Torch Run

Hey blog world! Today I participated in the Law Enforcement Torch Run with my Special Olympics team! This year was my very first year doing it! It’s always held during exam week and I’ve always had an exam the day of the run but thankfully this year I didn’t and I finally got to go! This morning I had to get up really early. 7:00 I think. The torch run started at 9:00. We were supposed to go to my Niece’s school for a pancake breakfast but the line was extremely long, I was really hungry and time was ticking so Mom and I ditched and left Dad and my Niece at the school while we got our breakfast at McDonalds! Thankfully we arrived at the town hall (where the torch run started) in time! I thought we’d have to walk all the way to the finish line but thankfully that was optional! They had a bus for those who got tired or didn’t want to walk! I got on that right away! The driver was awesome because he had Coast 101.1 on! That’s my favorite radio station! It was a bit hard to hear from the back but it wasn’t too bad. I sang along with all the songs I knew! It was fun! At one point the music was so hard to hear I turned on my iPod. I put on “Young Turks” by Rod Stewart. I sang along with it. A few minutes into the song my friend taps my shoulder and tells me to take my headphones out and listen to the radio. I do and the exact same song is playing! That was freaky! It’s like the radio knew what song I was listening to on my iPod then played it on the radio! Our first stop was an elementary school. It was Paradise Elementary I think. I’m not sure. When we got out there were lines of children waiting for us to give us high fives! I got off the bus and walked around and high fived all the kids! Then I got back on until our next stop which was some place in Mount Pearl (I think that’s where it was) for our lunch! It was pizza, fresh fruit and veggies and juice boxes! It was delicious! When I went outside to get back on the bus I saw 2 RNC (Royal Newfoundland Constabulary) horses! They were big black ones and they were so cute! I loved petting them! Then I got back onto the bus again for a bit! Our next stop was the town hall in Mount Pearl. We went inside for more food and also a check presentation! I can’t remember how much money was on the check though. I know that it was a lot! Our final stop was St Matthew’s school. We high fived some more kids and got some pictures taken! Then it was time to go home! I had such a great time at my first Law Enforcement Torch Run and I hope to get to do it again next year!


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