Hey blog world! I wrote this post two years ago and somehow forgot to post it! I found it in my draft bin and decided to finally put it up. It’s my review of a fantastic American Girl book, “Chrissa Stands Strong” by Mary Casanova Chrissa Stands Strong. It’s the sequel to Chrissa Chrissa. For those who haven’t read the first book a short summary is that Chrissa’s family moves in with her Grandma on her llama farm and shet gets bullied at school by a group of girls called the “Queen Bees”. She has to find the courage to stand up for herself. Being a victim of bullying I could really relate to this book and I absolutely loved it! “Chrissa Stands Strong” is fantastic as well.

In this book it’s summer and Chrissa is having a great time! That is until she starts recieving mean texts, e mails etc. Tara Armstrong the leader of the Queen Bees is the prime suspect because of everything she’s put Chrissa through in the past. She’s been being super nice to Chrissa recently so Chrissa isn’t so sure it was her sending those mean messages. Gwen and Sonali (her best friends) are. Chrissa is slowly starting to befriend Tara and that makes Gwen and Sonali upset. So much so that they stop being friends with her! To make things even worse for Chrissa her brother Tyler is in a diving accident (caused by Tara) and gets a concussion!

I was on Chrissa’s side the whole time I read this book. From the start I knew that after what happened in the first book Tara couldn’t be trusted! She cut off Gwen’s bangs and blamed it on Chrissa for gosh sakes! That does not make a trustworthy person! I was so surprised near the end of the book when (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!! Do not read on if you haven’t read this book!) I found out that it wasn’t Tara after all and her want to be friends with Chrissa was sincere! It was really Jayden one of Tara’s friends who was jealous of Chrissa for stealing her away. I learned a lot from this book about cyberbullying, friendship and llamas (because Chrissa lives on a llama farm here and there we learn a few things about llamas in both of her books.) It was a really entertaining book and I highly reccommend it! I give this book a 10 out of 10. I also reccommend seeing the movie Chrissa movie! Have you read this book? Did you like it? Tell me in the comments!


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