“Scrubs” season 2

Hey blog world! Today I finished watching season 2 of “Scrubs” Scrubs season 2. For my review of the first season click here https://asbiediaries.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/scrubs-season-1/. A lot of stuff has happened to the gang at Sacred Heart this season. Turk asked Carla to marry him (it took an extremely long while but she said yes!) Eliot got herself a new boyfriend (it didn’t last very long though.) Most exciting of all Jordan (Dr Cox’s ex) had a child! Little did Dr Cox know it was his! I was beginning to wonder if he’d ever find out but in the season finale it was revealed to him that Jack (that’s what he named the child) was his. JD didn’t have as many fantasies this season but out of the ones he did have my favorite was definately when he fantasized about dancing to the German version of “99 Red Balloons” with his patient who only spoke German. Also later in that episode he fantasized once again about dancing to that song but this time it was with TCW (Tasty Coma Wife (a hot chick who’s Husband was in a coma and passed away) and her deceased Husbands parents http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg-vUGFz9Jk. This was from the episode “My Interpretation”. I also loved when he fantasized Dr Cox’s head on Jordan’s babies body http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdyuNTooi6I. This was also from “My Interpretation”. This wasn’t one of JD’s fantasies but I thought it was so funny when J.D told Turk that if Carla didn’t say yes when he asked her to marry him he’d power walk around the hospital naked singing “Me and Bobby McGee”. Carla said she’d think about it so JD had to do it but was too afraid so he got Todd to instead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpu6PluaNFY! My favorite episode of this season was “My Fruit Cups”. It was fun watching JD and Turk steal stuff (not big things. Just small stuff like pudding, fruit cups and toilet paper.) The season finale “My Dream Job” was amazing! I thought it ended perfectly! Dr. Cox stood up for Eliot (or “Barbie” as he calls her) and socked Dr. Kelso on the nose http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds0etlSDLic! He definately deserved that! I can’t wait to get the 3rd season and find out what happens next! What was your favorite episode from season 2? Tell me in the comments!


A to Z

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post was A to Z. You can write anything but the first sentence has to start with the first letter of the alphabet and the next sentence has to start with the 2nd letter etc etc. So I thought that I would post my favorite song for every letter of the alphabet!

A: “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY0WxgSXdEE: This is one of my favorite Queen songs!

B: “Baby Girl” by Sugarland http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y75lVEv7Tqw: I don’t know how old this song is but I know it’s pretty old because this song was released back when Sugarland was a trio! It’s a really pretty slow song.

C: “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWNaR-rxAic: This song is awesome! Me and my Niece both love it!

D: “Down On The Corner” by CCR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clJb4zx0o1o: I like singing this song on karaoke!

E: “Everytime You Run” by Manafest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmVa8hmM0RY: This is an amazing Christian rap song! It’s got such powerful lyrics.

F: “Fancy” by Reba McEntire http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zplc4Ienkws: This is my favorite Reba song. I saw her perform it live and it was icredible!

G: “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt0mg8Z09SY: This is a really old song but I love it!

H: “Hello Darling” by Conway Twitty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Og1QRtcWdEY: This is another old one but it’s still beautiful!

I: “If I Had A Million Dollars” by the Barenaked Ladies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXdFTh1yX2c: This is such a fun song! Whenever I sing along I’m always the echo.

J: “Just The Way You Are” by Billy Joel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaA3YZ6QdJU: This song is so pretty!

K: “Keep On Loving You” by REO Speedwagon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8KBC536EvI: This is one of my Parents favorite songs. I really like it too.

L: “Lady In Red” by Chris De Burgh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt2YIpZWBqA: Everytime I hear this song it brings me back to that magical night at the Mile 1 Centre when we hugged!

M: “Me and Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXV_QjenbDw: So many people have sung this song! Kris Kristofferson, Janis and of course the original by Roger Miller. Out of all of these people Janis’s version is my favorite.

N: “No More Mr Nice Guy” by Alice Cooper http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0YrXjeRSoE: Dad used to sing this to me before bed when I was little! Weird choice of bedtime songs but I still really enjoyed it!

O: “Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine” by Tom T. Hall http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FU_TuwM2Dw: This is my favorite song by Tom T. Hall. It’s so sweet!

P: “Please Whatever Your Name Is” by Various Artists http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLQymQC0BYk: This is such a funny and awesome song! I have it on my iPod and am always listening to it!

