Movie Day

Hey blog world! Today me and my friends E.J.M and L.B went to the movies together. We were going to see “Despicable Me 2”. I stood in the snack line while my Dad got my ticket and a little while later the girls came. When it was our turn we went to the counter I ordered my snack. Then L.B went up to buy her ticket and get her food. The clerk told her that “Despicable Me 2” was sold out! That sucked! I gave my food back and got a refund then we decided on what movie to see together. The clerk gave us all our options and we narrowed it down to “Mortal Instruments”, “Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters” and “Planes”. I didn’t want to see “Mortal Instruments” or “Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters” so we decided upon “Planes”. It wasn’t going to start for a long time so we went to the arcade to pass some time. We played “Deal Or No Deal”. I can’t remember how much me or L.B won but E.J.M had 6 tickets. If it weren’t for me she would have had 56. The only 2 amounts of money left were 6 tickets and 100 tickets. The banker offered her 56. I said “Don’t take the deal because the hundred is still in play. You might have it.” She took my advice and unfortunately her case had the 6. I felt bad for talking her out of the 56. At least she forgave me! When it was time to see the movie we went into the theatre and tried to find 3 seats together. The only spot with 3 seats together was right up front in the 3rd row. We sat down there. I enjoyed the previews. A lot of the movies advertised (especially “The Lego Movie”) looked really good! When the movie began I was not impressed. I thought it was a very bad movie. It was about crop duster Dusty Crophopper who dreamed of racing. He enters the Wings Around the World race against planes from all over. I won’t say weather or not he won. I thought it was just plain bad. It was supposed to be a comedy but I didn’t laugh very much. There were a few funny moments but not many. It was almost as bad as (if not worse than) “Cars” which “Planes” is a spinoff of. I was glad to leave when the movie was over. When we got out we went back to the arcade for a while. We had a lot of fun! We played the Big Bass Bonus together and won 100 tickets. We pooled all our tickets together when we were done playing and had 274. E.J.M didn’t want anything but me and L.B both got a cool popper thing! Even though the movie sucked I still had a great day with my besties! What movie was the biggest dissappointment for you? Tell me in the comments!


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