Hey blog world! Yesterday me and my Special Olympics team went to Lavrock! Lavrock is a summer camp out on Salmonier Line. There are a bunch of cabins there to sleep in when you go there for summer camp. We spent the night there last night. I shared a cabin with 4 other girls. N, M.A, H.M and J (I’m only using their initials (and for some just the first letter of their name) in case they don’t want their names mentioned.) I chose to sleep on the bottom bunk. After we’d gotten set up we had a scavenger hunt. It was really hard! Me and my team looked everywhere for stuff on the list and we only found 1 THING! An Aero bar. As a consolation prize me and my team got a little plastic clapper thingy and a coupon for a free small taters at Mary Browns. Then we got to have our dinner. We had pizza and french fries. It was really yummy! for desert we got vanilla ice cream and a chocolate chip cookie. That was yummy too! Then we got to go outside and play bocce. It’s a bit like curling. There are 2 teams. Silver and black. I was on the silver team. Just for fun we called ourselves the Silver Surfers! What we had to do was throw our balls and try and get them as close to the polina (a little silver ball) as we could. My team won! Then we got to have a little fruit break. I had some apples, greapes and a piece of watermelon. Then while waiting for the next game to get set up me and my friend S.B played Headbanz. He won twice! Our next activity was indoor curling. I had a lot of fun with that. I can’t remember who won. After indoor curling we got to try rhythmic gymnastics! We were each given a big multicolored ribbon and my friend M.A who does rhythmic gymnastics demonstrated some different moves and such and then we got to freestyle to “Gentleman” and “Gangnam Style” Then we made a craft! We each got a jar with a little handle on top and we were given multi colored squares of tissue paper, rhinestone stickers and glitter glue and we got to decorate our jars with all that! I made mine really pretty and used lots of colors on it! Then it was time for our supper. We had hot turkey. I don’t like turkey so I got to have chicken nuggets and fries instead. There was a big pitcher of water on the table for us to pour into our glasses to get a drink. I filled up my glass and by accident when I went to pick it up to take a sip I knocked it right over and the coach sitting right across from me got soaked LOL! For desert we have chocolate cake. It was delicious! Then we had some more free time so I played some more headbanz with my friends. My friend K.B who was playing with me bet me! It was her very first time playing too! I was surprised at how good she was! Later on we were going to have a medal presentation but the coach who was supposed to bring the medals forgot them at home LOL! We had a bit of an extra dance while we waited for the medals,. I really enjoyed that. When the medals arrived me and my team won gold in our division! I felt so awesome! After the medals came our real dance! I loved it! Shortly after the dance we got to have birthday cake! It was for the athletes who were celebrating over the summer. It was yummy! Later that night we had a campfire! Me and my friend G sang songs together! We sang “The Campfire Song Song” “We Will Rock You” (a lot of the other athletes joined in on that one), “We Are The Champions”, “Jesus Loves Me” and we even tried “I Am A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N” It got harder as we got faster LOL! Then one of the coaches led us in a few songs. We did “This Land Is Your Land” and “She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain” We got snacks at the campfire too! We got smores and wieners. It was messy but yummy! We also had fireworks. I love watching fireworks but I don’t like the noise. Aparently my friends L.K and S don’t either so we all sat in one of the coaches trucks, closed the windows and doors and watched from there. It sounded like popcorn from inside the truck LOL! Then it was time to go back to our cabins. I didn’t want to go to sleep quite yet so I played some music and did a few crosswords until I got tired. This morning I didn’t want to wake up! My friend M.A had to wake me up! This morning we had pancakes for breakfast. They tasted great! I unfortunately spilled syrup on my arm while I was trying to pour it onto the pancake LOL! Then we got to watch a slideshow that my friend H.M made. It was really cool! I loved looking at all the pictures. Then it was time to go home. I had an awesome time and hope we get to do this again next year! Have you ever been to the Lavrock centre? Did you enjoy it there? Tell me in the comments!


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