Q: “Queen Of Hearts” by Juice Newton http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhBkFsdSwtk: This is the only Q song I know. I really like it. It’s really fast and has a great beat!

R: “Red Solo Cup” by Toby Keith http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKZqGJONH68: I sing this whenever I see one!

S: “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsLyI1_R01M: This is another fun one to sing on karaoke!

T: “Tribute” by Tenacious D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lK4cX5xGiQ: I love Jack Blacks singing in this song. He’s really good!

U: “Unwritten” by Natasha Beddingfield http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFFBSSntZgs: We had to sing this song in choir. It was awesome!

V: “Video Killed The Radio Star” by the Buggles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8h5OEivJdA: I remember discovering this song on Dance Dance Revolution at the Bulldog Gym. At first I totally sucked at it even on easy! With a lot more practice though I got much better!


W: “Walk Through This World With Me” by George Jones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLiOD0laJbQ: R.I.P George. Your music will forever live on in our hearts and minds. This is his most beautiful song!

X: I’ve got absolutely nothing for this letter LOL!

Y: “Your Song” by Elton John http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV3r8rDDmNs: I saw him perform this live when I was in grade 6 and absolutely loved it!

Z: I can’t think of anything for this letter either!

What are your favorite songs for each letter of the alphabet? Tell me in the comments!

Camp Hazelwood Week #1

Hey blog world! I just got back from my first week at Camp Hazelwood. It’s a camp run by the Elaine Dobbin Centre for kids with Autism. I had an awesome time! On the first day I found that me and one of the councellors had a mutual love of musical theatre and we decided that as a camp we should put on a show! It took a while to decide what one to do but I finally decided upon “Ultimate Silly Song Countdown”. It’s a VeggieTales musical! Me and my friend E worked really hard on the props all week! We were going to perform it at the end of the week but we decided instead to do it in August when I come back for my 2nd week. There were lots of puzzles at camp so I was absolutely in heaven! I did almost all of them. I think the hardest one was a “MyScene” puzzle. I forget how many pieces it was but they were all weird shapes and it was very difficult. I also played board games. Battleship, Logo and Scrabble. When I was playing Battleship with one of the councellors I guessed I1 and she actually thought I was saying that I won LOL! When I played Logo me and my teammate always won! I’m really good at that game so that’s why. We also went to the gym a lot this week. My favorite thing we did in the gym was boot camp. One of the councellors had this sillly looking hat and he’d write down a bunch of exercises on pieces of paper and get people to pull a paper out of the hat and we’d have to do whatever was written on it. I liked that. It was fun! I also liked making obstacle courses with balance beams! There were lots of balance beams there so me and E created obtacle courses with them. When I tried them out I found them hard. I’m not that good at balancing! We also did a scavenger hunt every day! On the first day we were looking for barnyard animals (not real ones just pictures of them), on day 2 we searched for random stuff like strawberries, dandylions, something soft, something blue etc, yesterday we searched for dinosaurs and today we looked for piratey things! Also today there was a treasure hunt. We had to find clues inside and outside that lead us to our treasure. The treasure was gold painted rocks! We got to go swimming today too! We went to New World Fitness. I’d never been to that pool before. I really enjoyed it! It was nice and warm. I floated around in an innertube, played basketball and went for a ride in a little boat. The boat collected a lot of water but I still enjoyed myself. Up until one of the older boys tipped it over and I fell out and the boat struck my head. Thankfully I was alright! I had a great week this week and can’t wait to come back! What was your favorite summer camp you’ve been to this summer? Tell me in the comments!

