Top 50 Favorite Movies

Hey blog world! I got the idea for this post from It’s a webiste where people can share their bucket lists and also get ideas for things to add. I was looking through the idea battle where you are given 2 choices and pick one you want to add to your bucket list and one of my options was “Make a list of your top 50 favorite movies”. I thought it would be a good idea for a blog post! Here goes!

#50 “Mr Poppers Penguins” Mr Poppers Penguins This is a movie about a man named Mr Popper whose Father sends him penguins via mail. At first he doesn’t like them but eventually they grow on him and help bring him a little closer to his family. I thought this movie was so cute! The penguins were adorable! My favorite is Nimrod!

#49 “Parental Guidance” PG I saw this movie for the first time a few months ago on a plane ride home from Thailand. It was funny! It’s about 2 grandparents who spend the week babysitting their grandkids. My favorite part was when the youngest kid (I forget his name) peed on the half pipe and made Tony Hawk slip LOL!

#48 “The Pacifier” The Pacifier This movie is about a navy SEAL named Shane who has to protect a group of kids from a government scientist whose top secret experiment is somewhere in the kids house. My favorite part of this movie was definately when  Shane wrestled against the principal of the kids school (Brad Garret)

#47 “Anastasia” Anastasia A few years ago I went to a musical theatre summer camp and this is the show we got to do! I’d never heard of it before. We got to see the movie and I loved it! It was really cool! It’s about a Russian princess named Anastasia who gets amnesia and forgets who she is. She was separated from her Grandmother when this happened so her Grandma offers a huge reward to find her. Anastasia travels with 2 con men to Paris so they can pass her off as the princess (they don’t know it’s really her) and get all the money. The songs were all so great! My favorites are “A Rumor In St Petersburg” and “In The Dark Of The Night”

#46 “High School Musical” High School Musical This was a made for TV Disney Channel Original Movie. It’s about Troy Bolton and Gabriela Montez. They’re 2 completely different people but when the meet at a karaoke contest on New Years Eve they discover their mutual love of music and fall in love. They both want to try out for the school musical but they’re afraid of what their friends might think of them. It’s a great movie with a happy ending! I love happy endings! My favorite songs in this movie are “Stick To The Status Quo” and “What I’ve Been Looking For” (I can play that on the clarinet!)

#45 “Strange Brew” Strange Brew This is a movie about the McKenzie Brothers. Their names are Bob (the one in the green toque) and Doug (the one in the blue toque). They’re beer loving Brothers who have their own show called “Great White North” on SCTV. One day when they run out of Elsinore beer they go to the brewery in pursuit of more. Instead of more beer they find an evil dude who plans on putting mind control drugs in the beer! It’s up to them to put a stop to it. My favorite part in this movie is when Bob gets trapped in a massive tank full of beer, drinks it all and then pees out the brewery fire LOL!

#44 “Muppets Wizard Of OZ” Muppet OZ: This is the Muppets version of the classic movie “Wizard Of OZ”. Fozzie is the cowardly lion, Gonzo is the tin man, Kermit is the scarecrow, Miss Piggy is both the good witch of the North and the Wicked Witch of the West Ashanti is Dorothy and Pepe is Toto. I thought their version was pretty good. They didn’t use the songs from the original movie though. They wrote their own songs. I liked them.

#43 “Planet 51” Planet 51 This is about a spaceman who lands on Planet 51 and discovers aliens who speak our language and live pretty much just like us. They think Chuck is an alien and that he’s going to overule their planet. I remember seeing this in theaters for my Birthday. It’s such a cool movie with a great mix of sci-fi and humor!

#42 “Shrek” Shrek This is a movie about an ogre named Shrek who when fairy tale creatures take over his swamp must go on a quest to rescue Princess Fiona and bring her to Lord Farquhad so he can get his swamp back. My favorite character in this movie is Donkey! He’s so awesome! My favorite part of this movie was definately the “Hallelujah” scene

#41 “Walk The Line” Walk the Line movie poster This is the story of the life of Johnny Cash. I saw this movie in music class in grade 8 and loved it! I learned a lot from this movie. I really liked the music in it as well. Joaquin Phoenix (the man who plays Johnny) has an amazing voice and sounds a lot like him! My favorite song in this movie is “Jackson”

#40 “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” Unfortunate Events This movie is based on the series of books by Lemony Snicket. At the time I didn’t know there were books so I saw the movie first. Then I read some of the books. The books were better. This movie is about the 3 Beaudelaire Orphans. Sunny the youngest who loves to bite things, Violet the oldest who loves to invent and Klaus the 2nd youngest who loves reading. They go to the beach one day and when they come back they find that their house has burned down and their parents are dead. It all goes downhill from there. There’s not much happiness in this movie but it was still awesome.

