Newfoundland To Broadway Show

Hey blog world! Last night I got to perform in Newfoundland to Broadways end of the week show! I had such a great time and did awesome! The opening number was “Another Op’nin Another Show” We all dressed in black and tied a sparkly ribbon around ourselves for this song. I chose a pink one! Here’s a picture of us all in our outfits.037. In the middle of the song we were supposed to run and find our parents and give them a program. My parents were right in the back so I had to run pretty far to get to them and then quickly back to my spot. I was the last one back in place! After the opening number I quickly changed into my dress. It was red and yellow and had flowers on it. I then played on my iPod til it was time to go on. We were the 2nd ones up. My group did a scene from “Oaklahoma”. I had to speak and sing in a southern accent! I played Aunt Anabelle. Here’s a picture of me in my dress 040. The song my group got to sing was “The Surrey With The Fringe On Top” A surrey by the way is I think a wagon. After our scene was done I went backstage and changed into my 2nd costume. A red and white flanel shirt and a dark blue skirt with white polka dots. Then I let my friend Claire use my iPod. She loved all the different food making games I had! She nearly cost me money by accident by almost clicking yes when an “Unlock everything?” Pop up came up but thankfully I stopped her in time. Later on it was time for my 2nd scene. This time I was in the background while the people who were in the background for my scene were the ones up front speaking and singing. The song they sang was “Oaklahoma” The dance I had to do in the background was kinda complicated. Thankfully I was able to get through it. After that scene I made my 3rd costume change into my colored shirt for the finale. The song we sang for the finale was “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” We made animal masks to wear during this song. Mine was a bird. This is what it looked like 046 (sorry it has to be sideways. I don’t know how to spin photos on my blog!) The best part was definitely growling at the audience at the end! When the show was over I went backstage to grab my stuff before I left. I said goodbye to my friends and got a bunch of hugs from the younger children! I loved that! I had such a great time this week at Newfoundland to Broadway and hope to be back next year! Have you ever been to a musical theatre camp? Did you enjoy it? Tell me in the comments!


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