Summer Games

Hey blog world! Today I got back home from the Special Olympics 2013 Summer games in St Johns. I had such a blast! We all met up on Friday at the bowling alley and got on the bus to get to MUN (Memorial University of Newfoundland) where we would be staying. The man driving our bus has a bunch of mix tapes his Daughters made him so he played them for us. He played lots of really great songs like “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gX1EP6mG-E (Their version by the way is the original. Darius Rucker only covered the song), “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfUYuIVbFg0 and “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwIGZLjugKA. I sat with G.W who I chose to be my “Bus Buddy” for the weekend and we had such a great time singing along with all the songs! When we got to the MUN campus we had 42 (I counted yesterday) stairs to go up to get to our floor! I had 3 pieces of luggage to carry up those stairs! A cooler with my drinks, a backpack full of food (and also my electronics in the front compartment) and my huge purple suitcase! It was not very easy and it hurt my arms going up all those stairs with all that stuff! I was so relieved when I finally set everything down on the floor! Then one of the leaders gave us each a room key. I cannot begin to explain how firetrucking complicated the locks on our doors were! Every day I had to ask someone for help because I either couldn’t unlock the door, I couldn’t lock the door or I couldn’t get the key out of the door! When I got into my room there were 2 beds. One on each side of the room. I set my stuff down on the bed on the right. Later we got on the bus and went to the Techniplex for the opening ceremony of the games. When we got there I saw loads of people I hadn’t seen in such a long time! I ran into an old friend from Happy Valley Goose Bay who I met in Gander when I was chosen as spokesperson for my team and got to go there for a conference. Here’s a picture of us together at that conference 2010 Gander Conference 004. She’s the beautifully bald girl in the grey sweater. I was thrilled to see her again! I went up to her and she gave me a big hug! I loved that! At the end of the opening ceremonies a singer named George Anstey performed “Share The Dream” a song he’d written for this years games. It was really cool! I got up and danced with a few of the Gander athletes! Then we went back to MUN. On the 2nd floor of the building where we were staying there was a TV room. One of the other teams (I don’t know but I think it was either Exploits Valley or Gander) was in there watching TV and they invited us to join them. That was so nice! We watched “Just For Laughs Gags” and “Wipeout Canada”. After the qualifier round of “Wipeout Canada” pizza came! As a special treat pizza was ordered for all the athletes! It was from Pizza Hut. It tasted really yummy. A little while after that I went to bed. It was really hot that night! So much so I had to take off both my blankets! The next morning I was woken up by a knock on the door by one of my coaches. I don’t know exactly what time it was but I do know that it was early. Way way way too early! 5:00 or something like that I think. I got dressed in my bowling shirt and a pair of pants then we took the bus to Knights of Colombus for breakfast. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good. I’d give it a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. The saussages weren’t bad but I found the toast kinda oily. I really liked the cereal though. I also had a nice cup of tea. Then we went to the bowling alley. We played 3 games that day. My team bowled against Clarenville. I was happy to be bowling against them because we bowled against them in a tournament in Clarenville a few months ago. It was great to see a lot of those athletes again. I didn’t do very well the first game but that was probably because I wasn’t used to the lanes. The next 2 games I bowled really well though! I was really proud of myself for what I’d done! Then we went back to Knights of Columbus for our dinner. We had chicken wraps from Mary Browns. They were good! We then went back to MUN. G.W and I were going to play cards together but he said he needed to get a shower first so I took my deck of Disney Princess UNO cards and played with my friend S.L.F for a while. I completely lost track of time and forgot all about G.W! His Father (who was also one of our coaches) came and knocked on S.L.F’s door and said that G.W had been waiting and waiting for me! I felt so bad for forgetting about him! Thankfully he forgave me! We then played UNO together. My friend P joined in as well. It was his first time playing and he was amazing at it! He bet me and G.W 4 times in a row! Then we played Guess Who. S.L.F joined us and we played in teams. Every now and then we’d switch team members so we all got the chance to play on different teams. I can’t remember who won or how many times but I know it was a lot of fun! When we got to supper they had the deserts already laid out in front of us. It was cheesecake! I love cheesecake! I was so tempted to eat it but I knew I shouldn’t. I gave my desert to S.L.F and told her not to let me have it until I was done my meal! I figured that would be the best way to keep me from eating it too early. The meal we had was stuffed chicken. It had gravy so I asked for one without. It tasted awesome! They had carrotts, potatoes and turnips on the side. The carrotts and potatoes were good but the turnips weren’t. They were mashed and I don’t like mashed turnips. When I got to eat my cheesecake I loved it! It was delicious! That night there was a soccer game between Mount Pearl and St Johns. We went for a little bit then got back onto the bus and went to DQ! We all went inside and got ice cream! I had a rolo blizzard. Those are my favorite kind of blizzards! When we got back to MUN and it was time for bed I wasn’t quite ready to go to sleep so I got my iPod out, put my headphones in and listened as George Jones and Jim Reeves sang