#39 “The Green Hornet” The Green Hornet: This is a movie about a superhero named the Green Hornet who saves the world and breaks the law in order to protect people. I’m not a big fan of superhero movies but I really enjoyed this one.

#38 “Juno” Juno This is a movie about a teenager named Juno who has unprotected sex with her Boyfriend Pauly and becomes pregnant. She was going to get an abortion but when she found out babies had fingernails she decided against it and turned to adoption instead. One of my favorite actors Jason Bateman Jason Bateman is in this movie! I’ve never seen a film with him in it I didn’t like. This one was no exception. It was funny and very entertaining.

#37 “Duct Tape Forever” DTF An evil land baron’s limo falls into a sink hole near Possum Lodge so he sues Red Green. The Judge says to either pay the $10,000 fine or loose the lodge. In order to make the money Red and all his quirky misfit friends head off to Minneapolis for a duct tape sculpture contest where the 3rd prize is $10,000.

#36 “The Odd Life Of Timothy Green” Timothy Green This is a movie about a couple who can’t have a child so they write down what they want their child to be like and plant the box in their garden. The next day a little boy named Timothy that came from the garden appears in their home. He’s everything they’d asked for! I thought this was such a magical and sweet movie! It got a little sad when (spoiler alert) Timothy died though.

#35 “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs” Meatballs movie: This movie is about amateur scientist Flint Lockwood. His inventions are horrible and don’t really work. One day he invents a machine that makes food fall from the sky! I saw this movie in theatres in 3D and that made it so much more awesome!

#34 “Phantom Of The Opera” Phantom Of The Opera This movie is about the facially disfigured phantom who lives in the basement of the Opera Populaire in Paris. He falls in love with Christine Dae the newest cast member of the Opera. It had a few scary parts but other than those this was an incredible movie! It was a musical! The songs were all great! My favorite songs from this musical are “All I Ask Of You” and “Phantom Of The Opera”

#33: “Bedtime Stories” Bedtime Stories This is the story of a guy named Skeeter. His Sister asks him to babysit her kids for a week. He tells them bedtime stories and the kids add in little their own little twists. The next day whatever the kids said the night before really happens! My favorite part in this movie is when it rains bubblegum!

#32 “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie” Spongebob Movie I love Spongebob! I was so excited when I found out he was getting a movie on the big screen! In this movie a 2nd Krusty Krab has been opened and Squidward is picked as manager instead of Spongebob because Mr Krabs thinks Squidward is a man and Spongebob is still just a kid. Later King Neptune storms into the restaurant and freezes Mr Krabs because he stole his crown (spoiler alert! He didn’t. I won’t spoil too much by saying who did though.) To prove his manliness Spongebob sets off to Shell City along with Patrick to get back King Neptunes crown. My favorite part of this movie was definately “Goofy Goober Rock”!

#31 “Paul Blart Mall Cop” PBMC This is about an overweight hypoglycemic (which means he’ll pass out if his blood sugar gets too low) mall cop named Paul who has to save the mall from evil robbers who have broken in, kidnapped people and are stealing stuff. Kevin James does such a great job in this movie! He’s so funny!

#30 “Hotel For Dogs” Hotel For Dogs In this movie 2 foster kids (whose names I forget LOL) turn an abandoned hotel into a hotel just for dogs! I think that’s such a cool idea and somewhere in the real world we should make one! Maybe here in Newfoundland!

#29 “Horton Hears A Who” Horton movie poster Based on the beloved Dr Seuss book “Horton Hears A Who” is about an elephant named Horton who hears a noise coming from a speck of dust on a flower. What he’s heard is the town of WhoVille. It’s up to him to protect that speck and keep WhoVille safe. There are 2 quotes from this movie that I absolutely love and will never forget. They are “I meant what I said and I said what I meant an elephants faithful 100%” and “A persons a person no matter how small.”

#28: “Gnomeo and Juliet” Gnomeo This is a lawn gnome version of Romeo and Juliet. What I love about this movie is that it’s full of Elton John music! Also Dolly Parton is in this film so that’s pretty awesome too.

