ABC Challenge

Hey blog world! My friend E.J.M did the alphabet challenge on her blog ( and after reading it I thought I’d do it too! Here goes!

a; available? Yes

b; birthday? November 20th 1997

c; crushing on anyone? Peter Halley Peter Halley kinda. I know he’s much older than me but what can I say! He’s an amazing singer, pianist and actor, he’s really funny and he’s cute!

d; done anything illegal? Nope!
e; easily scared? Yes!
f; favourite song? That’s hard. It’s a tie between “Lady In Red” by Chris De Burgh and “The Fireworks Song” by Rhett and Link
g; grade you hated most? 1. The teacher was horrible!
I; in love with? No one right now
 j; jealous of? Nobody.
k; killed someone? NEVER!
l; longest relationship? Almost 2 years.
m; mistake you almost made? I tried putting my headphones in the freezer!
n; number of siblings? 2 half sisters (my parents were both married twice.)
o; One wish? To see a live taping of “The Doctors”
p; person you last called? My Aunt
q; question you’re always asked? What’s Autism?
r; reason to smile? My family and friends
s; Song you last sang? “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist” from “Avenue Q”! It played on my iPod this morning during my drive to my Aunt’s house and I sang along!
t; time you woke up? I dunno. 7:30 ish I think.
u; use a porta-potty? Eww! No thanks!
v; very best friend? I’ve got 3 very close one’s. It’s really hard to pick my very best.
  w; worst habit? Picking my fingernails.
x; X-ray you last had? It’s been so long that I can’t remember!
y; your favorite band and singer? My favorite band is Lonestar (my favorite song they sing is “Mr Mom” My favorite singer is Brad Paisley (my favorite song by him is “Online”
z; zodiac sign? I’m a scorpio!

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