me lullabies (in other words I listened to “Walk Through This World With Me” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLiOD0laJbQ and “Distant Drums” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUYGsFQF_Do.) Those are such pretty slow songs and after listening to them I got a really good nights sleep. It wasn’t as hot that night so I was able to sleep with the small blue blanket that was on the bed. Yesterday morning we went for breakfast again at Knights of Columbus. It was the same stuff as the day before. I just had a saussage, piece of toast and bowl of Special K. After that we got back onto the bus and headed out to the bowling alley once again. The Clarenville team were with us on the bus so I decided to sit with my friend C who was on that team since my bus buddy was in a different division than me and not on my bus. I had my iPod with me and as I was singing along with “They’re All Gonna Know” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PvbwypXVI4 I saw her dancing along! It was so cute watching her dance to my singing! She was really good at it too! I forget what other songs I sang along the way but the whole time I was singing she was dancing! It was fun! When we got to the bowling alley we weren’t playing against Clarenville again unfortunately. I forget what team it was we were playing against. This time I did another great job and got 2 really good scores! After that we went back to Knights of Columbus for lunch. We had a bag lunch. It was a turkey or ham sandwitch, a juice box and a yogurt tube. I was dissappointed to find out that ham and turkey were the only 2 sandwitch options. I don’t like either of those! Thankfully also in our bags were a ziploc baggie with lettuce and tomato in them to put on our sandwitches. I took the ham off my sandwitch, put the lettuce and tomato on and ate it like that. It wasn’t that bad. The drink that came in my bag was an apple juice box. I don’t like apple juice so I traded with one of the coaches for her orange juice box.Then I decided to have my yogurt tube. It was grape. I don’t like grape yogurt tubes so I traded with another coach for his cherry tube. It was yummy! Then we got to go to the medal ceremony to receive our medals! There were some Newfoundland celebrities there to present those medals. Ryan Snoddon (the “Here and Now” weather man on CBC), Paddy Daly (former co host of “Out Of The Fog” and the host of “Backtalk” on VOCM) and one of the actresses from “Republic of Doyle”. I can’t remember her name or which character she plays. My team won a gold medal! I was so proud! The medal ceremony was really long and I was getting kinda bored. I almost fell asleep! I’m so glad I didn’t! Afterwards we got to go back to our rooms and get ready for the dance. I put on a really pretty purple dress that I had brought with me and had one of the coaches do my hair. She put it up in a pretty french braid. It looked pretty. Then me and my friends L.G, G.W, S.L.F and P played UNO until it was time for the dance. We played 3 games and I won them all! Before we had our dance we had supper. It was turkey. Again there was gravy on it so I asked for none. I then gave my turkey to one of my teammates since I didn’t like it and she wanted some more. I ate all the dressing, peas and carrotts, some of the potato and a bit of the turnip. For desert we had a make your own sundae bar! I got chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles. It tasted awesome! Then it was time for the dance. There were a lot of us so we were separated. Half of us were downstairs and half of us were upstairs. My team was upstairs. So was the St Johns team. I was very thankful for that because I’m really good friends with one of the St Johns team members and I’d promised to dance with him that night. We had so much fun dancing together! Especially when the DJ played “Lady In Red” by Chris De Burgh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt2YIpZWBqA for us! I loved slow dancing to that with him! At the end of the night we got back on the bus and headed back to MUN to go to bed. When we got on I completely lost my mind! This is the reason why. I checked my sweater pockets to make sure everything was there. I frantically searched both of them and was unable to find my homemade shrinky dink “Avenue Q” necklace! I was worried thinking that I lost it when I all of a sudden realized it was around my neck LOL! When we got to MUN I was tired and couldn’t wait to go to sleep. This morning we had to pack up all our things and leave. Once again I had to carry my now 4 pieces of luggage (we each got a gift bag with lots of cool stuff inside) down those 42 stairs. My arm was starting to kill me so my friend L.G was super nice and carried my big purple suitcase down the stairs for me. When we got outside we sat at a picnic table and had a bag breakfast. Green grapes, chocolate milk, orange juice boxes (I don’t drink milk so I had an orange juice box), granola bars and McMuffins. I got a saussage one. There was egg on it and since I don’t like egg I picked it off and just ate the saussage, cheese and english muffin. Then we all got back onto the bus and drove home. On the drive home I once again sat with my Bus Buddy and we did lots more singing. Our bus driver once again played lots of awesome songs like “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” by Brooks & Dunn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d05tQrhNMkA, “Chattahoochie” by Alan Jackson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW5UEW2kYvc and “Get A Haircut” by George Thorogood and the Destroyers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAhM26EKmrU. I love that song and rocked out to it and sang along with every word! When I got home I proudly showed off my medals to my parents who were extremely proud of me! Here’s a picture of me with them Medals! I had an awesome time this weekend at the games and can’t wait til next year to hopefully get to go again! Have you ever won a gold medal? Tell me how in the comments!

