Circus Show

Hey blog world! Today at circus camp we put off a show for our family and friends. It was awesome! We got to get our makeup done for the show! I got a red clown nose, stars on one side of my face and a rainbow on one of my cheeks. In the show we did lots of stuff! We started off with devil sticks. Me and my friend S played catch with them. It wasn’t easy but it was fun! Then we did juggling. I juggled 3 scarves. A red one, a yellow one and a blue one. I dropped them a few times but the audience didn’t seem to mind. We also had a stilt parade. I got to go out first! One of the leaders had to help me because I was too afraid to do it by myself. I also did a little clown act with my friend S. She was a waitress and I was the manager of a restaurant. I passed her plates and balls and such and she did a balancing act. We did a great job! Also I got to do some aerial acrobatics. Everyone did the adult diaper but since I’m not that good at that I stuck with what I was best at. The cocoon. It was fun being spun around! I also got to do a roll! At the end of the show we all got to take a big bow. I was so proud of myself when it was over! I’d practiced really hard this week and it really paid off! Have you ever been in the circus? What did you do? Tell me in the comments!


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