Miss You Can Do It

Hey blog world! About a week or so ago on HBO I saw a documentary called “Miss You Can Do It”. It was such an incredible and inspiring documentary! It was about the Miss You Can Do It pageant. It’s a pageant for girls with disabilities.Abbey. It ws started by a girl named Abbey Curran. She has cereberal palsy and was the first girl with a disability to compete in the Miss USA pageant. In this pageant everyone’s a winner because all the girls get a trophy! Also Disney Princesses give them out! How cool is that? All the pageant girls looked so pretty walkers, wheelchairs and all! They were all so happy too! They all had such big smiles on their faces! Seeing them all so happy and excited made me feel the same way. I thought that this movie was amazing (and by the way if you get HBO on demand you can watch this documentary there) and I think that we should have one just like it here in Newfoundland! What do you think? Should we have our own Miss You Can Do It here in Newfoundland? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments!

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