Comedy Fest 2013

Hey blog world! I just got back from the exit realty on the rock comedy fest! It was awesome! This is my 3rd year going to the festival with Dad and once again we got seats in the front row! This time it was at the ACC (Arts and Culture Centre) so there was assigned seating so I called in and ordered our front row seats. I think they should do the fest at assigned seating venues from now on so that way we don’t have to get there hours before the show to secure a good seat. As our luck would have it we were seated directly behind friends of ours who we met 2 years ago at the comedy fest. They go every year as well! It was great getting to see them again! Also we finally learned each others names! Snook Snooks Christmas was the host again this year. He’s wicked! I loved seeing him again! The first one up was Paul Edwards (he played a lawyer on “Trailer Park Boys”.) This was his first year at the fest. He did lots of funny voices! I liked him! Then was a girl who was also a first timer. Sarah Walsh. I thought she was really good too! Then was the guy who I was most excited to see! Jon Steinberg! He plays Feldman on “Really Me”! He looks so much cooler in person! After Jon was the intermission. I found the first act went by really fast. When the second act started the first one up was Premier Dundersnook LOL! That was probably my favorite part of the whole show! Snook in women’s clothing was hillarious! Next it was Steve Coombs. He’d been to the fest before. He was there the first year that we came. I must admit I found him much funnier this year. He did a Newfoundland parody of “50 Shades Of Grey”. I laughed so hard I think I cried a little! After Steve came out Snook was back again. He looked down at me and said “You’ve been to the festival before right?” And I said yes. He asked if I could tell the Newfoundland parrot joke. Remember this Spongebob scene That was my brain at that moment! I just sat with a blank stare on my face while all my little factory workers were trying to find the Newfoundland parrot joke! I couldn’t remember it at all! I said “What Newfoundland parrot joke?” Then Snook said “Right answer!” Then he told us the joke. As soon as he told it I remembered what it was! He told it the year before and I completely forgot it! I better start practicing it now just in case he asks me to tell it next year! After that it was another girl. Rebecca Kohler. This was her first year here as well. I loved the joke she did about this guy who didn’t own an iPhone and yet posted on the internet how to upload photos onto one! Next was yet another newbie. Jason Card. His joke about how much he hated greeting cards was hillarious! After him was John Sheehan. He’d been to the fest ever since we started going. He gets funnier every year! I loved it when he told us what cats and dogs are really thinking! Finally was a guy from Quebec. Derek Seguin. This was his first year at the fest. Tonight was the CBC gala and the comics were told not to curse. He broke that rule pretty quick! He dropped and F bomb and said 2 French cuss words! I didn’t mind it though. I heard all that stuff before so I’m used to it. He was really funny and I loved his accent! At the end of the show I was dissappointed that Jon didn’t come out because he’s fricking Feldman and he’s awesome! I really wanted to meet him and get an autograph (and one for my friend whose favorite show is “Really Me”!) I was kinda hoping Derek would come out too so we could speak French to eachother and confuse the heck out of my Dad LOL (he doesn’t speak a lick of French so it would have been funny to see the look on his face as we talked because he doesn’t know what we’re saying!) At least John, Jason and Steve came out and I got pictures and autographs from them! Paul (who for some reason I kept calling Mark) came out too but only long enough to cross the hall and go through the exit door! Oh well! At least I got those 3! I had such a great time tonight and can’t wait to go back next year for my 4th comedy fest! Were you there tonight? Did you enjoy the show? What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!


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