CBC Radio Interview

Hey Blog world! I got to be on the radio yesterday! CBC Radio 1 interviewed me and my Dad live about the KISS concert and how I gave away my ticket to that man sitting outside. The interview was at the steps of the Mile 1 centre because that’s where my good deed happened. When I got there there were a whole load of people (mostly girls) camping out to get tickets to see Brad Paisley. I had to step over people in sleeping bags! When my interviewer (Cecil Haire Cecil) arrived the interview began. I talked about the concert and how loud it was and why I did what I did and Dad got asked a few questions as well. I think I did an excellent job in my interview and am very proud of myself! I’m proud of Dad too. I think he also did a good job. I wasn’t expecting to get anything but Cecil surprised me with a goodie bag with some really cool stuff in it! I got a KISS mug and keychain and a CBC iPod case CBC Swag 001. Dad got something too. He got a “Hockey Night In Canada” ball cap. I love the gifts I received. I collect keychains so I’m glad to have another one for my collection. I got to drink out of my mug this morning and really enjoyed it. Here’s a link to my interview for those who would like to listen http://www.cbc.ca/player/Radio/Local+Shows/Newfoundland/St+John’s+Morning+Show/ID/2401390025/.


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