VBS 2013

Hey blog world! I can’t believe VBS is almost over for another year! Tomorrow is the last day! This years theme was “Kingdom Rock”. It was a mideval theme with kings, queens, castles and such. This year was special for me because this year instead of being a camper (I’m too old to be one anymore) I’m a helper! I got to help with crafts! The kids are all super cute and I love each and every one of them! They really seem to like me too! I’ve gotten more hugs from them than I can count! This morning a parent came up to me and said “My daughter adores you!” My day was instantly made! I’m so glad the Children adore me! I get to see 5 groups of kids every day. That’s a lot of Children! Each group is assigned one of the Kingdom Rock animals There’s the horses (a.k.a Duke) Duke, the dogs (a.k.a Truman) Truman, the birds (a.k.a Swift) Swift, the lions (a.k.a Sir Valiant) Sir Valiant and the foxes (a.k.a Victoria) Victoria.  The crafts they made were really cool! I unfortunately didn’t get to make all of them since sometimes we didn’t have enough left but I did get to make 2 crafts (and hopefully I’ll get to make tomorrows too!) I got to make a coat of arms and each day I get to add a new gem onto it, I made a little tumbling thing (it’s a little box with a marble inside and when you place it at the top of a slanted surface it’ll tumble) and I also got to make this really cool prayer box Prayer Box! I wonder what the kids will be making tomorrow? The food so far this week has been pretty good. Today we had some grapes, goldfish and an English muffin with what I assumed was cheese whiz and some blueberries and a gummi candy. I don’t like cheese whiz so I left the muffin out. Yesterday we got trail mix! It had all kinds of yummy things in it! There were cheerios, smarties, lucky charms, chocolate chips, mini marshmellows and raisins. The day before that was a smore and little kabobs with a piece of ham, some cheese and half a vanilla timbit and the first day was a jam sandwitch with a heart cut out of the middle and a heart shaped cookie! I can’t wait to find out what tomorrows is going to be! The songs this week have all been awesome as well! A big added bonus for me is that this week I got to be the music helper as well! Every day we start with Sing and Play Rock where we sing a few songs before heading off to our activities and me and my friend E.J.M get to go up onstage and sing the songs and do the actions! There were lots of great songs that we sang! My favorites are “Let’s Get A Little Crazy” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9wLHgo_Iys, “Soon And Very Soon” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTBM23mjDC0, “Stand Together” (this years theme song) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CehoyNCw4gE and “Stand Strong” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1WiHyy70IM. Also Chadder the chipmunk is back! I’m in the crafts room all day so I don’t get to see the movies. Even though I don’t get to see what happens to Chadder each day I don’t miss out because one little boy in the Lions group (bless his little heart) tells me what happens! It’s gettting pretty interesting so far! I wonder how it’s going to end? The fun definately doesn’t stop when VBS ends tomorrow. On Sunday everyone in camp gets to go to the 10:00 service and we sing all our songs in front of the congregation! That’s gonna be awesome! Have you been to VBS before? Do you like it? Tell me in the comments!


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