Last Day Of School

Hey blog world! Today was the last day of school! YAY! I’m so glad the year is finally over! I had a great last day! A few days ago I went to Dollarama to buy gifts for all my teachers. I tried to get stuff I thought they would all like.  I had 16 teachers on my list so it was a lot of gifts I had to hand out! I felt like Santa Claus LOL! I was so glad they all liked them! I also took my little notepad/autograph book with me and got all my teachers (and a few of my friends) to sign it! Everyone wrote such nice messages in there. I loved reading them all! I also stopped by the challenging needs classroom to see all my friends and wish them a happy summer. One of them named K.B even gave me a little present! It was this Katie's Drawing! It’s such a beautiful picture! I love how she signed her name on it too! I’ve definately gotta find somewhere special for this to go! Later on we had an assembly. The principal talked about new courses that were being offered next year, we said goodbye to the teachers who wouldn’t be with us next year and a bunch of other stuff. It wasn’t much fun. After the assembly we got to go to our homerooms and get our report cards! I’d been struggling in Science and I thought that I was gonna fail but thankfully I didn’t! I got a 50! I was so relieved! Also in the report card I found a bergs Bergs coupon! I love bergs ice cream so I was really happy to find the coupon! I’m so glad that I passed grade 10 and also I’m glad that summer is finally started! In celebration of school finally being over enjoy this Alice Cooper song! What are your plans this summer? Tell me in the comments!


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