Shrinky Dinks

Hey blog world! Yesterday Dad bought me and my Niece some Shrinky Dinks. Today we got to use them! Shrinky Dinks are a kind of shrinkable plastic that you can draw and write stuff on. Dad bought 2 kinds of Shrinky Dinks. Clear ones and frosted ruff & ready ones. I’d used the frosted ones before in grade 9 art club so I decided to start with those. In grade 9 I made a Lisa Simpson Shrinky Dink. I decided with the Shrinky Dinks Dad bought I’d make the rest of the Simpsons out of Shrinky Dinks. I decided to make Maggie tonight. I wanted to turn her into a keychain to put on my backpack. I wasn’t sure how big to make it so I just took a wild guess. When I was finished tracing out the image which I’d printed off from the internet I colored it in then I put it in the oven. When it came out it was super duper tiny LOL! I definitely can’t use it for a keychain now! I then decided to try doing the Autism Awareness ribbon Autism Awareness. I didn’t realize how hard it would be! I did my best at tracing it out and then I poked a hole in it in hopes to turn it into a keychain. I put it in the oven and it was a good enough size but the hole was too small! It’d shrunk to such a tiny size I couldn’t even see it! Now I guess I’ll turn it into a pin. Here are the Shrinky Dinks I made tonight 001. Have you ever made Shrinky Dinks? What did you make? How did they turn out? Tell me in the comments!


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