#27 “Honey We Shrunk Ourselves” Honey We Shrunk This movie is part of a trilogy. The other 2 movies are “Honey I Blew Up The Kid” and of course “Honey I Shrunk The Kids”. This is my favorite movie out of the 3. In this movie Wayne shrinks himself, his wife, his brother and his brothers wife. My favorite part is definately when they go for a ride in a hot wheels car!

#26: “School Of Rock” S of R This movie stars Jack Black! He’s an awesome actor. It’s about a man named Dewey Finn who gets kicked out of his band and to make some extra money pretends to be his friend and substitue teaches a bunch of kids. When he finds out they have such great musical talents he turns them into a rock band. I got this movie on DVD when I was I think maybe 10 or 11 or something like that and I watched it pretty much every day!

#25 “Meet The Fockers” Meet The Fockers This is another movie I had when I was younger and watched all the time. I probably should have watched “Meet The Parents” first though. Oh well! My favorite part in this movie is when the little baby punches Greg (Ben Stillers character) in the nose and makes it bleed LOL!

#24: “Alvin and the Chipmunks” Chipmunks Based on the animated cartoon (which by the way you can watch on Teletoon Retro) this movie is about 3 chipmunks named Theodore, Alvin and Simon. They fall out of their tree and I can’t remember how but they somehow end up on the doorstep of Dave a failing songwriter. When he discovers they can talk and sing he helps them to become superstars! I think this movie is so cute and can’t help but sing along with the chipmunks whenever I watch it.

#23 “The Adventures Of Sharkboy and Lavagirl” Sharkboy and Lavagirl This was such an epic movie! It’s about 2 super heroes named Sharkboy and Lavagirl who exist in the dreams of a boy named Max. One day they need his help to save planet Drool (the world Max created in his dreams) from Mr Electric. I saw this movie in 2D and also at my friends birthday party I saw it in 3D. I thought it was much better in 3D. 3D makes movies so much more amazing!

#22: “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” Rudolph: This is one of my favorite Christmas movies! Rudolph holds a special place in my heart. I’m tearing up now just writing about him. I watch this movie every year. I make sure never to miss it when it comes on TV. The best part of this movie is definately when the snowman (played by Burl Ives) sings “Silver and Gold”

#21: “Looney Tunes Back In Action” Looney Tunes This movie is a mix of live action and animation. That means that there are both real people and animated characters in this film. Daffy Duck gets fired by Warner Bros and so Buggs refuses to work without him. Meanwhile DJ a stuntman also gets fired after driving the batmobile into the car of the VP of Comedy at Warner Bros. Daffy follows him home and after receiving a secret message from DJ’s secret agent father via DJ’s TV set they set off on an adventure to get the blue monkey before it falls into ACME’s hands. My favorite part in this movie is when Buggs and Daffy chase Elmer Fudd through famous paintings in an art gallery in France.

#20: “To Grandmothers House We Go” Grandmothers House: This is my favorite movie that the Olsen twins have made. In it to give their mother a break they set off to their Grandma’s house to spend Christmas with her. I think this is such a cute movie and I love every minute of it!

#19: “Spaceballs” Spaceballs Dad found it at a yard sale one day and bought it for me. I’m so glad he did. This is such a funny movie! It’s a parody of “Star Wars”. Instead of C3PO there’s Fran, Barf the Mawg (half man half dog) instead of Chewbacca, Princess Vespa instad of Princess Lea and Darth Helmet instead of Darth Vader. Darth Helmet is my favorite character in the movie. He’s really funny! My favorite part in this movie was definately Ludicrous speed!

#18 “Rain Man” Rain Man This is a movie about autism. In it Charlie Babbit’s father passes away and leaves his fortune to Charlies autistic and institutionalized brother who Charlie didn’t even know he had! His name is Raymond. Charlie drives to Wallbrook the institution where Raymond lives and takes him on a trip to L.A so he can see his attourney and try and get the money from Raymond. Dustin Hoffman did such an amazing job of playing an Autistic person! I don’t think they could have chosen a better person for this role.

#17: “Son Of The Mask” Son Mask This is the sequel to “The Mask”. I liked it better than the original. It was about this man who finds a mask and when he puts it on he transforms into this green faced person. I don’t know exactly how else to describe him. When his son is born he discovers that the mask has given his son powers. Loki God of thunder wants the baby to harness it’s powers. He does a bunch of crazy things to try and get the child. I won’t say what happens though and weather or not he succeeds. My favorite part in this movie is definately the ultrasound scene. The child sings and wears some weird costumes while still in the womb!

