reason why is because that was the day I saw “The Beatles: Back In The N.F.L.D” with my Mom, my Aunt and her friend. It was a Spirit of Newfoundland dinner theatre. That morning when I woke up I was so giddy and excited and couldn’t wait to get there. The excitement continued to build throughout the day and when we finally arrived at the Masonic Temple I just burst with even more excitement! I absolutely love Spirit of Newfoundland! It’s located in a beautiful building, the people at Spirit of Newfoundland are all beautiful inside and out (Peter Halley Peter Halley especially), the food is amazing and the performances are awesome! If I could I would go see one of their shows every night! Spirit of Newfoundland excites me and makes me so happy!  If you’ve never been to a Spirit of Newfoundland show seriously stop what your doing and go to and book tickets to one of their shows. It will be one of the most memorable nights out you’ve ever had! When was the last time you were really excited? Tell me in the comments!

Summer 2013 Memories

Hey blog world! Unfortunately today is the last day of summer. School starts tomorrow! Summer just flew by. I honestly can’t believe how fast it seems to have gone! I had an amazing summer though and will have quite a lot of stories to tell all my friends in the special needs classroom (where I eat my recess and lunch every day) when I get back! Here’s a few memories of my summer!

  • Opening and closing summer with Spirit of Newfoundland: This summer I got to see 2 Spirit of Newfoundland shows! One during the first week of summer and another during the last week. Seeing their shows was a great way to kick off and end my summer. I saw “Go Duet Yourself”Go Duet Yourself and “The Beatles: Back In The N.F.L.D” Beatles Poster. They were such great shows!
  • Kissing Peter Halley’s cheek: I will never forget that! After “The Beatles: Back In The N.F.L.D” Peter let me kiss him on the cheek! That made my night!
  • Volunteering at VBS: This summer me and my friend E.J.M got to volunteer at my Church’s Vacation Bible School. We helped out with the crafts. The children all adored me! I got dozens of hugs and compliments!
  • Singing and speaking in a southern accent: At Camp Newfoundland to Broadway this year I got to be in a scene from the musical “Oaklahoma”. I had to sing and speak in a southern accent. It was fun!
  • Karaoke at Autism camp: I went to a camp for kids with Autism and we did a lot of karaoke! I think my best performance was when I did “The First Cut Is The Deepest” by Rod Stewart.
  • Making crafts: I was very artsy this summer. I made a lot of crafts! Here are a few things I made Les Mis Pin (a “Les Miserables” shrinky dink which I plan on turning into a pin and wearing when I see the show in Febuary), Autism Camp stuff 001 (Nimrod the penguin, Martha the one eared monkey (which looks more like a bear) and a caterpillar).
  • Camping: I got to go camping this summer in New Harbour in a cabin. It’s a beautiful place and I had a great time!
  • Balance Beams: At Autism camp me and a friend of mine made obstacle courses using balance beams. They weren’t easy! My feet hit the ground a few times. It was hard for me to walk the entire course without stepping off.
  • Circus camp: I got to go to circus camp this summer! I used devil sticks, learned to juggle, made a (failed) attempt at plate spinning, clowned and even tried stilt walking! I learned so much and had a great time! Especially at the end of the week show!
  • Seeing KISS for about a minute and a half: I attempted going to a KISS concert. It didn’t go well. I left after the first song because of how loud it was. At least I got to see the band for about a minute and a half or so. Also I was so happy I was able to make that stranger outside happy when I gave him my ticket!
  • Winning a gold medal: My Special Olympics team won a gold medal this summer at the summer games in St John’s! I was so proud of us all that day!
  • Being treated to supper: Last week I went out to supper with some friends. My friend C.T and I combined our bills and even though I offered to pay for my half he payed for my meal for me! That was so nice of him!
  • Singing like Elvis on the radio: CBC radio 1 had a radio contest where you had to leave a message on their answering machine and in your best Elvis impression sing a bit of one of his songs. I sang “The Wonder Of You”. They picked the best person out of all the ones that called in and it was me! That was awesome!
  • Getting Shannon Tweed’s autograph: Mom told Shannon Tweed what happened at the KISS concert via facebook and she also asked if she could send me an autograph. It came in the mail a few weeks later. I was so excited when I saw a package from Shannon Tweed in the mailbox! I was even more excited when I opened it up and saw what it was! She and her Daughter Sophie both signed pictures and mailed them to me!
  • Seeing lots of movies: This summer I got to go to the theatres a lot! I saw “Turbo” with my Mom, my Niece and her friend, “Grown Ups 2” with my friend L.B, “Planes” with L.B and E.J.M and “Smurfs 2” with E.J.M.
  • Getting a free Spirit of Newfoundland CD: Peter Halley gave me a free copy of “Even Seagulls Dream” when I went to see Spirit of Newfoundlands beatles tribute. I absolutely love that CD and listen to it all the time! “Old Brown’s Daughter”, “Even Seagulls Dream” and “Spirit of Newfoundland” are my favorite songs on it.
  • Drinking too much pop at Youth group: 2 weeks ago (I think) the funniest thing happened at Youth. We were celebrating my friend J.P’s last night with us since he was going away to school so we had cake, pizza and pop. I lost track of how many glasses of coke I had! I had so much that I had a massive laughing attack and everyone else joined in with me! I laughed so much I cried and my stomach hurt. Also I missed my mouth while trying to eat cake and for the 2nd time I tried getting into Pastor J’s car LOL!
  • Being on the radio and in the paper: I got to be in the Shoreline newspaper and on VOCM and CBC Radio 1 about the KISS concert. It felt great to share my good news story with the province.

What’s your favorite thing you did this summer? Tell me in the comments!