Summer Jobs I’d Like To Have

Hey blog world! I know summer is (unfortunately) almost over but I’ve been thinking these past few weeks about what I’d like to do next year when I’m old enough to get a summer job. There are a few jobs I would LOVE to have over the summer next year!

Spirit of Newfoundland employee: I’ve been to 3 Spirit of Newfoundland shows and yesterday I bought my tickets for show #4! I absolutely love Spirit of Newfoundland and the Masonic Temple. I think it would be super awesome if I could work there over the summer. I could answer phones and take peoples reservations, wait tables or maybe even help Chef Darrel in the kitchen! No matter what I do I would be in heaven working there because it would mean I’d get to see Peter Halley Peter Halley every day (insert choir of angels here!)

Chef at DQ: DQ DQ is one of my favorite restaurants! For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted a job there. I would love to learn how they make that little swirl on the top of their cones and how they manage to turn blizards upside down and yet nothing falls out.

Ice cream scooper at Bergs: Bergs Bergs is probably at it’s busiest during the summer but that’s ok. I still think it’d be a fun place to work. A bunch of kids from my school work there so I’d know some of the people I’m working with which would be nice and also I love ice cream so it’d be fun to work with it.

Summer Camp councellor: I actually got to be one this year when I helped out with the crafts at VBS. The Children adored me and I got more hugs than I could count. I had such a great time and hope to get to do that again next year.

Dog Walker: I’m a dog person. I think dogs are so cute! I would love to make some money next summer by walking them!

What would you like to do for a summer job? Tell me in the comments!


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