Shrinky Dinks

Hey blog world! Yesterday Dad bought me and my Niece some Shrinky Dinks. Today we got to use them! Shrinky Dinks are a kind of shrinkable plastic that you can draw and write stuff on. Dad bought 2 kinds of Shrinky Dinks. Clear ones and frosted ruff & ready ones. I’d used the frosted ones before in grade 9 art club so I decided to start with those. In grade 9 I made a Lisa Simpson Shrinky Dink. I decided with the Shrinky Dinks Dad bought I’d make the rest of the Simpsons out of Shrinky Dinks. I decided to make Maggie tonight. I wanted to turn her into a keychain to put on my backpack. I wasn’t sure how big to make it so I just took a wild guess. When I was finished tracing out the image which I’d printed off from the internet I colored it in then I put it in the oven. When it came out it was super duper tiny LOL! I definitely can’t use it for a keychain now! I then decided to try doing the Autism Awareness ribbon Autism Awareness. I didn’t realize how hard it would be! I did my best at tracing it out and then I poked a hole in it in hopes to turn it into a keychain. I put it in the oven and it was a good enough size but the hole was too small! It’d shrunk to such a tiny size I couldn’t even see it! Now I guess I’ll turn it into a pin. Here are the Shrinky Dinks I made tonight 001. Have you ever made Shrinky Dinks? What did you make? How did they turn out? Tell me in the comments!

Newfoundland To Broadway Show

Hey blog world! Last night I got to perform in Newfoundland to Broadways end of the week show! I had such a great time and did awesome! The opening number was “Another Op’nin Another Show” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8HUgAK5i-M. We all dressed in black and tied a sparkly ribbon around ourselves for this song. I chose a pink one! Here’s a picture of us all in our outfits.037. In the middle of the song we were supposed to run and find our parents and give them a program. My parents were right in the back so I had to run pretty far to get to them and then quickly back to my spot. I was the last one back in place! After the opening number I quickly changed into my dress. It was red and yellow and had flowers on it. I then played on my iPod til it was time to go on. We were the 2nd ones up. My group did a scene from “Oaklahoma”. I had to speak and sing in a southern accent! I played Aunt Anabelle. Here’s a picture of me in my dress 040. The song my group got to sing was “The Surrey With The Fringe On Top” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss1CXo8QMi8. A surrey by the way is I think a wagon. After our scene was done I went backstage and changed into my 2nd costume. A red and white flanel shirt and a dark blue skirt with white polka dots. Then I let my friend Claire use my iPod. She loved all the different food making games I had! She nearly cost me money by accident by almost clicking yes when an “Unlock everything?” Pop up came up but thankfully I stopped her in time. Later on it was time for my 2nd scene. This time I was in the background while the people who were in the background for my scene were the ones up front speaking and singing. The song they sang was “Oaklahoma” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbrnXl2gO_k. The dance I had to do in the background was kinda complicated. Thankfully I was able to get through it. After that scene I made my 3rd costume change into my colored shirt for the finale. The song we sang for the finale was “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LBmUwi6mEo. We made animal masks to wear during this song. Mine was a bird. This is what it looked like 046 (sorry it has to be sideways. I don’t know how to spin photos on my blog!) The best part was definitely growling at the audience at the end! When the show was over I went backstage to grab my stuff before I left. I said goodbye to my friends and got a bunch of hugs from the younger children! I loved that! I had such a great time this week at Newfoundland to Broadway and hope to be back next year! Have you ever been to a musical theatre camp? Did you enjoy it? Tell me in the comments!

What NOT To Say To Me

Hey blog world! A few weeks ago I found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fTBM_3sdwE&feature=player_embedded online and just have to share it with you here. Me and all my friends with Autism hate it when people say stuff like this to us! It makes me so upset and mad! Please whatever you do be respectful and DO NOT say anything you hear in this video to me or any other autistic person! We’d really appreciate that.