Grade 10 Memories

Hey blog world! There’s one week left till Summer! Tomorrow is when exam week starts. Once those are done the year is pretty much over. I thought today I’d share with you some of my favorite memories from Grade 10!

  • The Spread the Net pledge sheets: If you paid a dollar to the spread the net team you could write your name on a piece of paper that said “I (insert name here) pledge to stop malaria” and they would get put up around the school. Some people got very creative. There was “I Anonymous pledge to stop malaria”, “I Batman pledge to stop malaria” and my favorite one “I Mr. Puff pledge to stop malaria”! Mr Puff is actually Mr Duff. His D looked like a P so he became Mr Puff!
  • Riding the bus: I sat every day with my friend K.T and we’d have so much fun together! I sang along with the radio (the driver always has Coast 101.1 on) and just for fun counted how many times my face smashed into my backpack when the bus made a sharp turn (my record is 7 LOL!)
  • Working out to Rod Stewart: In the school we have a workout room with lots of different workout equipment like weights, elipticals eliptical, exercise bikes etc. We went up there a lot for Healthy living. I’d always put on Rod Stewart on my iPod as I worked out. It made it more fun!
  • Playing Park Bench in Drama: Park Bench is now one of my most favorite improv games! We’d play it a lot in drama. One person on the bench would be neutral and the other would play a character. Out of all the people I’ve been in park bench my favorite one was the person who spoke only Ubbi Dubbi!
  • Being the only person in Drama who got 100% on their monologue. I did Debbie’s monologue from “The Adams Family Values” and was thrilled when I found out I was the only one in class who got 100%!
  • Our field trip to see Under Wraps in Drama class: It was a really funny play about a gay person. I loved it!
  • Tom Cruise #1: We played a game in drama yesterday called “Whoosh Whoosh Whoa”. We had a ball of energy in our hands and we had to say whoosh and pass it on to the next person and keep the energy going. If someone said “Tom Cruise #1” we’d all have to pretend to punch the floor and go “OH MY GOD I LOVE HER!” I couldn’t stop laughing every time we had to do this!
  • Getting this face painting Rainbow Face Paint
  • “Les Choristes”: We had to watch a movie called “Les Choristes” in French class and answer questions on it! It was a beautiful movie and I really enjoyed it. Here’s the English version of the trailler
  • Ted: I don’t know who it was but a few times during the school year when we had a special event someone came to school dressed as Ted ted.
  • The challenging needs fudge: From time to time the kids in the challenging needs classroom would sell fudge. I would buy it everytime! It was super delicious! I would always zone out and go into my own blissful fudgey world when I ate it!
  • The teacher rock band: Several of the teachers formed a rock band and they played for us sometimes. They sounded great!
  • The 30 hour famine accordion: When I was at the 30 hour famine and trying to get some sleep someone (I don’t know who it was) came into the cafeteria where I was sleeping and began playing the accordion! It was so unreal that I actually had to wake up and ask my friend if that had really happened! It did!
  • The hand foot rainbow: During peace week a mural was created by the stairwell. It was going to be a rainbow. Students could put their hand in paint and put their handprint on the wall therefore creating the rainbow. One of my friends decided to be unique. Instead of putting his handprint on the rainbow he put his footprint!
  • The note: I once told one of the student assistants that my friend in the challenging needs class named D.F (for privacy reasons I’m only using her initials) was my ray of sunshine and that I thought she should be cloned and shrunk so everyone could have their own pocket sized D.F to take with them and make them happy. She asked me to write that down. I did and she showed it to the challenging needs classroom’s teacher. She liked it so much that she showed it to D.F’s Mom and it’s now framed and hanging in her house! I was so happy that day!
  • Eating recess and lunch every day in the challenging needs classroom: the challenging needs classroom is my favorite classroom in the entire school! I loved eating recess and lunch in there. There was never ever a dull moment! Something funny or interesting was always happening!
  • Improv shows: The improv team would sometimes put off shows for us during lunch and I loved going! They were so funny!
  • Poo: My friend D.F loves coloring. She makes beautiful abstract pictures! Sometimes without knowing it she’d write write the word “Poo” on her paper LOL! It cracked me up everytime!
  • Dancing to “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” in Drama: For our major assignment in the movement unit we could either do a scene to music or a dance. I chose to dance to “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”. I even wore a banana suit! It was awesome!
  • Getting crushes on Valentines day. A week before Valentines day you could pay a dollar to send a can of crush (any kind you wanted) to a friend or loved one. They were delived on Valentines day and I got 2 of them! Cream soda and Orange!
  • “Five Little Ducks”: My friend B.P is non verbal and in a wheelchair. She loves the song “Five Little Ducks”. So much so that one of the student assistants would sing it to her every day! It got stuck in my head often!
  • Daily Big Mack messages: Because she’s non verbal my friend B.P has this button called a Big Mack Big Mack. People would record things and when B.P pressed the button it would play back the message. Her nutcase of a Father would record a silly (and sometimes startling) message on it every day and I always looked forward to hearing what he had to say!
  • Morning chats with my friends: Every morning while waiting for the bell to ring me and my friends S.B and K.T would stand by the display case on the 2nd floor and talk. I always looked forward to that! It was a great way to start my day!
  • “Le Very Beautiful Noël”: My Geographie du Canada teacher showed the class this video one day and it was catchy but extremely creepy!
  • Being body checked by dozens of students: During healthy commotion day we were playing a kangaroo game where we had a ball between our legs and we had to hop around and body check people to try and get their ball out. The last one with the ball won. I was very afraid playing that game!
  • My accompanist hearing “Old Christmas Card” for the first time 5 minutes before he had to accompany me on stage: I was going to play “Old Christmas Card” on the clarinet at the school Christmas concert. My accompanist had never heard the song before until 5 minutes before showtime! I was nervous because he’d only heard the song 5 minutes ago but he did a great job and so did I!
  • Mr Donut: At the beginning of the year in Drama we played a game where we said our name and something we liked that started with the first letter of our name. The teachers name began with D so he said he liked donuts. My friend S.L.F has trouble remembering names so to make it easier she called him Mr Donut. It stuck and I’ve been calling him that ever since!

What are some of your favorite memories from this school year? Tell me in the comments!

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