Pat On The Back

Hey blog world! Toay’s daily post was called “Pat On The Back”. Talk about why your proud of someone. There’s one very special person who I’m very proud of. Her name is D.F (as always for privacy reasons I’m only using innitials.) She’s a 20 year old girl who I go to school with and she never ceases to amaze me! She’s got a special need (I think she’s autistic but I’m not very sure) so she’s in the challenging needs classroom in my school and can stay in school until she’s 21. I eat lunch and recess with her every day. Every day she does something new that amazes me and makes me so proud! I still remember the very first day I heard her say “Thank you” to me. I was overflowing with pride! She can speak but she doesn’t know many words. I was completely floored that day when she thanked me! She can’t read or write yet sometimes by total accident she will write “Poo” on her paper when she’s drawing something LOL! It’s a simple 3 letter word but to me it means everything! I think it’s probably the first word she learned how to spell. I’m so proud when she writes that! Another thing I’m proud of about her is she’s very independant. She can get herself a glass of water, get books from the shelf, pick them up when she (purposely) drops them. She can sing too! I taught her the first few words of “Mr Sun”. She sings it on cue too! I draw and then point to the sun and she will automatically start singing it! I’ve got the little sweetheart trained! She’s also very very smart. She loves “Chirp” magazine and they always have little stories where words are replaced by pictures. When I read them to her I stop at the pictures, ask her what they are and sometimes she needs a little verbal clue (i.e I have to sound out a bit of the word before she recognises it) but she always knows what it is! Also she’s beginning to recognise books by the cover as well. Especially her favorite one “Boss For A Week” (or “Boss On Tuesday” as she calls it.) She will pick up the book and say “Boss on Tuesday!” I can’t believe that next year is her last year! I’m really going to miss her when she’s gone. She makes every day so much more fun! Who are you proud of and why are you proud of them? Tell me in the comments!


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