#16: “Rock Of Ages” Rock Of Ages: I saw the musical on Broadway in New York and I loved it! I was so excited when I first saw the trailer for the movie adaptation. I got it on DVD for Christmas this year and I was amazed by it! The poster is 100% right! This movie IS nothin’ but a good time! It’s about a small town girl named Sherri Christian who moves to L.A from Oaklahoma and she meets this boy named Drew whose band Wolfgang Von Colt is trying to make it big but for right now is playing in a bar. The movie revolves around the ups and downs of their relationship and also a bonus storyline is that Stacy Jaxx a huge rock star is being protested by a bunch of women because they think his music is innapropriate for their children so the town bands together to protest their protest. This movie as I said is a musical and my favorite song in it is definately “Any Way You Want It”

#15 “Finding Nemo” Finding Nemo This is an incredible animated Disney movie! One of Disney’s best animated films I think. It’s about a clown fish named Merlin who when his son Nemo gets separated from him embarks on a search to find his son. Along with Merlin on this search is a blue tang named Dory who has short term memory loss. She’s my favorite character! I was really proud of her when she managed to remember “P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney”. It was a big achievement and I was so happy for her! My favorite quote from this movie comes from Dory. “Just keep swimming”!

#14: “Jonah A VeggieTales Movie” Jonah This movie was VeggieTales’s theatrical debut! In this movie we learn about compassion and mercy. Jr Asparagus, Laura Carrott, the French Peas, Bob and Jr’s Dad set off in Bob’s van to see a Twippo concert. Laura boasts about her backstage pass and gets all in Jr’s face with it causing the ticket to fly out the window and Bob to go off the road. When they arrive at a nearby restaurant so Bob can use the payphone the pirates who don’t do anything tell the story of Jonah the prophet who was eaten by a whale and was given a 2nd chance by God. My favorite song from this movie is “A Message From The Lord”

#13: “Dr Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas” Grinch In my house it’s not Christmas without the Grinch. It’s a family tradition to watch this movie every year on Christmas Eve. It tells the story of the Grinch a Christmas hating monster who lives on Mount Crumpet who decides to steal Christmas. Jim Carey plays the Grinch and he does so perfectly! My favorite part in this movie is when the Grinch’s heart grows.

#12: “Charlotte’s Web” Charlotte's Web This is based on the book of the same name. Wilbur the runt of the litter is sent to Zuckerman’s farm and while there he befriends a spider named Charlotte who to keep him out of the slaughterhouse writes things about Wilbur in her web. I thought this movie was absolutely beautiful! I haven’t read the book yet but will definately do so.

#11: “How To Eat Fried Worms” how to eat fried worms movie This is a movie about a boy named Billy Forrester who moves to a new town and the school bully named Joe Guire dares him to eat 10 worms in one day. Billy accepts. This movie is disgusting yet funny. I have to cover my eyes each time Billy eats a worm or one of the worm dishes is shown. The kid who played Billy must have a very strong stomach since he was able to eat all this stuff.

#10 “A Smile As Big As The Moon” A Smile As Big As The Moon movie This is a made for TV movie that was based on a true story. Also there is a book. I read it and liked the movie better. It’s the true story of Mike Kersjes a special education teacher who took his students to space camp. I thought it was such a beautiful and inspiring movie! Everyone should see it!

#9: “Temple Grandin” Temple Grandin film This is a biopic of Temple Grandin. An Autistic woman who thinks in pictures. She also invented a squeeze machine since she doesn’t like being touched but still needs the feeling of a hug. I love this movie and I love Temple! She’s such an inspiration to me.

#8: “Dolphin Tale” Dolphin Tale This is based on the true story of Winter the dolphin who lost her tale and got a prostetic one. I saw this in the theatre and was blown away. It was amazing!

#7: “Dodgeball A True Underdog Story” Dodgeball We get to watch Sports related movies in Healthy Living at the end of each unit. The boys in my class always asked the teacher to show this one but she never did. I found the movie on a flight during my trip to Thailand and decided to watch it to see what all the boys hype was about. I now fully understand why they wanted to watch this movie so badly. It’s hysterical! It’s about the missfits of Average Joes gym and their new competitor Globo Gym. Average Joes has some mortgage issues so to prevent Globo Gym from buying their gym they enter a dodgeball tournament against Globo. One thing I really loved about this movie was that there was this Russian girl on the Globo team and I forget who it was but one of the members of the Average Joes team was madly in love with her and whenever he saw her “Lady In Red” would play! That’s my favorite song so I was thrilled that they used it in the movie!

