Hey blog world! Happy Father’s Day! Today is the day we celebrate Dad’s! Mine definately deserves to be celebrated! He’s awesome! Here are some of my fondest memories with him!

  • When I was little he used to sing me a song every night before bed. Some of Dad’s bedtime songs were “No More Mr Nice Guy” by Alice Cooper, “You May Be Right” by Billy Joel and “Annie’s Song” by John Denver
  • Every Sunday when I was little Mom, Dad and me would go out shopping at yard sales then go to Bergs for ice cream.
  • We went to a lot of hockey games together. They were so much fun!
  • Every Sunday he always makes delicious sunday dinner (roast beef, cabbage, turnips, carrotts, mashed potatoes and either roast beef or chicken.) For desert me and him would make pillsburry cinnamon buns. I put them on the baking tray and he’s in charge of the oven. Every single week he burns them! At least they still taste pretty good.
  • We go to a lot of performances together. We’ve seen Whispering Bill Anderson, Alice Cooper, “Avenue Q”, Jeff Dunham, The Masterless Men, Chris De Burgh and lots of others too.
  • He must be lucky or something because a lot of times when I’ve gone to see something with him (like “Avenue Q”, the Masterless Men and the Newfoundland Screech Comedy fest (for the past 3 years)) we’ve lucked into getting front row seats!
  • When we were in Thailand for my Sisters wedding we rode elephants. Me and Dad were on the same one together. I sat on the head and drove while he sat in the seat on the elephants back.
  • 3 years ago we started the yearly tradition of us going to see the Newfoundland Screech Comedy Fest every year! This year was year #3!
  • Whenever we go out to eat we always get a coffee news (a free 2 sided newspaper type thing). We love reading them together and asking eachother the trivia questions.
  • I don’t remember doing this but Mom says that when I was little Dad was asleep and I wanted him to wake up so I grabbed the cordless telephone and hit him with it! He had a lump on his head for a while after that LOL!
  • When I was little to keep me entertained he’d do impressions. He can do Steve Irwin Steve Irwin, Cookie Monster, Kermit the frog and the Count from “Sesame Street”!
  • We turtle sat for a friend once and forgot to ask what the turtle’s name was so for the time we were turtle sitting it Dad named it Alice! He said it would work for either a boy or a girl.

What’s your fondest memory of you and your Dad? Tell me in the comments!

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