Back In The N.F.L.D

Hey blog world! Last night was one of the most memorable nights of my life! One that I will definately never forget. I went out to the Masonic Temple to see “The Beatles: Back In The N.F.L.D” Beatles Poster. It’s a Spirit of Newfoundland show. I went with my Mom, my Aunt and her friend. I’d been counting down the days and was so giddy and excited when I woke up yesterday morning. I couldn’t wait to get to the temple and see the show! Spirit of Newfoundland means the world to me. It holds a very special place in my heart. The minute I walk through their doors I get this big feeling of happiness and excitement. When we arrived last night the first thing we did was go to the bar. I ordered a drink (cranberry juice since I’m not legal drinking age yet) and picked up their “Even Seagulls Dream” CD. A while later on when the doors were open we sat down at our table. I had the friends and family discount this time so I thought we’d get some really good seats. I was right! Our table was right in the middle of the room! I could see the stage really well from where I was sitting. After about a few minutes of sitting down and chatting I noticed Shelley Neville Shelley and Peter Halley Peter Halley walk towards the bar. I had little gifts for them (keychains I’d made out of shrinky dinks Beatles Back in the N.F.L.D 001) and also wanted them to sign my CD so Mom and I went back to the bar to see them. When we got there only Shelley was there. I gave her her keychain and she absolutely loved it! She asked me how I made it and I told her that it was made out of Shrinky Dinks and I explained what they were and how they worked. She was very happy to receive her keychain and I was happy that I made her happy. I then asked her if she could find Peter so I could give him his as well. She went back to find him then came back and said he’d be there shortly. I waited and as soon as I saw him walking towards the bar I got more and more excited! When he finally got into the bar he gave me a big hug! I then gave him his keychain and he also loved it! I then asked him to sign my CD. He said “Oh you have one of our CD’s. Who gave it to you? Shelley? Sheila?” I said that I bought it but got a discounted price of only $5. He said “I would have given it to you. Have you paid for it yet?” I said no we didn’t. It was on our tab. He then went to the cashier and took it off our tab! Then when I asked him to sign it he said he’d take the little CD jacket backstage for them all to sign. It was so nice of him to give me the CD for free. So nice in fact that when I got back to my table I cried a few happy tears. Later when the appetizer came it was a salad. It was the same one as last time I was there so I sent mine back and got one without dressing. When they brought out my new salad they gave me extra feta cheese. I thought that was very nice. The cheese tasted really good. Very sharp and crumbly. I really enjoyed it. The rest of the salad was nice as well. After a while it was time for the meal. Once again I ordered the stuffed chicken. It was delicious! It came with brocoli and carrotts and potatoes. The brocoli was very nice. As were the carrotts. They were a little spicy though. The potatoes were quite nice as well. They were very big though. I had to cut them into smaller pieces with my knife. A little while after the meal the lights dimmed and the show began. The first song they sang was “Hello Goodbye” I of course waved hello as they sang and Darrin Martin Darrinnoticed and waved back and smiled! They also sang “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” I was hoping to hear that one! I’m glad they did it. After a few songs they did a really funny sketch. Shelley and Peter were trying to tell us some history about the Beatles but 2 ladies in the back (played by Sheila Williams and Darrin) kept interupting. Peter and Shelley were saying that the Beatles never were in Newfoundland but the 2 ladies butted in and said yes they were and they were both there to see it. They got up and told the story. The Beatles were on their way to perform on the Ed Sullivan show and their plane made a stopover in Gander. Paul and I think maybe John (played by Peter and Shelley) stopped into the bar for a while and there they met the 2 girls. I can’t remember how but somehow they came up with the phrase Beatlemania during their encounter. I loved the wig Peter was wearing during the skit and I also loved Darrins wig and his dress. I thought he looked really good in it! After the skit one by one they came out and sang their favorite Beatles songs. Peter sang “Blackbird” I thought he did so beautifully! Darrin sang “Something” I thought he did so beautifully as well. I forgot what the ladies sang. Later on when they sang “Let It Be” I was absolutely mesmerized! It sounded wondeful! I also loved it when they sang “Hey Jude” Darrin Martin really impressed me with this song because towards the end he hit this amazing note To end off the first half of the show they sang a parody of “With A Little Help From My Friends”. Their version was “With A Little Help From Depends” Depends LOL! I thought it was