Summer Plans

Hey blog world! Summer is only a day away! Tomorrow is the last day of school! I’m so excited for summer to start! I’ve got a jam packed summer ahead! To start it off me, Mom, my Cousin and her Niece are going to the Masonic Temple to see “Go Duet Yourself”Go Duet Yourself on Saturday night. It’s a “Spirit Of Newfoundland” production. As you can guess by the title it’s a show all about duets! I’m really happy because Peter Halley Peter Halley (who celebrated a birthday last month so I’ve made a belated birthday card to give to him after the show (which I hope he likes)) and Shelley Neville Shelley are both in this show. They’re amazing performers and I can’t wait to hear them sing! Especially “Paradise By The Dashboard Lights” by Meatloaf Another show I get to see this summer is Kiss! They’re coming to the Mile 1 Centre in August as part of their Monster tour and for Father’s day I got Dad a ticket and a Kiss T shirt! Mom got me a ticket as well and a matching shirt so Dad and I can wear them to the show! It’s gonna be awesome! I’m going to some summer camps this year too! As always I’m going to VBS (Vacation Bible School) but instead of being a camper I get to be a helper! I’m officially too old to be a camper so this year I’m gonna help out with the crafts. It should be lots of fun! Also this year I’m going to Wonderbolt Circus Camp! I get to be a clown! Also I get to learn juggling, acrobatics and all kinds of other cool circus tricks! I’ll also be going to Newfoundland to Broadway again! In this camp we’re split up into groups and each group gets to do a scene and a song from a musical! I hope that we get to do either “Hairspray” or “Annie” or both this year! That would be so much fun! I’m also going to a camp for kids with Autism. I’m really excited about that one! It’ll be fun to meet other autistic kids and make new friends! This summer is gonna be awesome! I’ll definately be blogging all about it! What have you got planned this summer? Tell me in the comments!


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