#6: “Horrible Bosses” Horrible Bosses Jason Bateman is in my opinion one of the best actors ever! Whenever I find out he’s in a movie I just know it’ll be good. “Horrible Bosses” was no exception. I found it on a plane and my love of Jason Bateman made me decide to watch it. I thought it was hillarious! I was glad I was sitting with my family while watching this because if I was sitting next to a stranger they probably would have thought I was crazy because of all my laugher. It’s about 3 men named Charlie, Dale and Nick who hate their bosses so much they decide to kill them. I can’t decide what my favorite part of this movie is. It’s a tie between Nick’s daydream of throwing Mr Harken (his boss) out the window and when Charlie snorted coke at Mr Harken’s house and then sang “That’s Not My Name”

#5: “Wayne’s World” Wayne's World poster: If I could only use 1 word to describe this film it would be this. Excellent! I saw the end of this movie on Much More Music one day when I was probably 8 or 9 or something like that and I loved it and immediately asked my parents if we had it on VHS so I could see what happened at the beginning. It was one of the best movies I’d ever seen! It’s about 2 best friends named Wayne and Garth who have their own cable TV show which they host from Wayne’s bsaement. My favorite part was when they recreated the opening from “Laverne and Shirley” This movie had 3 different endings. A sad one where Cassandra (Wayne’s Girlfriend)’s band doesn’t get a record deal so she leaves Wayne for Benjamin (a TV executive who tries to exploit Wayne’s show) and Wayne’s house burns down, a super mega happy one (that’s what Wayne and Garth call it in the movie) where everything works out perfectly and everyone is happy and a Scooby Doo ending where we find out Benjamin is not really who everyone thinks he is. The super mega happy ending is my favorite!

#4: “Mary Poppins” Mary Poppins Your never too old for Mary’s magic. I couldn’t remember the last time I watched it so when I found it on a plane during my Thailand trip I decided to watch this movie and I fell in love with Mary all over again! It’s the story of Mary Poppins a magical lady who becomes the nanny for the Banks family. I forget what the Mother does but the Father is a cold hearted banker. The children are Jane and Michael. Using her magic she changes the lives of both the children and Mr. Banks. My favorite part in this movie was when she used her magic to help the children clean their toys up. My favorite song in this movie is “Jolly Holiday”

#3: “Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” Mr Magorium This movie is pure magic! It’s about a magical toy shop owned by Mr Magorium. It throws a tantrum when it finds out Mr Magorium is dying. It’s up to Mahoney (she works at the store), Eric (a boy who has only 1 friend (Mahoney) and spends all his time in the shop) and the Mutant (an accountant named Henry who Mr Magorium calls the mutant) to bring back the toy stores magic. My favorite part in this movie is when Mahoney brings Mr Magorium to a mattress store and they shout “triskaidekaphobia” (fear of the #13) then jump on all the beds!

#2 “Les Miserables” Les Miserables I got goosebumps every time I saw the preview for this film. As soon as I saw it for the first time it instantly went on my must see list. I went with a friend of mine to see it last year and I was blown away. At the end of the film I had no words. It was one of the most amazing movies I’d seen! It’s about a criminal (who policeman Javert calls 24601 instead of his real name) named Jean ValJean. He was thrown in jail for 18 years for stealing a loaf of bread and he broke parole. Factory worker Fantine is sick and can’t afford to take care of her daughter Cosette so she sent her to live with the Thenardiers who treat her miserably so Jean agrees to take care of her instead. My favorite songs from this movie are “One Day More” and “Master Of The House”

#1 “Annie” Annie I have seen this movie at least 100 or more times and it never gets old! I love every minute of it! It’s the story of a red headed orphan named Annie who lives at the Hudson street orphanidge for girls and is treated miserably. One day a woman named Grace who works for Oliver Warbucks (a billionaire) comes to the orphanidge and chooses Annie to be the lucky orphan to spend Christmas with Oliver. At first he doesn’t like her and wants her sent back but eventually she grows on him. I thought it was so funny when Annie shows off her new karate moves to Oliver and kicks him in the shin hard and makes him fall over LOL! My favorite song in this movie is “Tomorrow”

There you have it! My 50 favorite movies! What’s your favorite movie and why? Tell me in the comments!


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