“Beyond Scared Straight”

Hey blog world! Flipping stations I just came upon “Beyond Scared Straight” on A&E. It’s a show where at risk teens spend a day in jail to see what things could be like for them if they don’t change their ways! Watching this show makes me realize that jail is no Mayberry. No doilies, get out of jail free cards on Christmas Eve, rocking chairs, kindly Sheriff Taylor Andy, Otis Otis sobering up in the cell next to yours. It makes me want to stay on the straightened path so I don’t wind up in such a scary place. What I really don’t believe is how some of the teens that go on these jail tours don’t change their ways. They continue to steal, fight etc. I can’t believe that! After going through such a terrifying experience why wouldn’t they change their ways? I know I would! I really hope to never end up behind bars. I don’t think I’d be able to survive in such a vicious and scary place! I hope none of you ever end up incarcerated (in jail) either blog world! Have you ever seen “Beyond Scared Straight”? What do you think? Tell me in the comments!


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