hillarious! I’m probably going to be singing their version from now on! When the first half ended it was time for desert. The desert was a rum cake. I had never had a rum cake before. I tried it and it was ok. It was a bit dry though. The whipped cream and caramel did help a little bit. When the 2nd half started they did another skit with the ladies from Gander. They photoshopped them into a bunch of pictures of the Beatles! I thought that was really funny! A little while later Ruby Brace (a recurring character in Spirit shows played by Sheila Williams) came out and did “Name that tune”. She picked a man from the audience to come up and then when she said she was going to pick a woman my hand shot right up into the air. Unfortunately it wasn’t noticed. Ruby picked someone else. Oh well. Peter, Shelley and Darrin sang a bit of a Beatles tune and they had to name what it was. The girl won the contest and got a copy of “Even Seagulls Dream”. The man also got a copy of it even though he didn’t win. Later they did what they called “The Beatles Through The Ages” where they did Beatles songs in various musical styles. They began by doing a gregorian chant of “Let It Be”. I felt like I was in Church LOL! They did a Country version of “I Saw Her Standing There” which I thought was really cool! Here’s a picture of them singing it Beatles Back in the N.F.L.D 005. They did a Beethoven version of “Hard Days Night” I thought it sounded pretty. Darrin sang a Newfie version of “When I’m 64” Beatles Back in the N.F.L.D 007. He sang it to the tune of the Newfoundland song “Now I’m 64” I loved it. I thought the song fit the tune really well. They rapped “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” Beatles Back in the N.F.L.D 011. That was my favorite part! I thought it sounded so cool and I think that’s the way the Beatles should have recorded the song. They did Disco as well but I forget what song they sang Beatles Back in the N.F.L.D 009. When the show was over as always they sang “Spirit of Newfoundland”. It’s a song Peter wrote that they sing at the end of every show. I sang along with every word because I’d been to see Spirit so many times I memorized the song. It’s such a pretty song and love to hear them sing it. After singing it they talked a little bit. They mentioned me and showed my keychains off to the audience! Also I didn’t get the chance to give Sheila or Darrin their keychains earlier so Peter let me come up to the stage and give them to them then. I got a hug from both of them! Peter also gave me back my CD jacket but as I realized earlier today he forgot to give me back my pen LOL! Oh well! When the show ended Mom went back into the bar to pay the bill. I went on a search for Peter so I could get a picture with him and the rest of the cast of the show. I found him then he went to look for the others. He found Darrin but Shelley was gone and Sheila was as well. At least I got to get a picture with the 2 boys. I handed the camera to a woman and asked her to take our picture. She had difficulty figuring out the camera but after a while she took a few pictures. Then she handed it off to a man so he could try. I think the pictures they took turned out quite well. Here’s one of them Beatles Back in the N.F.L.D 013. Then I asked Peter a question that was on my mind for quite a long time. Who is he going to be in “Les Miserables”? I thought he would have made a great Javert Javert but he said he was going to be playing Thenardier Thénardier. Thenardier is my favorite character in “Les Miserables” so I was pleased to hear that’s who Peter would be playing. I think he’ll do a great job. I can’t wait to hear him sing “Master Of The House” Then I asked him for one final thing. I asked if I could give him a kiss. He said yes! He let me kiss him on the cheek! I was on cloud 9! He then left to go talk to someone else. Before I left to catch up with Mom I talked to Darrin a bit. He asked a few questions about the keychain and I explained how I made it and what it was made out of. I also told him about my radio interviews and what I did at the KISS concert. He seemed pretty amazed by what I’d done! After talking to him I met up with Mom in the lobby. Peter was also there talking with some people. When he finished his conversation I told him about what happened at KISS. He too seemed pretty amazed and thanked me for telling that story. I then gave him a final hug goodbye and I left. It was really late when I got home and I was tired but I had such an incredible night and when I got to bed I dreamed very sweet dreams about it. Earlier today I put my “Even Seagulls Dream” CD on and I give it an absolute 10 out of 10. Every song is beautiful! My favorite out of all of them is very hard to choose. It’s a tie between “Even Seagulls Dream” and “Spirit of Newfoundland”. If you want more information about Spirit of Newfoundland visit and also their CD’s “Even Seagulls Dream” and “I’ll Be There For Christmas” are available at the Masonic Temple and online at Have you ever seen a Spirit of Newfoundland show? Did you enjoy it? Tell me in the comments!

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