Church Fun Day

Hey blog world! Today I got to sing in Church! We had a special VBS (Vacation Bible School) service where we sang all the songs we learned and told everyone about what we learned. It was lots of fun! I had a great time singing all the awesome songs we’d learned! Sometimes I had to look behind me at the monitor to remember some of the actions but I remembered most of them. After the service we got to have a family fun day! There was cake, ice cream, cookies and hot dogs! The food was all really yummy! Especially the cake and ice cream! To drink they had all kinds of sodas. The unfortunate thing is that choosing a drink was more like a guessing game because the ladies who were in charge of the food had everything in cups and didn’t lable them or put them in any sort of order or anything. There were several black colored drinks (Dr Pepper, Pepsi, Diet Coke etc) and you couldn’t tell which was which! I took my chances on the “mystery black drink” as I called it. I think I wound up with a Dr Pepper but I’m not sure. There were plenty of activities too! Our Reverand put his Robin Hood outfit on and took pictures with us, there was a fish pond and a piñata! I won a coin purse in the fish pond. When it came time for the piñata I unfortunately didn’t get to hit it but I did get a load of candy. I counted when I got back to my table and I had 10 things! There’s a little African American boy who went to VBS this week and I noticed he didn’t get much candy. He had only 1 or 2 things so I divided my candy up and I kept 5 things for me and gave 5 to him. He was really really happy! I’m glad I made him happy! I had such a great time today and I can’t wait to go to VBS again next year! Have you ever been to a VBS? Did you have fun? Tell me in the comments!


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