Janeway Telethon 2013

Hey blog world! Last Sunday I got to be on TV! I was on the Janeway telethon! This year was the 29th anual telethon. It was my 8th year appearing on it. I have a lot of Janeway pins and buttons (I counted and I have 10 buttons and 8 pins) so I put them (and also my 2 Autism pins) on my Janeway T Shirt from 2008 (I have a lot of shirts as well) and wore it to the Janeway. I was lead to a room where I was told to sit and wait til it was my turn to go on. In the room with me was a group of sweet little daycare girls and their teachers. They were so cute! Especially when they sang “Shake My Sillies Out” by Raffi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZde3-0RjrM (they were being really active and rambunctious (as most daycare age children are) so to calm them down one of the teachers sang them this song and it was adorable watching them do the actions and sing along!) There was also an adorable 8 year old girl there with her Uncle. When it was their turn to go on a lady came in and told them it was their turn and that they’d be interviewed by a guy named Jessie Sterling (his Grandfather was the one who started NTV) and she said that he was cute. The little girl thought she was talking about her Uncle LOL! She was like “He’s married!” Everyone burst out laughing! Some other man came in and asked the little girl if she had told her Boyfriend she was gonna be on TV. She looked up at him with the most serious expression on her face and said “I’m only 8!” That was really funny too! I was told I was going on at 1:15 but for some reason they were behind schedule and I ended up going on at 1:30. I was interviewed by Jessie Sterling. Because they were behind schedule my interview was rushed. I didn’t get to say very much. Oh well! At least I had fun! This year I raise $205.50! It was so cool holding the big cardboard check and presenting it on TV! Afterwards I got to go to another room full of food to get something to eat! There were lots of yummy snacks! Dixie cups, pop, juice, timbits and muffins. On the way out I got to buy a T shirt! It looks so cool! I recorded it to watch when I got home and it must have stopped because I didn’t see myself but I’m sure I did a good job. People who did see it told me I did! Were you watching the telethon this year? What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!


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