Camp Hazelwood Week #1

Hey blog world! I just got back from my first week at Camp Hazelwood. It’s a camp run by the Elaine Dobbin Centre for kids with Autism. I had an awesome time! On the first day I found that me and one of the councellors had a mutual love of musical theatre and we decided that as a camp we should put on a show! It took a while to decide what one to do but I finally decided upon “Ultimate Silly Song Countdown”. It’s a VeggieTales musical! Me and my friend E worked really hard on the props all week! We were going to perform it at the end of the week but we decided instead to do it in August when I come back for my 2nd week. There were lots of puzzles at camp so I was absolutely in heaven! I did almost all of them. I think the hardest one was a “MyScene” puzzle. I forget how many pieces it was but they were all weird shapes and it was very difficult. I also played board games. Battleship, Logo and Scrabble. When I was playing Battleship with one of the councellors I guessed I1 and she actually thought I was saying that I won LOL! When I played Logo me and my teammate always won! I’m really good at that game so that’s why. We also went to the gym a lot this week. My favorite thing we did in the gym was boot camp. One of the councellors had this sillly looking hat and he’d write down a bunch of exercises on pieces of paper and get people to pull a paper out of the hat and we’d have to do whatever was written on it. I liked that. It was fun! I also liked making obstacle courses with balance beams! There were lots of balance beams there so me and E created obtacle courses with them. When I tried them out I found them hard. I’m not that good at balancing! We also did a scavenger hunt every day! On the first day we were looking for barnyard animals (not real ones just pictures of them), on day 2 we searched for random stuff like strawberries, dandylions, something soft, something blue etc, yesterday we searched for dinosaurs and today we looked for piratey things! Also today there was a treasure hunt. We had to find clues inside and outside that lead us to our treasure. The treasure was gold painted rocks! We got to go swimming today too! We went to New World Fitness. I’d never been to that pool before. I really enjoyed it! It was nice and warm. I floated around in an innertube, played basketball and went for a ride in a little boat. The boat collected a lot of water but I still enjoyed myself. Up until one of the older boys tipped it over and I fell out and the boat struck my head. Thankfully I was alright! I had a great week this week and can’t wait to come back! What was your favorite summer camp you’ve been to this summer? Tell me in the comments!

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